Messages of Our Lady of Trevignano Romano

The financial collapse will affect everyone, especially those who doubt my words: fools are still looking to the future without thinking about prayer and eternal life. Pray, pray, pray for the Church, because it will be shaken by a strong earthquake

Messages of Our Lady of Trevignano Romano

Messages of Our Lady of Trevignano Romano

  • The Church will be judged because she has become only a political institution and is no longer trusting in God. Pray for pastors who have become lost, and pray for France
  • As time progresses, the Christian Faith will no longer be professed and you will be forced to hide, be prepared for this too, communism advances quickly. All that will happen will be the punishment for the heresies, desecrations and blasphemies that are perpetrated up to now
  • Although the times are very bad; war will also reach Europe and especially Rome, they have turned their backs on God and for this they will undergo suffering and destruction
  • My children, these are the times where evil will reveal itself, you will see with your own eyes, who has lived pretending and who has now chosen to be carried away by darkness, you will see the separation between good and evil, do not be afraid, this is the harvest time
  • My children, pray for America which will pay a high price, it has rejected God and has turned its back on him, despite my constant calls. A very strong earthquake will be felt everywhere. Children, pray for the Bishop of Rome, because on the return of a trip, he will cry for everything that will ...
  • Pray for Syria, because war will begin from there; pray for the Church, where they will soon announce the single religion and support for transhumanism, crucifying Jesus Christ once again
  • When you will hear of wars breaking out in many places near and far, when you see apostasy spreading within the Church,… when famine… when epidemics will spread over humanity, when earthquakes will be strong… waters invading the cities, when you will see signs of heaven that you never have seen – behold, this ...
  • Profit from this time of mercy, because soon God’s justice and wrath will make themselves felt; now, there is really very little time left
  • Pray for the powerful, because they will unleash a great war. Pray for the Church, because She is being destroyed, for Italy because she will weep for her dead, famine is near… The Times predicted at Fatima have arrived
  • Be careful: what they tell you will not always be for your good. Pray for Italy and for the world, which is in great danger. The Vatican will be greatly shaken; many prelates will feel the darkness in their hearts
  • Satan is disturbing many souls and is leading men of the Church down the path of pride and arrogance, and this will cause them to believe that they are omnipotent, travelling the road of perdition
  • Pay attention to vaccines. My children, do not accumulate money because a day will come when you will not be able to acquire anything. Famine will be severe and the economy is about to be destroyed


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Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

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