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The fate of the nations of the Old Continent and the one with the Eiffel Tower

My dear children, (the Union of the countries of the Old Continent) as an administration, has been misguided, and not by accident. It is a process willed and imposed by supranational forces whose master is Beelzebub... they obey him... Nations plundered by their leaders will fail and not recover... This is near, and the decline will be swift


(Make the Sign of the Cross before to start reading and read all…) – December 2, 2020

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

“I am the Most High, the Most Powerful, the All-Supervising, All-controlling One, All-Ruling One. My opinion, when I give one, is perpetual, certain and without error. When I assert a detail or a whole, it is always exact, because My Intelligence is always at work, and so is My Science. I know, I express, I explain, and when I open my mouth, you have to listen and accept everything.

When I said that My Gospel was for all, the lowly and the humble as well as the highly educated, I knew that I would not be listened to by all. Those who are small and humble are more attentive, but those who believe they know in spite of their ignorance, only listen to what they want to hear. This is still the case today, and will continue to be so until the end of the world.

  • These are not good times as men indulge their desires and interests, and are not interested in what does not affect them
  • . The same is true of many rulers. They believe themselves to be superior, and other human beings are of no interest to them. They give their opinions and they rule. So they must be listened to and obeyed, whether they’re right or wrong – that’s not the point.

[The Union of nations of the Old Continent]  as an institution, is the opposite of what it should be for the good of its citizens.

the Union

It is run by bureaucrats who are not elected by the nations or their people, and it is the bureaucrats who issue directives that are binding on those who govern.

Some [of these nations,  members of the Union] are not docile, and it is difficult to persuade them to fall into line. These are countries that have lived through communism and value their freedom. They are right and must not fall into line.

Pray for them, My children, for their lives are threatened, and if they are shot, the upheaval will be violent.

Countries that value their freedom are courageous, they don’t let themselves be led by the stick or the carrot. Their rulers stand tall, they love their country, their people and their history, and this is how all rulers should behave. They are the recourse of their people, who have confidence in them.

The other countries, those that impoverish their people by subjecting them to poverty and invasion, are in great danger of disintegrating.

What is the disintegration of a people?

  • It’s the disintegration of a people: it loses its personality, its soul, its traditions and even its language, as it mixes with other languages and becomes inaudible. A country without language is confused, lacking structure and purpose. It allows itself to flow, becoming formless, borderless and characterless.

This is the danger of countries [of the Old Continent] that let themselves be invaded by foreigners and have nothing to offer them: no work, no training, no discipline.

  1. My dear children, [the Union of the nations of the Old  Continent],  as an administration, has been misguided, and not by accident. It is a process willed and imposed by supranational forces whose master is Beelzebub. Yes, the Pharisees would have been right to say that they have Beelzebub as their master, that they obey him and plunder the nation that elected them.
  2. Nations plundered by their leaders will fail and not recover. These plundered and dismantled nations will be abandoned by their masters when they have been impoverished beyond resilience.
  3. The accumulated debts will be too great to repay, and they will be declared bankrupt, with all the misery such a situation entails. That’s when the demons will seize their property and Satan’s religion will take over. This is near, and the decline will be swift.

the tower

The ruler of [the country with the Eiffel Tower] will be ejected for incompetence, and the takeover by Satan’s religion will last for a time.

It will be a time of desolation and dread, but do not let My children despair.

I have decided that this punishment is the consequence of the betrayal of Christian France, the Eldest Daughter of the Church, which has abandoned its faith in favor of selfishness, materialism and lust.

I will take back the reins by dissolving this demonic power, and those who shed their blood in testimony to their faith will be martyrs and saints of My eternal Kingdom.

Peace be with you and I will not abandon you. I bless you all.”