Valentina Papagna (Australia): Messages from Heaven

Our Lord is very offended by humanity in the world; they ignore Him, and they live in terrible sin, worse than ever before, worse than in previous generations. People do not realize that they are committing horrible sins, and they continue to live in this way, against God’s law, against His Commandments.”

Valentina Papagna, Messages and Visions

Valentina Papagna (Australia): Messages from Heaven

Messages and Visions received from God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mary our Blessed Mother and Many Saints as given to Valentina Papagna (Australia)
  • Right now, the devil is advancing in the world. He comes to deceive many people. What I want from all of you is conversion and repentance and to become more spiritual
  • This war was not necessary because it was the evil men who persisted for it to happen, and the innocent people had to suffer. Pray, pray, pray so that peace will come to their land; otherwise, this war can spread further on
  • The devil said to Valentina: “See, nobody will stop me. Everybody will receive the injection until I scrape the last frypan; I will not stop. The whole world must accept the needle because I will then be in charge of them. They will all belong to me.”
  • If Russia is not consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, the evil will spread like shooting arrows throughout the world. It is spreading now all over the world and is starting with this war. It can spread in many countries and cause a lot of suffering, and many people will die in this war
  • 31 December 2021 – Many events will unfold, especially in the new year, but if people repent and change their way of life, our Lord can change many things and not allow them to happen

Jesus and Maria say: Save your Soul


Learn the Ten Commandments


Help the Souls in Purgatory

Say often this short prayer:
“Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us”

Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

Our Blessed Mother says: “My Son liberates 1000 souls from the Purgatory. This short prayer, this insistent little prayer, every time it is said, from the Purgatory, one thousand souls reach the eternal joy, the eternal light”.

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