The Mission of the Guardian Angel

Not even for an instant do we cease to observe divine, loving Justice and your souls, that are cleansed amidst the fires of love


The Mission of the Guardian Angel

(CEV) “The Notebooks 1945-1950”, p. 403
The Angel Azariah says: “People think the mission of the Guardian Angel ceases with the death of the one being protected. It is not always that way. It ceases, as is logical, at the death of impenitent sinners, and with supreme pain on the part of the guardian angel of whoever did not repent.

It is transfigured into festive, eternal glory at the death of a saint who goes from earth to Paradise with no stopover for purgation. But he continues as before, as a protection that intercedes and loves the one entrusted to it, in the case of those going from earth to Purgatory to expiate and purify themselves.

Then we, the guardian angels, pray for you with charity before the throne of God and, along with our loving prayers, present the entreaties offered for you on earth by relatives and friends.

Oh, I cannot say everything about how intense, active, and sweet the bond is which goes on linking us to you in purgatory! Like mothers watching for the return of health in a child who was sick and is convalescing, like wives counting the days separating them from being reunited with a husband who has been held prisoner, so are we.

Not even for an instant do we cease to observe divine, loving Justice and your souls, that are cleansed amidst the fires of love. And we rejoice on seeing that Love is increasingly assuaged in regard to you and you are increasingly worthy of its Kingdom.

And when the Light orders us, ‘Go and pull him out to bring him here,’ we rush forward quicker than lightning bolts to convey an instant of Paradise, which is faith and hope and comfort for those still remaining to expiate, there in Purgatory, and we clasp the beloved souls we worked and suffered for to ourselves and go back up with them, teaching them the Hosanna of Paradise.

The two sweetest moments in the mission of the Guardian Angels are when Charity tells us, ‘Descend, for another man has been begotten and you must protect him like a gem which belongs to Me,’ and when we can ascend with you to Heaven. But the former is less than the latter.

The other instants of joy are your victories over the world, the flesh, and the devil. But just as we tremble over your fragility from the moment you are taken under protection, so we always throb after every victory of yours, for the Enemy of Goodness is vigilant in trying to demolish what the spirit builds. Joyful, therefore, perfect in its joy, is the instant at which we enter Heaven with you. For nothing any longer can destroy what is now finished. […]


Maria Valtorta: The Notebooks

Maria Valtorta: The Poem of The Man-God

Maria Valtorta “These Notebooks belong to a category of mystical literature which the Catholic Church has long been familiar with: that of so-called “private revelations.” A private revelation is not binding for the faith of Christians, but its value is to be measured by its capacity to instruct and inflame souls, spurring them to love God more and apply divine teachings to their everyday lives. In the confidence—and the conviction—that this work superabounds in these inspired qualities, we offer it for the spiritual nourishment of readers. —David Murray

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