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The false prophet… at the orders of mundialism, himself at the orders of the Dragon

Understand, My dear children, the betrayal of the representatives of My Church... who have betrayed their Master, who make believe by their lamb's horns that they are My disciples but their language is that of My enemy


(Important, read all…) Anno Domini 2022, Saturday, January 8

The false prophet… at the orders of mundialism, himself at the orders of the Dragon

“Let us take up the text of Revelation and look at what follows. We have seen that the Dragon has passed on his power to the Beast and further on “that another Beast arises, having two horns like a lamb but speaking like a dragon. Serving the first Beast, it establishes its empire everywhere (Rev 13:11-12). What is the lamb? There is only one, the slain Lamb, Jesus Christ, Savior and Anointed of the Lord. Who is the dragon? He is the demon who has taken over the earth. So this other Beast appears to be a lamb but speaks under the influence of evil.

And later on, chapter 16, verse 13, this other Beast is named differently, he is named the false prophet, so a man who is believed to be a prophet but who is not. What is a prophet? A prophet is a person who predicts the future, but he is also the interpreter of God. Now God, Jesus Christ, instituted Peter and his successors to be His Vicar on earth, in other words His interpreter to men.

My children, let us take up the recent history of the Church: in 1950, Pope Pius XII proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; he died in 1958. In 1960, the new pope should have made the third secret of Fatima known to the world; he did not. On December 25, 1961, Pope John XXIII issued the Bull Humanae Salutis, which called for the Second Vatican Council, which met between 1962 and 1965. It is well known that this council turned the Holy Catholic Church upside down and even changed the Catholic mentality. Indeed, it was a question of going out to the world and “smoothing the way to the unity of the human race” (John XXIII, 11.10.1962). The Catholic religion was put on an equal footing with other religions, it no longer taught but began to dialogue, it introduced a new Mass in 1969[1], it introduced a Protestant spirit into its midst, it allowed Protestant pastors to take part in concelebrated Masses. It allowed communion in the hands of the faithful and its distribution by lay people; it changed the liturgical calendar by lightening it and suppressed in particular the Saturday devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in favor of the anticipated Sunday mass, which contributed to desacralize Sunday; it reduced the penance of the 40 days of Lent to 2 days only; it changed the ritual of all the sacraments, suppressing in particular the exorcism of the sacrament of baptism. The two-thousand-year-old tradition of the Holy Church was evacuated, a new religion of man took the place of the Catholic religion of yesteryear, thus answering the wish of Pope John XXIII who wanted “fresh air for the Church” as if the religion that was going to be upset was rancid.

The resistance of some prelates, bishops and cardinals, could not reverse the liberal movement that was introduced in the Church and Cardinal Suenens (1904-1996), a major actor of the Council, is well known by his remark: “the Second Vatican Council is 1789 in the Church”. It was indeed a revolution in the Church and the outcasts were those who opposed this Protestantization of the Holy Catholic Church.

The religion of human rights was imposed; in 1986 there was the great interreligious meeting of Assisi for peace, during which Buddha was placed on an altar instead of the Blessed Sacrament, relegated to the sacristy; In 2016, Luther was honored again in the Vatican, and in the spirit of respect for all erroneous religions, Pachamama, the goddess of Mother Earth, was officially honored in 2019 in the Vatican gardens. Then the logic of error still continuing its advance, the Motu Proprio “Traditionis Custodes” of July 16, 2021 drastically restricts the use of liturgical books prior to the reform of the Second Vatican Council and its application has yet to be implemented.

As a result, since the 1960s, the Holy Catholic Church has been in decline and the number of practicing Catholics has fallen to only 2% of the French population. France, the Eldest Daughter of the Church, is no longer worthy of this title, but I, Jesus Christ, preserve the memory of what she once was and I will give her back her former glory.

By this short, non-exhaustive summary, you understand, My dear children, the betrayal of the representatives of My Church; and when My apostle John (Rev 13, 11) sees another Beast rising from the earth with the horns of a lamb but with the words of a dragon, it is about the representatives of My Church who have betrayed their Master, who make believe by their lamb’s horns that they are My disciples but their language is that of My enemy; error and betrayal of their role as shepherds of My flock.

The false prophet who is this second Beast at the orders of the first Beast, who is at the orders of the dragon, is clear: he is the head of Christianity, at the orders of mundialism, himself at the orders of the Dragon, who is none other than Lucifer.

Dear children, go back to the Catholic religion of your forefathers, they still believed, they were religious, they lived in the presence of God, they did penance for their sins. They prayed with their families, they received the children that God entrusted to them, there was no contraception but chastity, there was no medically assisted procreation but adoptions, there was still the gift of self and love of country, there was the taste of effort and work, there was the virtue of charity and love of God.

“When I come back, will I still find faith on earth” (Lk 18:8). This question, asked while I was still alive on earth, I ask you personally, who are reading this book, and I ask you to answer Me in this way: Lord, if some no longer follow You, make me one of those who do not let You go!

Dear children who answer Me in this way, I will give you all the graces you need to keep or find your fidelity. You need Me and I also need you, your faithful love: I love you but this Love must not be one-sided. No love can resist for long a one-way street. Be Mine and I will be Yours and we will be united eternally in the Joy and Beauty of Heaven.

[1] (…) which “departs impressively, both as a whole and in detail, from the Catholic theology of the Holy Mass as formulated at the XXII session of the Council of Trent” (Brief Critical Examination of the New Ordo Missae by Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci, 1969).