Exorcism: Demon Beelzebub Speaks

If women were to stay by their stoves, in order to prepare good meals for their men, there would not be so many divorces as is the case now


Warnings From Beyond (Hell) To the Contemporary Church

Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine - Aveux de l'Enfer

The book essentially exposes the remarks and gestures made by a possessed woman in Switzerland during 1975‑1978. Speaking through the possessed woman, the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church Exorcism, which was witnessed by the following priests who have all expressed their conviction of the authenticity of the revelations made by the demons upon the order of the Blessed Virgin.

Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine - Aveux de l'Enfer

1. Abbot Albert‑l`Arx, Niederbuchorten
2. Abbot Arnold Elig, Ramiswil
3. Abbot Ernest Fischer, Missionary, Gossau (St.‑Gall).
4. Rev. Father Pius Gervasi, O.S.B., Disentis
5. Abbot Karl Holdener, Ried
6. Rev. Father Gregoire Meyer, ‑ Trimbach
7. Rev. Father Robert Rinderer, C.P.P.S., Auw
8. Abbot Louis Veillard, Cerneux‑Pequignot

Eight priests are Swiss, except Father E. Fischer, a German. All participated in the exorcisms except Father G. Meyer who was spiritual director of the possessed woman. Two other French priests also participated in the exorcisms.




Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine - Aveux de l'Enfer


March 30,1976 Preparations: Prayers, blessings, dedications, prescribed psalms, three Rosaries (Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries) Litanies of the Saints, prayers of exorcism, etc.




Judas Iscariot, the fallen Apostle turned into a human demon

Beelzebub, an angelic demon, from the Choir of Seraphim.


Exorcist: In the name of Jesus, tell us who must speak?

Judas Iscariot: Judas Iscariot must speak.

Exorcist: Demon Judas Iscariot, we priests, as representatives of Jesus Christ, order you, in the name of the most Holy Trinity…tell us: when must you go away! Judas Iscariot, in the name of all these invocations and in the name of the Church, you must speak!

Judas Iscariot: To begin with, that is a superfluous question. First, it is necessary for your business to be settled (he growls).

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus, what business must be settled?

Judas Iscariot: This business of publication of this little book (he growls again). – That is still not all, still not all.

Exorcist: What does “That is still not all” mean? Tell the truth, you must speak! Tell the truth, in the name…!

Judas Iscariot: We don’t want to speak – we don’t want to speak.

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, Whom you betrayed after the Last Supper, you must speak now!

Judas Iscariot: If I had known, I would never have betrayed Him!

Exorcist: On that holy evening, you betrayed Jesus, and now, you must speak in His name and in the name of all the holy Apostles and Popes who have not betrayed Christ! Speak now – the truth and nothing but the truth! You must speak, Judas Iscariot!

Judas Iscariot: What is already printed is settled, but that is not yet all.

Exorcist: What else is still necessary? Tell the truth, in the name…!

Judas Iscariot: We definitely do not wish to do that. Just go home, go away!

Exorcist: No, we are not going to go home now. You must speak now, Judas Iscariot and Beelzebub! We order you to say only what is true! In the name… you must say what the Blessed Virgin wishes to say through you! By her order, you must speak! What more must be added?

Judas Iscariot: How we hate Her (he points upward)! Oh! How we hate her.

Exorcist: Yes, but in her name, in the name of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, you must speak the truth!

Judas Iscariot: (He sighs). But you cannot demand that of us!

Exorcist: Yes we can! She is your Queen and your Sovereign. All Hell must obey her.

Judas Iscariot: That is right. She (he points upward), rightly, she must… (he wails piteously). She is there with her crown and scepter. She is there with her crown and scepter; and on the crown, she bears the cross, the insane, the cursed cross (he howls in a heart-rending way). Oh! how we fear her.

Exorcist: Tell us, in the name of the Blessed Virgin, and in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, what you have to tell us, and nothing but the truth!

Judas Iscariot: We do not want a woman having dominion over us – we don’t want that!

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father…, tell the whole truth!

Judas Iscariot: Partly, I must repeat something that has already been said, and partly, I must say some new things.

Exorcist: Judas Iscariot, say now what the Blessed Virgin has charged you to say, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Judas Iscariot: Broadly, Veroba has said that it was a paradox to keep on praying, because without that, the Warning would already have arrived. But the reason for that is: so that a few men may still be saved.

Exorcist: Continue to say what the Blessed Virgin has charged you to say, and nothing but the truth! She commands you now, Judas!

Judas Iscariot: The Blessed Virgin wishes that this cursed, filthy little book be widely distributed. That was the only thing left for us to say, so that the whole world may know what is going on. They could change their lives; they could certainly begin to doubt those things that we are propagating through Rome. They could come back to the old tradition. There is nothing more for us to say – that was all that remained.

Exorcist: Continue, by order of the Blessed Virgin, to say what she has charged you to say, and nothing else! Speak now! Is that all?

Judas Iscariot: She (he points upward) certainly wants still more of it!

Exorcist: You must tell the truth, in the name…! Speak now, Judas Iscariot, you must speak for the Church!

Judas Iscariot: “Nothing” would be, too much for the church, that cursed container of filth!

Exorcist: Speak now for the Church, the Holy Church, which will not disappear, in the name…!

Judas Iscariot: All right, I am going to be forced to speak.

Exorcist: Yes, the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. You haven’t the power to destroy the Church.

Judas Iscariot: The part concerning the Church will come later on, but first I must stick to my subject. It will come later, it will come later!

Exorcist: Then speak: Judas! Say what the Blessed Virgin wishes, in the name…!

Judas Iscariot: Now she wished quite simply that the question of sex and the business of youth generally, be raised again. She wishes to let it be known yet one more time, that it must be proclaimed from up in the pulpits; that there must be preaching on the virtues (he breathes with difficulty); that the gravity of the fault must be proclaimed – do you understand? – how grave the fault is and where it is leading.

Exorcist: What fault, speak in the name…!


Judas Iscariot: The whole fault of sins, of each individual sin in particular. These sins can be mentioned separately in different sermons, or all together in one single sermon whichever seems the most suitable to each priest, but above all, the Holy Spirit must be invoked.

Exorcist: Judas Iscariot, speak in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father…Judas, speak!

Judas Iscariot: It must be brought much more to the attention of the young, of all the faithful, how serious the fault is, how terribly serious and deadly, where it comes from, where it is leading and how it comes; how to keep oneself free from it, what would need to be done to be able to lessen it, to be able to eradicate it altogether (he wails)

Exorcist: Judas Iscariot, continue telling the truth on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, the Mystical Rose!

Judas Iscariot: Above all, it must be said that prayer is one of the most solid anchors of Christian life. This must be said from the height of the pulpits, without a microphone. A thousand microphones are no substitute for the pulpit. When the priest speaks from the pulpit, the faithful are linked directly to God’s Word. Then they don’t see all the objects of possible distraction in front, behind, on all sides. They look straight at the one above them, and are able to concentrate better.

Exorcist: But all that can already be found in the little book that the Blessed Virgin wants.

Judas Iscariot: Yes, it is there already, but it is necessary for me to say it once again, and it must be written once again.

Exorcist: When did you say that before, Judas Iscariot? Do you still remember? Speak, in the name…!

Judas Iscariot: Yes: on October 31 (1975).

Exorcist: Continue, continue, in the name…!

Judas Iscariot: the fault is much greater than you can describe. It is like this! We demons are hideous; we are afraid of one another. we have a terrible appearance. We cannot bear one another. If only we didn’t have to look at one another! But we must, we must! For all eternity, we will have to live in this diabolical pit, and will have to look at one another!

