I don’t want to scare you, but be prepared for the arrival of other viruses

People of God do not fear, comply and put into practice the instructions, prayers, and remedies, that Heaven has sent you through our prophets of the end times, so that you may overcome these pandemics

April 26 2020
Urgent call of Mary the Mystic Rose to the People of God. Message to Enoch.

I don’t want to scare you, but be prepared for the arrival of other viruses

“Children of my Heart, the Peace of my Lord, be with you all and my Maternal Protection, always accompany you.

Little ones, I don’t want to scare you my children, but be prepared for the arrival of other viruses; humanity will remain in confinement. The pandemics will decimate much of the world’s population, especially the children and the elderly. The new viruses that are ready to be spread around the world are part of pandemics that had already been eradicated by human science, but they are being genetically modified to be stronger and more lethal and they can decimate millions of human beings. Viruses are returning like the Avian flu, the Swine flu, Smallpox, Measles, meningitis; a type of virus that will attack the bronchi and the lungs and the immune system.

Little children, the Elites that serve my adversary are the cause of these pandemics that are whipping humanity; these viruses are being created in laboratories and scattered through the air. People of God do not fear, comply and put into practice the instructions, prayers, and remedies, that Heaven has sent you through our prophets of the end times, so that you may overcome these pandemics. The biological attack will be more lethal than the war that is about to begin; remember that everything has to be fulfilled as written. Again I repeat to you: do not fear; I, your Mother, am taking care of you, People of God; take refuge in my Immaculate Heart, and this Mother, who loves you so much, will not allow anything and anyone to harm you.

Much ahead of time we had announced the coming of these tribulations to you, but the vast majority of this sinful humanity ignored the calls of Heaven. Today I announce the arrival of new pandemics so that you may prepare yourselves materially and spiritually. You are in a time of tribulations and of bad news, remain united to Our Two Hearts, for it is time to meditate and to return to God from the Heart. The hour has come to you, sinful humanity, wake up and repent of your sins at once! The horseman of plague, virus, famine, desolation and death, is already in your midst and is pouring his cup upon the inhabitants of the earth. What are you waiting for, Rebel Children to convert? Look at all the signs and the signals that Heaven is giving you to reconsider and to return to God. Do not be foolish, because your life is in danger of being lost eternally!

People of God, be prepared little ones, helping and assisting one other mutually, because the days of confinement are just beginning. Pray and praise the Glory of God, so that you may overcome the difficult days that are coming. Days of Divine Justice, which call for conversion and repentance. Little children, only if you are spiritual, you will be able to overcome the days of trial that are coming to you. Only by being united with Our Two Hearts and following the instructions, the remedies, and the prayers of protection, which Heaven has sent you, you will be able to emerge victorious from all the tribulations that will come to you.

May the Peace of God, and my Love and Protection, remain in you, my Beloved Children.

Your Mother, Mary the Mystic Rose.

Make my messages known to all mankind, little children of my Heart.”

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