Shelley Anna: Messages from Heaven

Socialism has taken root building an anti church for a one world government The son of perdition will soon stand in the holy place. Acknowledge your Guardian Angels. They will lead you to your safe refuge

Linda Noskewicz: Messages of Jesus

Shelley Anna: Messages from Heaven

  • The American soil is infected by the darkness that overshadows it. The governments of these countries will lead the way to a new world order. The tribulation of these days has begun. A Third World War is on the horizon, as the kingdom of darkness emerges upon the seven hills
  • The abomination of desolation will soon stand in the holy place as the seat of Peter is seized by the false prophet. The unholy trinity will then inhabit the kingdom of the antichrist, establishing a new world order
  • Most Beloved Ones of Christ, beware of the False prophet that has risen up to make way for his messiah who is the antichrist. A new world order is set into motion by world war. Global conflicts between nations are at a boiling point
  • Pray without ceasing for humanity. SOLAR STORMS INTENSIFY so greatly that the inhabitants of the earth that have received the mark of the beast will be scorched, and then darkness will consume the wicked as the kingdom of the antichrist crumbles into ruin
  • THE MARK OF THE BEAST will soon be accepted, as a cashless society emerges. In the midst of chaos and persecution, your Guardian Angels will lead you to safety
  • I see the bear pound and claw the ground causing the earth to split. Armies on both sides of this crack in the ground make war against one another
  • In the month of August 2022, as Saturn becomes visible in the skies. Satanic oppression reigns in the hardened hearts of humanity. A madness, that will be ignited by evil, will cause civil unrest in many countries
  • An anti-religion has emerged, for an antichrist, who overshadows the Church, with his false doctrines. Immorality of the flesh, is humanity’s worship of the beast. Altered ones, inoculated by evil, prepare the way for this incarnation of evil
  • People of God, it is most urgent to make ready your hearts. A conformity of Order will soon dominate your countries, as the kingdom of the antichrist is being established
  • Plans have now been set into motion paving the way for the son of perdition. He comes under a banner of peace with plans for world domination he will mesmerize and deceive many with mere parlor tricks and soft words and many will bow down and worship him because he mimics Me
  • THE THIRD HORSEMEN, BRINGER OF FAMINE is unleashed, to ravage the lands, making them barren. As food shortages worsen, it is most urgent to prepare your provisions, trusting in Our Lord and Savior, for your needs
  • Food shortages will worsen, as a one world government begins to take control. Prepare your provisions, trusting in our Lord and Savior for your needs…. Demonic activity will be heightened, during and after the blood moon
  • A blood moon marks the beginning of the tribulation… War is imminent and will soon be upon every border of every nation of the world… As food shortages intensify, civil unrest will erupt out of control throughout the world and lawlessness will abound
  • Famines and food shortages are coming. Prepare your provisions trusting in our Lord and Savior for your needs. All resemblances of normality are fading away as a new world order is established
  • The antichrist influences the world leaders, corrupting their thoughts with a darkness that foreshadows his intentions. A new religion will soon be introduced, as the antichrist begins his reign, over a new world order
  • Plagues that are dormant no longer have begun to surface. Satan wishes to make humanity suffer from his afflictions. Obtain the heavenly medicines needed to fight off infection
  • In the midst of chaos and confusion a false messiah who counterfeits Me will rise up proclaiming a false peace, ruling over the new world order
  • Nation will rise against nation leading to a world war where communism will then be enforced. Nuclear threats will bring nations into submission. A new world order will then rise up from the ashes of this world
  • A new world order rises up, out of chaos, rebellion will be subdued through communism. The antichrist will come under a banner of false peace with a mark of convenience for all who will worship him
  • Pray for all nations and all peoples. The Apocalypse fast approaches… Satan wishes to lure you out from the boundaries of protection with his trickery and lies placing seeds of doubt in your hearts. The antichrists of this generation lead many astray
  • Cast away from yourselves all worldly pleasures. Wicked and deceitful men who are possessed and ruled by evil strike fear in the hearts of my little ones paving the way for the antichrist and his mark
  • Nature continues to rage out of control as volcanic eruptions intensify darkening the sun and the moon with pillars of smoke and ash. Cosmic events intensify, as incoming debris from space will illuminate the skies
  • The antichrist is already upon you and his kingdom will soon be erected from the ashes of this world. Trust in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for your provisions
  • The four horsemen are making way for the beast. People of God prepare your provisions trusting in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for your needs. Cataclysmic events are intensifying as the four winds continue to oppose one another causing sea levels to rise
  • Time will stand still (the Warning) as moments of mercy are applied to repentant hearts. The unrepentant will be tormented by visions of hell and damnation as the outer darkness envelopes their hearts. My final act of Mercy to turn the unrepentant hearts to me and deliver them from the fires of hell that awaits ...
  • All who receive the mark of the beast will be afflicted. They will long for death that eludes them. An unnatural darkness that swallows up all light including man made light is descending upon the earth
  • The magnetic field is changing ceasing movement of the poles. The elements are greatly affected. The four winds oppose one another causing storms to rage and sea levels to swell
  • Keep my Rosary with you at all times to keep darkness at bay. Pray my children for the vulnerable souls that are susceptible to receiving the mark of the beast. These souls are in peril
  • Deceiving spirits are stirring up strife in the hearts of many causing divisions. These divisions will lead to civil unrest and civil wars… The collapse of the economy will bring about the mark of the beast. The antichrist is already upon you
  • Bless your flour, meal and oil, by making the sign of the cross over them, for the months of famine that draw near. Prepare your provisions, trusting in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for your needs
  • Prepare for worsening times, as lockdowns and mandates, are enforced. Plans advance, as countries begin to buckle under the pressure, that these alliances of tyranny continue to apply. Severe changes in the balance of nature are greatly influenced, by the heavenly disturbances
  • Famines and pestilences continue to be released making the stress of nations intensify until they comply and submit to the one world order
  • Demonic entities have been unleashed. Their only purpose is the ruin of souls. Souls offered to the son of perdition. The coronation of the beast has begun. The beginning of the end. Signs in the heavens will continue to be displayed

Jesus and Maria say: Save your Soul

Messages from Heaven


Help the Souls in Purgatory

Say often this short prayer:
“Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us”

Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

Our Blessed Mother says: “My Son liberates 1000 souls from the Purgatory. This short prayer, this insistent little prayer, every time it is said, from the Purgatory, one thousand souls reach the eternal joy, the eternal light”.

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