But when we are obliged to look upon sin, the fault, in the hearts of men, it always plunges us again into a frightful terror. So, you can picture for yourselves the seriousness of the fault: when it can plunge us demons, accustomed to so many things, who are in frightful torment day and night, who must contemplate hour by hour, minute by minute, this sight which is the most terrible of all terrible sights – when it can still plunge us into terror!

So, you can imagine how serious the fault is, particularly in the sight of Him up there (he points upward), Whose majesty surpasses all else. That was what I still had to say (he wails piteously).

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, and nothing but the truth, in the name… in the name of the Immaculate!

Beelzebub: If you knew what majesty He has (he points upward)! It is not Judas saying that – it is Beelzebub, It is I, Beelzebub!

Exorcist: Good. You have seen better than Judas what the majesty of God is. Speak, in the name…


Beelzebub: Judas has not seen the majesty of God; by that I mean that he has seen the humanity of God; and he has been able to perceive a few fragments of His majesty, but he has not seen Him (God) in the fullness of His Majesty (he sighs). Do you know what that is? I have seen Him – that is to say, I have not seen him as you will see Him one day. But I was able to understand Him, and I have seen and experienced a large part of it. We were not yet in the totality of the perfect beatific vision, but we were already in a very powerful beatific state. But we were not willing to give her the pleasure of having dominion over us, or directing us. That leads on to what must still be said.

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, Beelzebub, by order of the Blessed Virgin, who commands you to speak, and nothing but the truth!

Exorcist: She is indeed above us. She is terribly much above us.

Exorcist: Speak, Beelzebub, in the name of the Father…, by order of the immaculate Conception!

Beelzebub: She wants me in particular, to say these things; if only she had chosen Allida! But she wishes me to!

Exorcist: You are required to speak now, Beelzebub, in the name…!

Beelzebub: Now listen carefully! I must say this – she is forcing me!

Exorcist: Yes, so much the better. Speak, in the name…!

Beelzebub: There she is with her crown and scepter. She is there; she almost crushes me. This is what it is like in the beginning, at the time of the Apostles, when she, the Mother (he points upward) was still living, She, in a manner of speaking, had to organize the beginnings of the church. She had to pray that it would develop as it should, that it would develop as (he sighs)

Exorcist: In the name of the Father, and of the Son… tell the truth!

Beelzebub: That it would develop according to the Will of the Holy Spirit. She was on her knees, day and night; and she prayed for the church to become like that, and that it would get rid of the old, that is the Mosaic, law; that circumcision would disappear. She saw that circumcision had been fitting during a certain period and had been necessary in accordance with the law of that period. But after Jesus Christ and His Mission, it was no longer necessary. Jesus Christ submitted Himself to circumcision, but He did not want to continue. From that time on, there was the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (he sighs).

Exorcist: Beelzebub, continue by order of the Most Holy Trinity, Father… and the Immaculate Conception, on whose behalf you must speak today!

Beelzebub: The Blessed Virgin was present when the Apostles celebrated Holy Mass for the first time. After Christ’s Ascension, the Blessed Virgin always took part in the Mass of the Apostles and received Holy Communion. They used to prepare for their Masses for many hours. Is there even one (priest) who still does that today? There are scarcely any who do! Often indeed, the Apostles would prepare themselves for entire days before a single Mass. On one occasion even, the Blessed Virgin retired for ten days and prayed day and night. During that time, she was called to Heaven, and she saw the infinite Majesty of God.

God, the Holy Trinity, ordered us down there, to come up from Hell (he points first downward, then upward). It was not yet the perfect celestial sphere, but it was already a superior sphere. We had to come up, and we had to look upon this creature, whether we wanted to or not. The Holy Trinity forced us to see her in her almost perfect majesty. Her majesty and splendor were greater than we had ever seen them before. The Blessed Virgin has conquered. She has vanquished us.

We saw her clothed in the sun. At all events, we saw her in a great majesty, the moon at her feet, that is to say, the world. The moon under her feet represents the entire world whose adversary is the serpent, which is symbolic of all of us.

How we pleaded with God! How we begged His Majesty to spare us from this sight! We even pleaded with Him to allow us to rush straight back towards Hell so that we could return to the nether regions; so hard was it for us to bear looking at her! But He did not allow us to leave. We had to suffer this terrible sight for yet a moment longer – (he moans in despair).

Exorcist: Speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father…

Beelzebub: Do you know how often we deliberated over how to weaken or degrade this creature, even by the smallest fraction? (He points upward) But nothing we did succeeded. She was victorious everywhere. She was sovereign over all. For years, centuries, we were deliberating to see what we could, what we might be able to do once she arrived (was born). But when she did come, we didn’t even recognize her immediately…

Exorcist: Not recognize her immediately?

Beelzebub: …Not immediately… We suspected that such an extraordinary incredibly virtuous creature – a creature over whom we had no influence – could be her. But why we didn’t know immediately (he mutters and sighs vehemently)

Exorcist: You must speak now, Beelzebub, continue in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Father… of the Immaculate Conception, by whose order you must now speak!

Beelzebub: …and who hid herself in the background. Lucifer and I, Beelzebub, called the whole Council together. When we had finally worked out that this really was her, we deliberated, day and night, for a long time, to see what we might be able to do to harm her. For this we called together the best magicians (those with the greatest occult powers). We ordered them to harm That Woman (he points upward), both in body and soul, so that she would not be so strong, so that her prayer would not be so deadly, and so that she could exercise such power. For we knew very well that later the Church would be in her hands. Even Peter used to fall at her feet when he failed (he growls).

She has an immense power, because she has been the most amiable and perfect of God’s creatures. She has been a creature of incredible perfection; after God, she is thousands and thousands of times above all creatures. Even her spouse, Saint Joseph, who was thousands and thousands of times above other men, was still thousands and thousands of times inferior to her.

Exorcist: In the name of the Father… in the Name of the Blessed Virgin’s Immaculate Conception, continue to tell the truth! Continue, Beelzebub, go on, continue! And nothing but the truth!

Beelzebub: So we deliberated and the magicians tried to harm her. They tried everything to harm her, but she persevered in prayer. She stood fast. She was well aware of what was happening, but we could achieve nothing. We were not able to harm the beastly creature, because she was not subject to original sin like the rest of men. Neither magician, nor sorcerer, nor anyone else, was able to harm her. Black magic can harm only those men whom we can harm, particularly those who are possessed. But the diabolical magicians had no influence over Her (he points upward).

So we were overtaken by an infernal fury, a frantic fury, a fury of which only Hell is capable, when we saw that all those together could do nothing more against this incomprehensible creature, this predestined one of God. We hurled ourselves furiously against the sorcerers and the magicians and it was on them that we inflicted injury. They received double the harm they would have inflicted on her (he points upward) – (he moans).

Exorcist: Continue, Beelzebub, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Immaculate Conception, by whose order you must now speak! Tell the truth!

Beelzebub:: It is a crazy penance for me that I have to be the one who is obliged to say these things!

Exorcist: Go on! Continue to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth! You have no right to lie!

Beelzebub: Leave me alone! The (possessed) woman is almost on the verge of a heart attack.

Exorcist: The Blessed Virgin orders you to speak for the Church, in the name…!

Beelzebub:: No, we don’t want to speak!

Exorcist: Yes, you must! Go on! Speak!

Beelzebub: No, leave me alone! (he growls).

Exorcist: You must speak now, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in the name of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, you must speak now!

Beelzebub: Very well. It is impossible to describe the fury of Hell, when we saw our shots miss the mark. As that was not successful, we pondered again how we could harm her, but she was able to put to flight all our evil efforts. She was superior; she was truly a chosen creature of God, chosen in a very special way.

