Marian Apparitions

"I am coming down from heaven, so that the final secrets may be revealed to you and that I may be able thus to prepare you for what, as of now, you must live through, for the purification of the earth."

Maria Most Holy

Three pictures that were taken during the exposition of the Blessed, in the Adoration Chapel of the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, Illinois, United States

Marian Apparitions

  • That of Pontmain is one of the most mysterious and complex Marian apparitions that have ever taken place on the planet. Almost no one has discovered its relationship to the end times, the ones we are experiencing today
  • Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear that sickness, nor any other sickness or anguish. Am I not here, who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection?
  • The whole world will be plunged into confusion through all sorts of incidents. The Cross will be treated with contempt; it will be cast to earth. The side of our Lord will be pierced again
  • I call upon the true disciples of the God. The demons of the air, together with the Antichrist, will work great wonders on the earth and in the air, and men will become ever more perverted.
  • Virgin has told me that when the 20th century passes away, with it will pass away the Age of Science. A new Age of Faith will dawn around the world. Proof will come at last that it was Our Lord Who created the world and man
  • Satan does not sleep. Dear children! God gave you the grace to live and to defend all the good that is in you and around you, and to inspire others to be better and holier; but Satan, too, does not sleep and through modernism diverts you and leads you to his way.
  • I am the Lady of the Rosary. You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. It is to save them that God wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.
  • The Warning, The Miracle, The Punishment The warning comes directly from God and will be visible to the whole world and from any place where anyone many happen to be. It will be like the revelation of our sins and it will be seen and felt by everyone, believer and unbeliever alike irrespective of whatever religion ...
  • I am the Lady of Sorrows. If men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part ...
  • Do repent! Do repent! Do repent! One knows that the present situation in schools worldwide is awful, because God has been chased out, because His law is no longer taught. It is even forbidden to pray to Him in schools!


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Help the Souls in Purgatory

Say often this short prayer:
“Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us”

Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

Our Blessed Mother says: “My Son liberates 1000 souls from the Purgatory. This short prayer, this insistent little prayer, every time it is said, from the Purgatory, one thousand souls reach the eternal joy, the eternal light”.

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