Read without hurry if you can...

Strive to read everything without being in a hurry...curiosity will not save you from the coming events that will devastate our planet... there will be no internet... prepare yourself with daily prayer and Holy Rosary, Confession, Communion, obedience to the 10 Commandments... Faith, no Fear! - Save your Soul!

Messages of Our Lady Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace

Do not let your hearts be troubled by the news of the world. The Rosary is a weapon against all evil. With love, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Messages of Our Lady Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace

  • The Rosary is a weapon against all evil… No countries will escape Divine Justice. Pray for priests and missionaries… You need to know how to pray in order to face all the storms to come. Do not afraid: give good testimony as true Christians

Know the Commandments

(They are the Will of God. Your soul’s salvation or eternal damnation, at the time of your judgment, will depend on how in life you obeyed them).

Help the Souls in Purgatory

Say often this short prayer during the day:

“Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us”

Mother of God

“My Son liberates 1000 souls from the Purgatory. This short prayer, this insistent little prayer, every time it is said, from the Purgatory, one thousand souls reach the eternal joy, the eternal light.”
-Our Blessed Mother