For as long as the earth will continue to exist, right up to the end of the world, you will never find her equal; never, from the beginning of the world to eternity, would there, or could there, be found anyone to equal her. And He up there (he points upward) could imagine nothing more atrocious, nor find anything more shameful, than to make us go up into this sphere in order to present this creature to us. It was a dreadful calamity for us (in a tearful voice). We would have preferred to remain in the depths of Hell, in the midst of the most cruel fire, rather than be forced to look on this…We cannot say what we want to, but I would like to use the most abusive adjectives if I could. She does not allow it.

Exorcist: Tell the truth! You must speak now in the name of the Blessed Virgin, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Beelzebub: It was frightful for us to be obliged to look upon this creature, clad in the greatest sanctity, with crown and scepter, chosen by the Most High (terrible cry). I still have the spectacle before my eyes; this sight from the past: it still maddens me (he shouts). It seems to me as if It must have happened today; it seems like today to me, and to the others as well. Even now, we are still stamping with rage about it.

When we eventually had to return to Hell – but it was more like being allowed to, rather than being ordered to – we rose up in fury against one another. You know, we maltreated one another… for we could not bear the sight of one another.

I have to say still more about that same diabolical happening (cries and terrible wailing)...

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity…!

Beelzebub:: On one occasion, during the time she was helping, to organize, the Church founded by her Son, she was immersed in prayer, that the Almighty might well have carried her constantly in His hands, so great was His satisfaction.

Then the Apostle, Barnabas, came, followed by another. They prostrated themselves before her and they pointed out, correctly, that it was now time for the Gospels to be written for the Church. “They invoked the Holy Spirit for a long time, and they prayed constantly for days on end. Such prayer does not happen any more today, or only in very rare circumstances and places. Yes, for several days they prayed, they bombarded Heaven with prayers, to know who should be chosen to write the Gospels. And then the Blessed Virgin appointed that Luke, that John, that Mark and do I know the other one? to write those filthy books. How annoyed we were about, that, but it still happened! Do you know what it felt like for us when those texts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John came out? (He growls furiously). Just think about it, those four were chosen by the Trinity and by the Blessed Virgin with her rotten majesty! It was not Peter who was charged with it, no not he; he was the rock, he had the overview of everything, and the Church was founded on him; yet the writing of the Gospels was entrusted to those four Apostles.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: Then the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove on those (gathered there) and they saw that those four were appointed – all the others saw this. But now, I don’t want to say any more.

Exorcist: Yes, you must! In the name of the Father… in the name of the Immaculate Conception, you are required to speak, Beelzebub, go on!

Beelzebub: When Barnabas and one of the others came to visit the Blessed Virgin, she said to them: “Above all, you will tell the story of the life of Christ. Do you understand? It is He Who must be glorified, He who must be in the forefront; as for me, let me stand aside. Concerning me, you will relate only what is indispensable for the Birth and Incarnation of Christ. The rest you will leave aside.”

Although they knew about and had seen very great and elevated things which gave evidence (of her greatness), they were not able to write about them. It was a great sacrifice for them not to have the privilege of writing about her. She wished to efface herself through humility, in order to leave the forefront to the Son of God, His Jesus Christ, on whom the Church was founded. But She, the Mother of God, is the great Sign of God; indeed she symbolizes the Church. He (Jesus) loves the Church like a spouse.

Then, so they would not be saddened, she told these two apostles (Barnabas and his companion) that later on Christ would speak again about her, through mankind or through I don’t yet know whom (he cries terribly).

Exorcist: Mary of Agreda has spoken of her.

Beelzebub: (turned towards the priest with an annoyed expression); You have guessed it. Mary of Jesus, in the town of Agreda. We know more about it than men. Yes, we have cursed those books, we fear them! How I was forced to say that! (he grumbles and gives an anxious cry).

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth! By order of the Blessed Virgin, you must speak now and in the name…!


Beelzebub: During the cursed beginnings of the Church, I was kept quiet. The Blessed Virgin and the Apostles were responsible for this. Her role in particular (he points upward) was the determining one; it was crucial to an extraordinary degree. She subdued us. Often she prayed day and night for the Apostles, so that they might carry out their mission correctly. So that we would not be able to defeat the Apostles, she often prayed day and night. She frequently remained on her knees, day and night, without eating (anxious grumbling); that is why she now has such far-reaching power. These are lofty truths, which we are being forced to tell you now. We would prefer this little book to be published without this part (he howls like a dog).

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: You could have made this little book several months ago, without this exorcism. We don’t want to say it, don’t want to…and we don’t want to speak any more. I, Beelzebub, do not want to speak any more.

Exorcist: You, Beelzebub, must continue to speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in the name of the Immaculate Virgin!

Beelzebub: So she said she wanted to efface herself. It was entirely through humility that she wanted this. She did not want in any way to appear in the forefront, although she was a powerful creature. Even we have to acknowledge that. She was and she is far above us, far above your Angels. And when I say “far”, that does not signify a distance (measurable) in leagues, but a distance that becomes lost in infinity; it means so far above that there is a gigantic distance between the Angels and her (he wails). She is a terribly majestic creature, and yet she wanted to withdraw herself. She wanted this in order to show men how they also should (he mutters), how they also should be humble. But men do not do it. What they achieve is not the least grain of sand compared with what she has accomplished, and with what has been done thanks to her.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: Although men cannot accomplish anything and are nothing on their own, they still want to be talked about, much more than this creature, predestined from eternity, wanted to be talked about. Therefore she withdrew from the limelight. But that was a great advantage for us. From that moment on, the sects could be born (wicked laughter), and they would not recognize this creature.

If she had said, without reservation, what she was, and if the Apostles had written of the great miracles that took place through her intercession, and if that had been contained in the Gospels, then those sects would not have flourished like weeds (he wails).

Thousands of sects have appeared: there are among them many who attack the Blessed Virgin savagely, and who attack Catholics solely because they give recognition to this predestined creature. They attack this woman because they believe that with this course of action (by Catholics) Christ is overshadowed. However, she has done nothing but serve Christ. She praised her Son to the skies; everything that she has done has been done only for Him and for the Church. She excluded herself completely. This was a great thing for us. But by doing so, she gave a lesson in humility and this was a great shame for us. But only Catholics are aware of that. Through love of her Son she wished to exclude herself, so that her Son might reign supreme. Even in regard to her suffering, she accepted only a role in the background, and one that was no larger than absolutely necessary. Yet the Apostles were bound to have seen how humble she was, the extraordinary way in which she foresaw things, what she suffered, what she had to bear with and endure.

She is given much too little prominence in the Gospels. What if she had been less humble? However, we were in luck’s way and the result was the birth of the sects. Nevertheless, their birth had to be allowed by God.

K: In the name of the Father… of the Immaculate Conception, of the Mystical Rose, you must now speak the complete truth, Beelzebub!

Beelzebub: From then onwards, the sects were born. They thought that Mary was only a character on the fringe, and that she had been chosen only in passing as a receptacle for Him up there (he points upward) and after that she could very well go away like an old… I am not permitted to use the word.

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: We are refined. We do not use very bad words. It is only the human demons who say them. We are more refined than they (he swaggers about). I must tell you something else, which has just come to mind. When Judas had to speak on October 31, it wasn’t he who laughed through the mouth of this woman (the possessed). Judas absolutely never laughs. As we have already said on previous occasion, Judas is in the most gloomy corner. He is despair personified. When Judas had to speak, it wasn’t he who was laughing through this woman. It was the other human demons who were laughing – laughing with wicked joy (he cries). You should note this too – Judas never laughs. He is utter despair. He never laughs. We had to add this -this remark is part of the whole Judas business of October 31 (1975).

Exorcist: And now, what else have you still to say? Continue, by order of the Blessed Virgin and the Most Holy Trinity!

Beelzebub: Yes, the charlatan…if only things were not the way they are, and we could say more about her… Now I have come to the central point…but I don’t want to say that, I don’t want to.

