Holy Love Prophecies

Dear children, do not put your rosaries to rest. There are evil forces from within and from without bent on weakening your nation and ushering it into the New World Order

Holy Love Prophecies

Many world leaders have bartered with Satan to gain their status in the world. This is why prayer and sacrifice are so, so important, today

Once you stand for good, expect many evil attacks. I am your strength

To know Me deeply is the path to peace. My Will is your best - your pathway to Heaven

If nations would govern according to what I just said, you would have peace in the world

It is through My Commandments, I take you by the hand and lead you into paradise

As long as selfishness controls hearts, Satan has emissaries in the world

In the end each soul will be judged not on what others believe or approve of, but what is in his own heart - good or evil

The trumpet has been sounded. Man is well on the path of self-destruction. It will result in the slaughter of many innocent lives

If mankind chooses to continue to choose sin, you will see an increase in the amount and severity in natural disasters