Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus Prophecies

Graces of protection and salvation will descent upon anyone you will ask for and entrust through the miraculous Crown of the Most Holy Rosary

September 23rd 2015: Terrible things are about to happen in Europe. The experiment, will prove to be a real scourge and will cause death and despair

November 28 2017: Weeping and screeching of teeth while the mountains, the surrounding plains will shake and houses will collapse in an instant

January 23, 2017: Many children are abandoned to their fate in the middle of the emergencies and there is nobody who can listen to their cry for help

Scourges are coming to you (Rome), little jewel to which I entrusted the See of the Church on Earth

February 8, 2017: The the program of the invasion is already in place; It has been planned since long time with the cooperation of those who live in falsehood and in hypocrisy

December 30, 2016: Soon everything will be changed and there are already visible changes in the Liturgical Celebrations in some areas of Italy.

February 2, 2017: Italy is already divided in itself in its spirit and soon It will be in its geography.

15 January 2017: Italy, you that were the jewel so loved by My Heart, are collapsing under the weight that you by yourself have loaded upon you

March 16, 2017: You do not have to neither stop the prayer nor give in to discouragement in no situation, children of my Sorrowed Heart

March 7 2017: Any Altar on which the profane sacrifice will be carried out, will become desecrated and no longer you will have Angels surrounding the Holy Table but evil spirits

March 23, 2017: Try to understand that Italy will not avoid to undergo the Divine Intervention.

March 18, 2017: All points, at the end, to one big direction: the final Victory of the Army of God

March 13 2017: The next seal is about to be opened. The Holy Rosary will stop the tragic events, if consistently prayed with the proper dedication and contemplation

June 18, 2016: The Warning will come down on the people of Earth and nothing will escape to the light that brings everything to the surface

March 3, 2017: My Son is truly present hidden behind the person of the Priest Confessor, equally real is the Grace of Absolution and of Forgiveness from the Lord