Exorcist: Beelzebub, speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.


Beelzebub: On the subject of the beginnings of the Church, I have to repeat that the Gospels contain very little about the Blessed Virgin. But later, great saints were inspired by Heaven, or received in visions and revelations, enlightenments on the life and work of Her up there (he points upward). One of the greatest among these is Catherine Emmerich who has not even been canonized yet! (Laugh of evil joy.) She is one of the greatest of Heaven’s Saints.And the second one is Mary of Jesus, from the town of Agreda. She lived in Agreda. She was an abbess. Her parents had previously retired to a convent (snarling)…they had made a vow to enter a convent. They obtained for their daughter, their favorite child, the grace of having these accursed visions.

Exorcist: Speak now, in the name… speak now about this central point that you announced!

Beelzebub: Because the Gospels contain much too little about the Blessed Virgin, she wishes that now, particularly in the this time of confusion, reading the books of this Mary of Jesus of Agreda be recommended from the height of the pulpit. No Catholic family should be without them. They should have all the volumes (terrible cry). Originally, there was one volume; now there are, to be strictly accurate, four blue volumes, and eight volumes in the edition with red binding (snarling).

Exorcist: Continue to speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity… in the name of the Immaculate Conception; you must speak, by her order!

Beelzebub: So she wants the priests to say in their sermons that these books should not be lacking in any Catholic family and that they should even be recommended to Protestants. When the readers have become acquainted with all the richness of these books, it will not be long before they understand what a…

Exorcist: Continue, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Beelzebub: …what a chosen and predestined creature she is, a creature of such grandeur as could never be attained by man, neither in deeds nor in thoughts. The priests should lot the people know that these books, which are so instructive, should be distributed throughout the entire world and everyone should read them straight away. You will also learn from them about our disaster in all its extent and totality, and about the grandeur and dignity of this creature (his teeth are chattering), who crushes our heads.

Exorcist: You must speak, in the name… of the Immaculate Conception, on this Octave of the Annunciation, you must now speak, Beelzebub, and also in the name of Saint Michael the Archangel!

Beelzebub: She wishes (he utters a dreadful cry)…I am speaking against my will, against my will (he roars). For all that, I still cannot withstand That Woman from up there (he points upward) if I have to withstand what the Old One (Lucifer) wants. I do not wish to speak.

Exorcist: But you must speak now, in the name…, in the name of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin, in the name of Saint Michael the Archangel, for the Church!

Beelzebub: Besides, it isn’t our job, it isn’t our business. Our mission is to lead men astray. We do not want to direct them along the best roads. Through these books, men would indeed be rushing headlong along the best roads (he cries).

Exorcist: Continue! You must speak, in the name of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! You have no right to lie, continue!

Beelzebub: Well in these books, you will learn what the Blessed Virgin has done in her life and death, and indeed before. These books are a reliable source from which to gain knowledge of God’s eternal plans, as far as man can know them, and are worthy of belief. In these hooks, the faithful will see the full details and the outcome of everything.

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: They will see in That Woman (he points upward) a universal creature. They should bow down before so much humility and dignity. We ourselves fear her; we have to surrender before such humility and such dignity… Then how much more should creatures like you men, filthy muck that you are! You’re not worth a red cent! We were far superior to you men…and how much more so is She (he points upward).

Exorcist: In the name… continue!

Beelzebub: If you saw only a tenth of her dignity, you would immediately grovel in the dust – but I am saying that against my will. We have seen her, we were forced to see her, we had to. We don’t want you to see her. We would rather you hurl yourselves down, and not up. Some of those educated men, actually those academics, should have been told about this Mary of Jesus of Agreda before they joined up with priests in opposition to the “Traditionalists”.

Exorcist: Tell the truth now, in the name…!

Beelzebub: Even the “Traditionalists” (no matter what their method of approach are a long way, a terribly long way, from being able to capture such dignity, even if they read these books. But you must read them, in the name of God. Neither you nor laymen can pass them by any longer. You priests must announce it to the people. I have to say it once more: You must proclaim it from the height of the pulpits. That Woman up there wishes these books to be carried to the four corners of the world.

Now comes the second one: Catherine Emmerich, this fawning expiator. She was always lying on her back because she was torn by pain and suffering. She didn’t have much to say during her lifetime, and yet when she died, all Dulmen was ablaze. When everyone from the district came running with fire-pumps, it should have been seen as a sign from Heaven…but men are fools, men are crazy fools. What do men know? They know nothing…they are blockheads, fools to the tips of their toes…

Exorcist: In the name…, tell the truth!

Beelzebub: Even a block of wood is more intelligent. Here and there, it produces a little green leaf. But men can produce, nothing but filth and chaff.

Exorcist: Continue, tell the truth, in the name… of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel!

Beelzebub: This Catherine Emmerich had to speak for the Church. She made prophecies about the Church and prayed and suffered continually for the Church. She was suffering right from the time she was quite a small child. We used to get in such a rage against her. Even as a small child, she used to toddle around (making the Way of the Cross) and she used to imitate to the letter, the humility of That Woman up there…Ah! and the cross too, the cross, just like That Woman up there.

She was a great Saint. We had a great fear of her, which is why we wanted to destroy her, but we were never successful. She always survived, so that she might suffer mortal illnesses for others, in order that they might receive the grace of conversion. She died only when Those up there (he points upward) truly wished it, so that they could take her venerable, her holy soul…it was a holy soul…to Heaven. There are many Saints in Heaven – I mean those Saints canonized by Rome – who are less holy and less great than she. Ah! How I was forced to say that!

Exorcist: Yes, continue to tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: We considered that if she were canonized her books would be known. As long as she is not canonized, her books will not be so well received. That is also why the bishops don’t want to hear about it. Perhaps one can be found who reads her, but that is of no consequence.

I have to say this yet once again she is a powerful Saint in Heaven (he weeps). Her books should have been distributed to the four corners of the world a long time ago. You must proclaim it from the height of the pulpits. But now, I am saying nothing more, nothing more! (He whimpers like a dog.)

Exorcist: Speak in the name…, in the name of the Immaculate Conception, of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel, you must speak now!

Beelzebub: Among her books it is particularly the volume “Life and Death of the Venerable Catherine Emmerich” which should be distributed among the people. These books should be strapped to the backs of children so that, they learn to walk with the cross which the Lord puts on their path. At the age of four years, this little Saint used to go, even at night, to make the Way of the Cross, with her small feet wounded and covered with blood, in honor of her crucified King. In the morning her mother used to have to bandage her feet. She did not know where she had been. The little one said nothing (he weeps).

Catherine was a great suffering soul. It used to be very cold in her room. She accepted this as part of her poverty. Even when her sheets were frozen stiff and she was shaking with fever in this coldness, she did not ask for them to be changed. She wanted to bear her Passion and to offer it up humbly. Where are such souls still seen? Some compassionate nuns then changed the sheets for her. Catherine had not even complained; she would rather be dead from the cold. She endured everything for her crucified Lord. What she did for Him is beyond imagining. She is a powerful Saint whom we have always feared. These people who renounce self and voluntarily follow their Way of the Cross, and suffer patiently for others, are very annoying for us. There are some great Saints, who perform many miracles and who are very great in the eyes of the Lord and who can even read into people’s consciences – which, you must understand, she also did -but I am talking about those who do it very much more publicly, so much so that they attract the attention of millions, or at least thousands, of people. They are certainly great Saints also, but many, many of them cannot and do not equal her. She was a suffering, hidden, ardent soul of God. God has especially loved and glorified her and that is why He would like her to be canonized.

Exorcist: Continue, in the name…!

