The great events that will change the fate of mankind are about to begin

The commotion of the Universe will be one of them and will cause many fireballs to enter your world, causing great tragedies and punishing the wicked nations by my Father's Will

August 13 2020
Call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His Faithful People. Message to Enoch.

The great events that will change the fate of mankind are about to begin

“My Peace be with you, my people.

My children, the great events that will change the fate of mankind are about to begin. The commotion of the Universe will be one of them and will cause many fireballs to enter your world, causing great tragedies and punishing the wicked nations by my Father’s Will. Viruses and pandemics will continue to scourge humanity, who will remain confined for longer quarantines; the Apostasy will increase and with it, the worship of strange gods; the practice of occultism and of idolatry will awaken the Just Wrath of God, which will make all evildoers disappear with a breath.

Flock of mine, the days of great purification are approaching, remain prayerful and vigilant, for the world is under the power of darkness. Rebuke without fear and with the Power of my Blood, every mental spirit so that you do not fall into the deception of the demons, seeking to steal your peace if you neglect your soul. May your Spiritual Armor be well oiled with prayer so that no force of evil may touch you; you are, my children, already in the days of spiritual combat. You cannot relax with prayer because the forces of evil are lurking you and the evil spirits are attacking you spiritually, mentally and physically.

There are millions of human beings already possessed by the demons and they know who belongs to God, so you must be well spiritually protected so that you may fight them in my Name and with the Power of my Glorious Blood, you send them at the feet of my Cross. Tie and chain them up with my Blood and my Wounds, every force of evil that wants to steal your peace. My Blood is the terror of the demons who flee in disbandment when in faith you invoke It; Do not be afraid, you are Children of Light, which dispels darkness; and the light that dwells in you is my Holy Spirit, which is The Way, the Truth and the Life, that will give you freedom.

Pray intensely flock of mine, that my Houses may be opened again, for there is all conspiracy and deception on the part of the emissaries of evil, to keep my Temples closed. My adversary knows that the power of prayer made by my faithful gathered in my Temples destroys all his plans and machinations; this is why he is using his emissaries, who secretly direct the destiny of humanity, to put all kinds of obstacles and conditions, in order to keep my temples closed. They want to destroy my Church, but this will be impossible to them, because my Church is Me, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her. The attack is not against another religion or religious belief, the attack is on my Church, because it is the only one Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, where I instituted my Sacraments.

My children pray with the Rosary of my Blood and Wounds, with the Rosary of my Mother and the exorcism of my beloved Michael, so that my Houses may be reopened and my Holy Sacrifice resumed in the presence of my People. Also, pray that the sacrilegious practice of communion in the hand, which does so much harm to my Eucharistic Divinity, may be abolished forever. Remember: you will win all battles, only if you pray in community (group); the Power of my Rosary and of my Wounds, together with the Power of the Holy Rosary of my Mother, and the Exorcism of my Beloved Michael, are more powerful than any atomic bomb. The battles are yours, but the victory is of your God’s, if you put your faith and your trust in Him.

My Peace I leave you, my Peace I give you.

Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Make my messages of salvation known to all mankind, flock of mine.”

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