Know Your Enemy

Do not deny the existence of Satan, children who perish from always denying, denying everything. He is not a fantasy or a medieval superstition. He is a true reality

Know your Enemy

Know Your Enemy: Defend yourself

  • You cannot imagine what Hell is! Take everything that is man’s torment on earth sum it up into a single amount and multiply it millions of times
  • There has never been such confusion as there is now. There was indeed a very great crisis at the time of the Reformation, but then it was more of a split
  • Lucifer is very intelligent, he uses astuteness to lay snares, but uses intelligence to consider if and when and how he can cause Me affliction and ruin a creature
  • And can you believe that Satan will serve you? No. It is much more likely that God will grant you what you request, if it is something licit, than for Satan to give it to you
  • The priests do not know what it means to be damned. They do not know what Hell is!
  • The devil acts like the lion. Taking advantage of nightfall, he circles around your souls. He does not dare to come out and attack as long as the Sun is high over your spirit
  • Be quiet! Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God
  • We can here explain how the archangel who was a benign, holy spirit -but not holy to the point of being entirely love- was able to become the Spirit of Evil
  • In the supernatural, the extranatural, there are two currents, two rivers: the one coming from God and the one coming from the Enemy of God
  • If women were to stay by their stoves, in order to prepare good meals for their men, there would not he so many divorces as is the case now
  • Lucifer wanted more than he had. He wanted everything -he was already so much. He seduced the less attentive among his companions. He wanted to be in God’s place
  • More souls are saved through the Tridentine or Latin Masses than through priests who no longer say Mass in the proper way because that does not produce as many blessings
  • I seem to be seeing a big, very deep black hole, entirely occupied by a horrible monster. It is not a snake, a crocodile, a dragon, or a bat, but it has some of the qualities of all four of these
  • An unexplained image appears in a drug users wedding photo. It looks like a dog or a demon and he is motivated to change. From Fox 31 Twin Cities.
  • Modernism is false. Modernism must be totally rejected. It is our work, it comes from hell
  • Soon, Jesus Christ will no longer even be present at all Masses. Even now, He is no longer present everywhere


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Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

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