Beelzebub: It is not just now, but a long time ago that she should have been canonized. It is essential that you inform people about her books and her numerous visions and revelations. It is essential that you do this through love of the bitter Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, she wishes it and God Himself, Jesus, wishes it. Of these books, you should give prominence to “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. This book too, should not be lacking in any family, above all in any family which calls itself Catholic (he sighs). But now, I don’t want to speak any more!

Exorcist: Yes, you must! In the name of the Father… in the name of the Immaculate, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of all the Holy Angels, you have to speak now, Beelzebub!

Beelzebub: Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin have given and allowed these great visions and revelations to these two great Saints, to this Mary of Jesus and this Catherine Emmerich, so that they would come to the knowledge of the faithful. They should accept them in their hearts, follow them, and tell others about them. This isn’t bunkum, it is a treasure, a great thing which the Blessed Virgin foretold the Apostles in the past: “God will provide, Heaven will provide that my name, at the desired time, at the desired time… (he whines like a dog)…

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: …will yet be glorified and placed in the light, and what should be revealed about me will be revealed at it’s proper time”. Now, it is high time. Now we are already in the midst of the Apocalypse. And She (he points upward) is the Great Sign. That is why people must read these books, because it is in Emmerich, and more particularly in Mary of Jesus, that the Apocalypse, the Great Sign, the Virgin Mary are considered,

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, say what you have to say on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, the Immaculate, Saint Michael the Archangel and all the Holy Angels and Archangels!

Beelzebub: If they were to read these books (he emits plaintive sounds), they would soon understand that the hour has come. They would understand a great part of the Apocalypse and what is written about in the Bible. What fools you are! What super-fools men are! They allow such great treasures to get lost, squandered or neglected! (Noisy laugh of wicked joy.)

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name…!

Beelzebub: They allow these precious treasures of infinite value to stagnate and remain hidden. And what ought to stay hidden, they publish and display in bold type (sarcastic laugh) such as, for example, bibles which are no longer bibles and lives of saints which contain absolutely nothing of a religious nature. This kind of work is guided more from down below than from on high (sneering laughter). They are all the work of “village idiots” Even a donkey or a horse is much more intelligent – it has some idea of what its master wants. But down here, on earth, they have no idea; it is only when it is far too late that they realize that there could still be something that ought to be done differently. Ah! For us, those texts of Emmerich and Agreda are accursed books which we have feared for a long time and will fear forever. We, down there, pondered for I don’t know how long to see what we could do to oppose them… and men don’t even read them (sarcastic laugh). Even those who call themselves good Catholics do not have them in their homes! (Prolonged, sneering laughter.)

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name… of the Immaculate, of the most Blessed Virgin, Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Joseph and all the Choirs of Blessed Spirits!

Beelzebub: You should expound this to the world: All priests, all “traditionalists” and even the modernists, should proclaim from the height of the pulpits, that these books should be disseminated everywhere, as quickly as possible so that they might be read. If they were read and their contents followed, be it only in an approximate sort of a way, there would be a great number of saints (terrible howling).

Exorcist: Continue, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Beelzebub: For Emmerich had visions of the dolorous Passion of Jesus so that it could be known in a closer and deeper way, because the Gospels have recorded only fragments of it. Although the Apostles knew more about it, their accounts are very summarized. In the visions of this great Saint, there are some condensed and summarized accounts which are frightfully drawn out as far as we are concerned. One can learn from them, for example, how to have a good contrition – which plays the main part in confession. One can also learn how not to offend the Lord so much any more – the Lord Who suffered so much. His sufferings are described there in a more profound way than in any other hook (he growls).They should be displayed prominently on the shelves of all libraries, at all events, all Catholic libraries. They should be there in plentiful supply, not just a single copy.

Exorcist: Beelzebub, tell us something about the hidden sufferings of Christ on Holy Thursday, in the name…!

Beelzebub: We do not like talking about that subject. But because it is the season of Lent, She wants at least a few sentences…

Exorcist: Then speak of the hidden sufferings of Christ, as you saw them; in the name…!


Beelzebub: We didn’t look much, we didn’t want to see all that. We were flying about like arrows and injuring one another in anger and rage (he cries). Of course, we knew what was happening. We know even better now. But that Emmerich woman was shown it in a very real way. She saw, for example, that in the Garden of Olives. Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered much more terribly than can be known by imagination alone. Previously during His life, He had often sweated blood in anguish. We demons persecuted Him dreadfully in the Garden of Olives. He saw us rushing upon Him in our hideous throngs. We had the appearance of the sins that men would be committing in the future. We were hoping, through the sight of this horror, to take away from the Son of God the courage to endure His Passion. He saw an unspeakably foul, horrible sight, which brought forth a sweat of blood from His pores.

Facing this monstrous obscurity and horror, He thought that His Passion, which was never just that of a man – He was also God, you understand, but at that precise moment He felt Himself only a man – would not be enough to wipe out and expiate such an enormous sin. Shuddering with the violence of His suffering. He wanted to withdraw. Then came the Angel with the chalice which was meant to give Him strength. But, in actual fact, this chalice was only the acceptance of this suffering. By drinking the chalice, He confirmed that He was accepting the Passion (he sighs) and that He would drain the whole chalice to the last drop (he wails). Thanks to that, you creatures, damned dirt that you are, will one day see the Heaven which is closed to us (furious).

Later on, Christ was lashed even more. At the scourging, He was lacerated and torn to the bone. When He was crucified, less than half His hair remained. Almost all had been torn out, but He turned this into good.

He had very tine features, with the feet of a traveler. As a result of walking, their skin was hard and calloused. His hands were very fine-boned, much too fine to carry that dreadful cross (he cries).

If we had tasted His streaming Blood, if we could have tasted only one thousandth part of it, then we also would adore Him for all eternity (he weeps). But He no longer allows us to. For us, it is too late (he sighs).

Then, on the cross, when He was suspended on the cross, He did that for you. As that was being done for men, so was the fury of Hell being unleashed. When He was suspended on the cross. He was like a worm as Akabor has already said; He wasn’t a man any more… for you. Why did He do that for you? He wouldn’t do it for us (heart-rending wail). A worm, no longer a man – there He was, crushed by everything (he weeps).

It was as if He had taken upon Himself the burden of the sins of mankind) it seemed to Him that He was the greatest of criminals. It seemed to Him that He had been abandoned and rejected by God the Father; His executioners had inflicted countless blows upon Him; they had hacked and beaten Him and left Him stretched out in His Own Blood (he growls). And He did that for you! Why were we unable to prevent it? (He weeps).

If the Lord Himself has done so much for you, how much should you not make reparation for one another, to prevent any other men from coming to Hell? If He, Who was God and had no sin, achieved something so immeasurable, something that no man will ever achieve; if He took upon Himself such atrocious torments, then you should spend your whole life as if you were under the axe of martyrdom. This would not be too much for you, it would only be what you deserved. But men don’t understand that. They imagine that they are meant to have a beautiful life, even if their Master has walked before them with the cross and good example, and endured such a frightful torment from Hell.

What he endured was a torment from Hell, but it was not for long. We ourselves admire Him – we admire Him as we rage about His having done that for you. We would never have thought that He would undergo something so severe for such dirt. We predicted it well enough, but that it would be done in such great measure, we would never have imagined.

As well as all that, I must also say that it is necessary to proclaim from the pulpits that people should especially during Lent, do penance with Christ, the Lord Jesus. He fasted for forty days, as no man has ever fasted… He too has been racked by hunger…

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, by order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, Mary, continue to tell the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin wishes to tell us, in the name of the Archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, of all the Choirs of Angels and all the Saints in Heaven!


Beelzebub: …He prepared Himself for forty days for His public life, and also for His great Sacrifice. He knew that it would be a Sacrifice as vast as the world, with a universal efficacy, which He, God, would have to offer to the Almighty, in reparation for the guilt due to sin, so that you would be able to attain the eternal vision of God.

