Maria Mother and Teacher

I am the Queen of Peace and I give peace to souls, to families and to the world. In peace there is joy, in peace every good. You want peace with yourselves? Well then, my Son gives it to you. Flee sin, detest sin, hate sin

Maria Mother and Teacher

Maria Mother and Teacher

  • Why do you become so distressed over what you think can happen to you tomorrow? Of your tomorrow does not God perhaps occupy Himself who is infinite providence?
  • Ask, ask and never fear of exaggerating asking above all for others.
  • You want peace with yourselves? Well then, my Son gives it to you. Flee sin, detest sin, hate sin. Do you want peace in the family? Be good, don’t put yourselves first, do not fight with venom
  • I also say to you like my Jesus from the top of the cross: “I thirst!”. I thirst for the souls of all the sinners.
  • Jesus wants that all united they form one sole royal family, the family of God.
  • I bring to souls that desire it that powerful force, that brilliant light which in another word is called sanctity
  • Appearing in different parts of the world, I have asked all my children for prayer and penance.
  • And yet you know and all know how brief life is. You will ask me how come the Lord in his infinite goodness allows many to be lost
  • I am there in those places where my children, innocent or guilty, lie and suffer segregated from other men
  • My children, it is only in the will of God that man reaches perfection. I said my “fiat”, with humility and with perfect adherence to the divine will, aware of all that to which I was going up against
  • I am the defense, the advocate, the salvation, the hope of the miserable. What lawyers do for their fellow citizens, I, Mother of God and men, do in defense of each one of you.
  • You are my little children, the beloved of my heart. It has been said to you that the truth shall make you free. Yes, it is true, since truth is light, and when you possess it you walk securely. Truth saves you, children, the truth is one.
  • I have often given you proof of my predilection for those who suffer through lack of material goods, by appearing to simple souls, to humble little shepherds, to troubled mothers.
  • No one can enter into Paradise without going up Calvary. Do you think that the cross that was placed on the shoulders of my Son was fabricated by the eternal Father? Certainly not, men fabricated it
  • Paradise will be yours if you will learn to be generous and strong, if prayer will accompany your work and your life, if you will not be lost in the fog of doubt and in the darkness of error
  • Be proud of your faith and renew it often. Like the ten virgins in the parable, you also are on this earth to prepare yourselves for the encounter with the heavenly Bridegroom.
  • It is necessary to entrust families to him, so that they may keep faith to that bond which the spouses contract with an oath before God. It is necessary to entrust the youth to him, so that they may learn to love purity, to despise riches and to live in union with God, who forms ...
  • Do you realize, children, that the whole world is a body of grandiose things, which you will never succeed in uncovering in detail and that everything is abandoned into the hands of God, who directs its outcome?
  • The Lord always act so with everyone, He sends his angels and asks to choose between good and evil, between his will and yours.
  • I bless those who commit themselves to guard the purity of the young and the little children. Mothers who dream that your children succeed well in their studies and find a good job, guard their purity
  • No hostile power can overcome my power. if the demon tempts you, if he puts hatred and resentments in your hearts, if he invites you to commit evil actions, if he displays the good that you do with the help of God as if it were your own, invoke me.
  • Children, even today I wander continuously through the world in search of children to resurrect. Sin puts them as in a sepulchre. I approach everyone, I speak with the sweetness of a mother, with the strength of grace, with the power that God gives me.
  • The world can invite you to enjoy its unhealthy pleasures, it can deride you for your life of faith and piety, but you again must say: “I am risen, I am not here. I detest my sins and I do not want to get myself dirty anymore.
  • Prayer is the life of the apostolate. Do you know why in the Church of my Jesus, of which I am the Teacher, many of my beloved have failed in their mission? They have abandoned prayer which had to animate them.
  • I am the Mother of Mercy Now I turn to all those who, with much patience, must put up with persons of a difficult character or affected by painful flaws.
  • Be full of the grace that Jesus has brought to men. The Church of my Jesus is like a body bloodied from head to toe. How necessary it is to know how to suffer and to offer up forgetting personal interests!
  • I am the Virgin who gives relief from suffering. I go about the world, I go around the hospitals, I enter into the homes where the infirm, the agonizing, the suffering groan in their bed of pain and to all I give comfort and he
  • Souls are made in the image of God, but when the leprosy of sin covers them, they are like walking corpses, repugnant to God and sometimes even to men, but not always to the latter.
  • There is a work of mercy somewhat difficult to practice but very pleasing to the Lord. It consists in bearing with troublesome people and in forgiving the offenses that these give you.
  • My children, I beg you, respond to this immense gift of love and believe in love. the Eucharist is the gift that God gives to each one of you.
  • Yes, children, I wish you a good morning, the first in a long series, but always short in comparison to the mornings that await you and which will be only a great mid-day without sunrise and without sunset.
  • Love the cross. With this blessed sign which I guard, children, you all shall overcome. Victory is based on strength. Your strength resides in Him who has overcome the infernal powers and the world.
  • Do not forget in your prayers those who, flying through the immensities of the skies, forget what will be their final dwelling place and often lose their life without having for a single moment the thought of God
  • I am a Mother to you because I gave my Jesus to the world. I advise you, I warn you, I watch over you and protect you, but your liberty is untouchable and even God respects it.
  • I am the Mediatrix of every grace and the Help of Christians. Therefore what I ask for you is wisdom, that gift through which you are able to penetrate into the secrets of God and understand what is unknown to men, his greatness, his goodness, his mercy and the nothingness of the things of the ...
  • The battle which today is being waged against me, my virginity, against my divine maternity and against my Rosary, is a battle launched by the demon
  • I desire to help you in everything and therefore I help you also in your studies. Do you want the promotion? I will help you to achieve it and I give you the means. Be pure in thoughts, in actions, in affections and in intentions.

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Help the Souls in Purgatory

Say often this short prayer:
“Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us”

Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

Our Blessed Mother says: “My Son liberates 1000 souls from the Purgatory. This short prayer, this insistent little prayer, every time it is said, from the Purgatory, one thousand souls reach the eternal joy, the eternal light”.

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