Without that, you would at best have seen Paradise (the Garden of Eden), nothing else, supposing that you could have still seen even that. Also many more men would have come to Hell because they would not have had any share in the Graces brought by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Countless graces flow from the unbloody Sacrifice of the Cross, at the offering of which the Blood of Christ flows anew.

We, down there, (he points downward) hate this Sacrifice of the Mass which is celebrated every day in many churches. It is true that it is no longer celebrated properly in many of the houses of God. Formerly it was frantic for us when the true, the old Sacrifice of the Mass was offered. That is, in actual fact, the renewal of Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross, which wipes out sin and obtains marvelous graces for the salvation of souls which, without it, would be lost by the thousands and would come to join us. I must say this again: you are forcing me (he sighs). I am saying nothing, I do not wish to speak any more.

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of Saint Michael the Archangel and of all the Holy Archangels, in the name of Saint Joseph, Patron of the Church, and in the name of Catherine Emmerich, tell the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin charges you to say!

Beelzebub: I do not wish to say it. I no longer have the right to say it. If I must speak, then you must recite again a little exorcism. Lucifer is furious about this. He would like to throttle me; I shouldn’t say that. If I speak any more, he is going to grab me by the neck when I arrive back down below.

Exorcist: (After the recitation of the exorcism). By order of the Blessed Virgin, Lucifer has no right to do that, because you have spoken for the Church. He has no right to harm you again!

Beelzebub: I was a great angel, I was second in grandeur. That is why Lucifer gets in such a rage and says: “Since you are so great you ought to know that you should not say stupid things like that. You must have more control of yourself”. That’s what he is going to say (his teeth chatter violently). She (he points upward) has ordered me to speak because I was present earlier at the fall of the angels. I was the second in importance, that is why it is I whom she forces to speak about this “filthy business”. She always has the power to dictate to us down there (he growls vehemently).

Exorcist: Beelzebub, on her order, you must speak now and say only the truth!


Beelzebub: I still have to say this: in writing these revelations, you must mention my name. You must quote my name. With the other demons too, you must always specify who has spoken. You must do it. It is not for nothing that we tell you who is speaking. Why do you think we do it?

Exorcist: Beelzebub, you must speak, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

Beelzebub: She allows us to say our names… who is speaking, and then she also wished you to note who has spoken. Concerning the important matters above all, she wants it to be known which demon she chose, which one had to speak…

Exorcist: Beelzebub, you must speak now, in the name…!

Beelzebub: …Just because I am well known, it is essential that my name be mentioned.

Exorcist: In the name of the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of all the Choirs of Holy Angels, of St. Joseph, Patron of the Church, of all the saints of Heaven, and of Catherine Emmerich, you must speak now and only the truth!


Beelzebub: Veroba has spoken previously on January 12, 1976, of the Warning and the Catastrophe. He said then that that should also be put in the little book. He also told why the Warning has not come yet, and why it was paradoxical to pray. You men, you are worth nothing (laugh of wicked joy). You are nothing, and you will be nothing. You are asses who can be told the same thing over and over again. Have you the brains of a fly, or maybe you have a sieve for a brain?

If He up there (he points upward) did not exist, all your bones would disintegrate; it is He alone Who supports your carcass every second without that, you would be rags and scraps. This is why we, down there below, cannot understand how teachers, doctors and I don’t know how many more, have such insane presumption; how can they have such great presumption, although they are only dirt which will be eaten up by worms!

Exorcist: Beelzebub, continue, in the name and by the order of the Most Holy Trinity… of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of all the Holy Angels and Archangels, and of all the Nine Choirs of Blessed Spirits, of all the Saints of Heaven!

Beelzebub: On the subject of this presumption, she wants this to be said in addition: she deems it entirely out of place on the part of these people to exalt themselves so inordinately; they are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. She considers it entirely misplaced since she comported herself with such perfect humility.

She would have had cause to carry her crown high and to flourish her scepter. She would have had every reason to. Did she ever do it? At all events, not on earth. Consequently, she has been exalted in accordance with the Scriptures, as Jesus said: “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and everyone who humbles himself will be exalted. This means that everyone who exalts himself will, in the end, be humbled in an extraordinary way, not just by one degree, but by innumerable degrees.

Do you understand what we mean? He who exalts himself will not be humbled by the same amount, but a million times more. and still more than that. But he who humbles himself, however high his place may be – we are learned, we know that! (He emphasizes what he is saying with a wave of a finger) – according to the parable of the banquet where Jesus said: “He who puts himself in the last place will perhaps be placed in the first place by the Master of the banquet”… I mean that those who humble themselves thus will not be exalted by the same amount. They will be placed a million times higher than they were… and that applies for all eternity.

I have to say that it is a paradox and a monumental act of stupidity to exalt oneself on earth. I have to say it because it is an abomination for the Lord. If men knew what they are doing, they would be horrified with themselves (laugh of wicked joy).

Exorcist: Beelzebub, in the name of the Father… of the Immaculate, of the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of the Nine Choirs of Blessed Spirits, of all the Saints of Heaven, of all the Holy Exorcists and of Catherine Emmerich, you must speak now, by order of the Blessed Virgin!


Beelzebub: If she had not always put herself in the last place, even below Saint Joseph, who however was highly aware of her dignity, and if she had not been so humble, she would never, never ever, have had today, this power over the Church and over the world. You would not have in her this Mother, who does everything for you and who obtains for you the inexpressible graces which she can now obtain, if she had not first given you the example. She practiced humility, in every part of every virtue, right to the last degrees of heroism. If she had not practiced these virtues, and especially this cursed virtue of humility, we could have dragged ourselves close to her in spite of everything. That would have enabled us to succeed once more, in spite of everything – the devil it would! (Cry of bitterness)

Exorcist: Beelzebub, continue, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity…!

Beelzebub: It is the same for men. It is as clear as day: when a man is not humble, all the vices follow. We have a hold over a man as soon as his own wisdom call it what you like goes to his head. Man has not been wise for a long time for a long time his brain has been that of a gnat. Even if he believes himself to be wise, and then exalts himself only a little bit, he falls immediately, in the mind of That Woman up there (he points up ward). But I don’t want to say that. I know it well enough because that is what happened to us. How we have fallen, thousands and thousands of times, confound it, and then more again! (he howls woefully).

Exorcist: Continue, Beelzebub, in the name…!

Beelzebub: That is why you priests must speak from the pulpit about the original sin, about pride. You should do your utmost to promote the virtue of humility. Speak about the Saints who have practiced this divine perfection to an eminent decree, for example, Catherine Emmerich; of thousands of other Saints, of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus.

Preach about Saint John Marie Vianney. He lived on potatoes for fifteen days, at a time he used to eat sour, moldy potatoes (he sighs). He did not even want to get into the bed that had been installed for him. He found that it was too comfortable for him.

We do not have so much power over these people who have such a poor opinion of themselves that they don’t even wish to sleep in a good bed; and who do not make this known to other people by saying such things as; “See, I am not using the good bed. I am good, I am using the uncomfortable bed.” They hide it from men. John Marie Vianney always kept it secret that he was not eating normally. He had true humility.

Catherine Emmerich was the same; she did not want to show how ill she was, nor what she carried on her body. It was only when people came and said: “But she is in a pitiable state, something must be done!” that she allowed them to move her because it was absolutely necessary; and still she wanted to remain in extreme poverty. She used to lie half done for, framed in a wretched bed. She always wanted to live a retiring life; that is why the birds used to come from the skies to perch on her shoulders.

The Saints receive so many favors; the Saints in general, hut above all, the humble Saints. They are very much in favor up there; they mount rapidly towards Heaven, while the others drag themselves laboriously, step by step, along the hard road which is leading them there.

Before all else, the virtue of humility must be preached again from the pulpit: all the others come only after that one. Then comes the virtue of purity, most fitting for our times (he breathes painfully); then truth. and all the others. You must say where that leads and give examples.

Exorcist: Lucifer, you have to go away. Beelzebub, you must speak, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity… of the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of Cod, Mary, and Saint Michael the Archangel!

Beelzebub: First and foremost, the vice of pride must he denounced. You must say that the virtue of humility must be written in very large letters. Then, of course, comes anger, theft and all the rest. You must. always endeavor to quote comparisons and examples, living, proved and verified in the lives of the Saints (frightful cry). Leave me alone!

Exorcist: Continue, Beelzebub, continue in the name of the Father… of the Immaculate and Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Mary… (Here, Beelzebub interrupts):

Beelzebub: What you are doing is good, it is good, but you ought to do it with more insistence; You must point out more insistently the devastating effect of sin. Particularly during this season of Lent, put the accent on the gravity of sin, which surpasses all imagination. Make known the consequences of sin with great clarity. It is much more frightful than you can depict it. It is sin you must depict, and you must try to explain very clearly what its consequences are. You have now understood everything, but the other priests must do as much, because it is worthless coming just from you. If they do not do it, although they are under an obligation to do so, they are inflicting great harm and they are depriving both themselves and those depending on them, of many graces. All their faithful suffer as a result, and they did not receive the graces they should receive.

Exorcist: Beelzebub, speak on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, in the name… and say nothing but the truth!

Beelzebub: About these virtues I must say again that this filthy old book: “The Imitation of Jesus Christ”, by Thomas a Kempis, which we fear so much, down there below; this satanic old book (he whines like a dog) should be disseminated and it must be read. It should not be missing from any Catholic household, and it should be read.

The best thing would be to read a chapter of it every evening, and strive to conform your life to it. In so far as possible, you should read the old, non-abridged edition of “The Imitation of Jesus Christ”. In the recent versions ways have already been found of changing some things. But they are changing things all the time. So you must search out the old copies. If there are not enough of them, it should be republished.

In any case, you yourselves should preach on the Imitation of Christ use and develop the themes you find therein, and inculcate them into the hearts of the faithful. “The Imitation of Christ” is pure wheat, it is not chaff; it comes from Heaven. Heaven wants and recommends it, and would this not be because it places the cross of Christ in front of one in a concrete way, and it tells how the cross of Christ can be imitated? In that way, man learns how Christ suffered, and how he must do the same himself if he wants to advance one step, or even one inch, in the following of Christ; and even with that, he is still a long way from being a Saint, and he must continue to have a very small opinion of himself. That is what you absolutely must say.

There are thousands of people, one could say millions, who believe that they are good because they have done this or done that. But that is far from enough. They will be good only when they consider themselves to be not yet good, and think they have done too little and that they could do a lot more about it. They will be good only when they consider themselves to he very unimportant, and do every thing that they can for Christ.


Beelzebub: The Blessed Virgin Says: Just as she herself always carried out her duties around the house which she always did with humility and for the greater glory of God, and always in the service of Christ alone it is quite improper for anyone to wish to exalt themselves above their service and duties.

She says to say that she was not even present on the occasion when Christ commenced His public life, although her desire was to accompany Him. She loved her Son to such a degree that it was the greatest pain and sorrow to allow Him to leave. It could be said that she was attached to Him almost as if He were part of her own body. She was much more closely bound to Him than a brother to a sister, or a father to a mother. She found well-being only in His presence. But she effaced herself and remained at home. From that moment on, she saw Him only occasionally.

In this behavior, she demonstrated her humility, so that men may also learn to be humble themselves. Did she ever officiate at an altar or at a Mass, as the principal character? She always put herself in the background, although she was the most exalted, the most universal creature. She is much more exalted than all the priests and religious put together! She is the All Great, chosen by God to guide the Church and to be a Sign, to be the Great Sign and the Mother of the Savior. She is also the Queen of the Angels. But all men must be told that, in spite of all that, she lived in retirement in her home.

It does not become a woman to appear in public offices, for example as a government adviser or a doctor of science; the devil knows what, else they are called. It is not good to be on display like that, nor is it good, besides, to scorn the duties of a housekeeper.

Even the lowest, the most humble office of a housekeeper who serves God and her family with all her heart, weighs more than the most brilliant, the finest and the best lecture of such a woman doctor, even if her speech is relayed through all the micro phones, taken down by all reporters and appears in all the daily newspapers. Such a woman is worthless up there than a mother who bears her daily cross, who brings up her children well, and who says “Yes” when a, child comes to her.

When she bears everything patiently, does her work humbly, nurses, protects, raises and clothes her children, she is much higher in the eyes of that Gang of Three on High, than a woman who wishes to be important. This saying could apply here: “Who ever humbles herself will be exalted, and whoever exalts her self will fly away like an arrow.” When a woman does not want to take upon herself the duties of a household and aims for grandeur, most of the time she will not be able to remain humble. All women who want to be exalted will be humbled in Heaven; all those who, on the other hand, humble themselves, are on the good road. They obtain for their families and for the people, many more graces than a woman who wants to shine.

But at the same time, there is abortion, which is a consequence of pride. A woman does not want to play the part of the mother hen whose role is to bring up children; she wants to be, and to be seen to be, “something”. That is one of the reasons for which many children die through abortion. There are always mothers who are in great distress; they should be helped, by words and by deeds. They must bring their children to term, even if it is hard for them. They will receive blessings in return.

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Father…!

Beelzebub: If women were to stay by their stoves, in order to prepare good meals for their men, there would not he so many divorces as is the case now. If women were to fulfill their household tasks better and prepare a pleasanter home for their husbands, there would be fewer disagreements and separations.

If men and women did not, live in free union, there would be many more partners endowed with a spirit of sacrifice and there would be far fewer homes breaking up. When, in their free union, they have forgotten what sacrifice is, and do not know how to practice self-denial, how do you think that they can lay the foundations for a family! In their eyes, marriage requires too many sacrifices and privations. But that is what it is, that is how it goes, and that is what it will always be.

Among people who have lived for a long time in free union, and who have set up house with anyone at all, few will marry later. That is because it is hard for someone who has lived in this fashion for a long time to go back and correct himself or herself. Even if these people would change their way of life, it would be much harder for them to single out the good grapes and gather the fruit as they pleased, than it would be for someone who has lived normally and has not wandered from side to side.

Exorcist: In the name…, tell the truth! Say only what the Blessed Virgin orders you to say, and nothing but the truth!


Beelzebub: I am forced to say this yet again: the book “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ”, the books of the Venerable “Saint” as far as Heaven is concerned, Catherine Emmerich, as well as those of that monkish Mary of Jesus of Agreda, and the little book, “The Imitation of Jesus Christ”, by Thomas à Kempis, are extremely valuable (he groans). I don’t want to say that.

Exorcist: In the name… tell the truth!

Beelzebub: These books must be circulated. But themes for sermons must also be drawn from them, ideas which are very important for today’s confused world, for the faithful of today.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, Beelzebub, bring it out, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, of the Immaculate Conception, of Saint Michael the Archangel! Lucifer has no right to hinder you from speaking!

Beelzebub: I must also say how valuable those rotten pictures are with their prayers. I have been forced to say this once. You must proclaim this from the height of the pulpits and it must also be noted in the little book. The pictures which are accompanied by promises have a particularly great value. You should make them known, these promises that are made to devout people. Many don’t know about this: up to now, they have never read about it.

On the picture of the Agony of Christ, where Christ is kneeling in the Garden of Olives with the Chalice, there is a prayer to which important promises are attached. The picture and Rosary of Merciful Christ should also be referred to. Important promises are also attached to these.

There should be stocks of these pictures everywhere, in great quantities, and they should be distributed and almost… I don’t say “thrown at”, you can’t do that but attached to everyone’s back. You are still as stupid as your feet; such pictures, such promises, such privileges… and you don’t make use of them, or at all events, the majority of people don’t.

There are many more similar pictures, for example, of St. Bridget of Sweden, and of the Sacred Heart. The devotion to the Sacred Heart is written in pretty small letters nowadays. There also, important promises are attached. The same thing applies to devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The perfect devotion as practiced by Saint Grignion (Louis) de Montfort, has also fallen into oblivion to a very large degree. These pictures I have just mentioned, in particular those of the Holy Face, of Christ’s Agony, of the Merciful Christ, along with the Rosary you would frame them in gold if you realized what their value is (he utters a terrible roar)

Exorcist: In the name… Beelzebub, you have more of them to mention? What ones still?

Beelzebub: The devotions to the Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with their important promises, the Rosary of Mercy, the contemplation of the bitter Agony of Christ and the devotion to the Holy Face, these five are of prime importance. Distribute them everywhere you can. She (he points upward) wishes it. You must speak about them in your sermons. These devotions contain great virtues. Many people, if they had known that or if they had always prayed, would have been converted or would never have fallen so low (he sighs).

Exorcist: Beelzebub, continue to say what you still have to say, by order of the Blessed Virgin, and nothing but the truth!


Beelzebub: The situation is now grave for the world. The Pope is suffering much because of it. But he cannot, as it were, see it any longer. He is a martyr; he is suffering more than the martyr Saint Stephen. As he has almost nothing to say any more. you should at least resume your task of widely spreading the books of Mary of Jesus of Agreda, of Catherine Emmerich and of “The Imitation of Christ”. That is what Those up there wish.

Exorcist: What do you still have to say, Beelzebub? Speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Beelzebub: There will of course be a great battle, a great battle. She up there (he points upward) knows it well.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of all the Angels and Archangels!

Beelzebub: The Pope is suffering dreadfully on account of the New Mass. He knows that the document concerning the Mass has not been received in the way he wanted, and that the New Mass… (he utters terrible cries).

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, tell the truth!

Beelzebub: Ah! We don’t like talking about the Pope! We have some thing else to do right now. We must busy ourselves with men. We can no longer grapple so much with the Pope in person (he mutters in annoyance).

Exorcist: But, Beelzebub, you must tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Most Blessed Virgin. Mother of God, Mary! Say what else you have to say!

Beelzebub: We said on a previous occasion that Pope Paul VI had prepared and wanted to promulgate a document in favor of the Old Mass. This is what it was: the Pope wanted to re introduce the Mass of Saint Pius V. He had drawn up, in the correct and proper form, a document for this purpose. He then wished to publish it “Urbi et Orbi”.

Some of his subordinates deliberated to see how they could prevent the restoration of the Old Mass. They drew up another document, which looked like the first one so perfectly in its format and style of writing, that it could not, at first, glance, be seen to be a forgery. The Pope, the good Pope verified the tenor of the document, and we blinded him just enough so that he did not realize that the “copy” was falsified. Because this document bore his signature, people believed…and say that indeed it came from the Pope. And there you have it (laugh of wicked joy).

Exorcist: Why does the Holy Spirit allow that in the Church? Beelzebub, tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity… of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God!

Beelzebub: He allows that, so that the Scriptures may be fulfilled. It was said a long time ago, that a time of great confusion would come, a time when everybody will say: “The Christ is here! The Christ is there!” Today, everyone is saying: “This is better, that is better, such and such a thing is better…” and no one knows what he wants. Everyone believes he is good, he is superior and that a step forward has been taken. There are even some people who follow many Christs… and those who follow only one, usually follow the false one (laugh of wicked joy).

Exorcist: Yet the Catholic Church is guided by the Holy Spirit, in the name…!

Beelzebub: Certainly, the Holy Spirit guides the Church, but it, at this lime when everything is so confused, certain cardinals and bishops are not better than they are, it is not our fault if they let-themselves he taken in by our trickery.

Exorcist: Beelzebub, say what else you have to say by order of the Blessed Virgin, and nothing but the truth!

Beelzebub: Fundamentally, the Church should not have to overcome this crisis, but it is necessary that things take place in such a way so that the world is passed through the crucible, according to the prophecy of Christ. The time will soon come when there will no longer he anything, except a left and a right, and nowhere in between. Perhaps that might not have happened if things had not come to such a state of confusion. It is necessary for the world to be passed through the crucible. The Christians who will remain will be better than the Church has been in the last five centuries.

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we order you, Beelzebub, to say what you still have to tell us, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

Beelzebub: I, Beelzebub, must say once again, that the revelations of Saint John’s Apocalypse, as they are written down in the Bible, are poorly understood by the majority of people, because they are written in mysterious language. To understand them better, they should consult the books of Mary of Jesus, of Agreda. There, many things concerning these revelations are explained clearly. These are now the last times, which is why all the faithful should take these books in their hand and follow them. Then they would be better informed about every thing.

Exorcist: Beelzebub, tell the truth in the name of the Most Holy Trinity… of the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, say what else you have to say!


Beelzebub: Today is a time of great confusion and wars. What Those up there (he points upward) regret very much also, is the fact that today numerous “privileged souls” are rising up, who are not that at all. A great number of these privileged souls of today are not authentic. I have to add but I do so against my will that a very large number of the faithful have a tendency to follow these self-styled privileged souls fanatically. In any case, it is a lot easier to follow them than to follow the cross.

With the authentic privileged souls, one finds the cross in particular, as well as disbelief, opposition and denials. This happens because we demons are at the back of it, and we don’t want what is good. But the majority of the faithful, at all events many of them, have a tendency to follow, not the authentic privileged souls, but those where there is a lot of trickery and everything takes place with a good deal of fanaticism.

Exorcist: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity…!

Beelzebub: There have never been as many false privileged souls as there are at present. That is why many of the faithful, even the pious ones, are led astray into error, especially those people who are not very intelligent. We have great power, and we use it, first and foremost, to tempt good people. We are now working terribly hard.

Many of the miracles that take place in certain sects and with the false privileged souls come from down below (he points downward). It is claimed that they are worked in the name of the Holy Spirit, but they are really worked in our name (again he points down), in the name of Hell. We can transform ourselves into “angels of light”.

It is possible to cure the sick in our name, when that results to our advantage. It is a lot easier for corrupt people to perform extra ordinary things through Hell, and in its name, than it is for authentic privileged souls to obtain from Heaven extraordinary things and true miracles. For the latter, many prayers and much virtue are necessary; that is why in the case of authentic privileged souls, there are often far fewer visible miracles. Besides, it sometimes happens that authentic privileged souls get off the right track. You must be on guard, and always bear in mind this warning: “Examine every thing and retain what is good.”


Beelzebub: Christ said: “A time will come when they will say ‘The Christ is here’ or ‘He is there’. If someone says to you ‘He is in the desert’, do not believe him and do not go out there, for there will be false Messiahs and false prophets, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” These words could well he applied to the false privileged souls. Many men rush to flock around those people as to false Christs. Indeed the Antichrist will arise as a false Christ, but these words apply also to what I have just said.

Exorcist: Tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity…, of the most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, say what you still have to say!

Beelzebub: You are now being put to the test, but the Church will come to life again with a new splendor.

Exorcist: In the name of…!

Beelzebub: Listen to the parable of the fig tree:“When its branches are in bud you know that summer is near. So, with you, when you see all these things happening, know that the Kingdom of God is near.” Now that time is terribly near.

She (he points upward) makes me say: “Courage! Do penance and become converted while there is still time”…for His day is going to come (he roars like a lion) and the day of the just anger of God!


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