The days of the Divine Justice are knocking at the door

Tribulations, tragedies, famines, ruin, persecutions, catastrophes and desolation in general, is what will come very soon to this humanity


November 13 2020 – Call of Saint Michael to humanity. Message to Enoch.

The days of the Divine Justice are knocking at the door

“Who is like God? Nobody like God!

May the Peace of the Most High be with you all, Seed of my Father.

Brothers, I, Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Armies, am speaking to you today through this Instrument, to tell you that very soon humanity will enter the time of the Great Tribulation, where only tears and woes will be heard. How sad is that this humanity of these last times must know the Just Wrath of God, in order to change! O Mortals, you do not know what is awaiting you, if you knew it, you would run to seek God’s forgiveness and would repent of all your sins! The tribulation that is about to arrive has never been seen before in the creation and the saddest thing is knowing that millions of souls are going to be lost eternally because they are not spiritually prepared.

Tribulations, tragedies, famines, ruin, persecutions, catastrophes and desolation in general, is what will come very soon to this humanity. Never before any generation, the tribulation that is about to come to this end-time generation, has been seen. The immense majority of this ungrateful and sinful humanity lives today as the same as in the times of Noah and Lot; they eat, drink, buy, sell, marry, build and suddenly the Justice of God will fall upon them and as in the times of Lot, fire from heaven will rain on them and many will die. (Luke 17. 26 to 29). Poor mortals, if they do not wake up as soon as possible from their spiritual sleep, they will be lost forever! You still have a few thousandths of time left, take advantage of them and run to put your accounts in order; do not be foolish, because what is at stake is the salvation of your soul.

I remind you, sinful humanity, that when the tribulations begin you will no longer find the Houses of my Father open; therefore, I exhort you to reconcile yourself with God as soon as possible, so that you will have nothing to regret tomorrow. Sinful humanity stop offending the Most High! Remember that life in this world is temporary, that the true life is in eternity and it is forever; I ask you: where do you want to spend it, in heaven or in hell? Eternal life or death depends on you; the Most High is giving you the opportunity to return to Him, from the heart, so that tomorrow you can enjoy His company. I remind you of what the Holy Word of God says: There is more joy in Heaven for a sinner who converts, than for ninety-nine righteous people who do not need to be converted (Luke 15, 7).

Therefore listen, sinful humanity, to the calls Heaven is making to you to have you repent of your sins and to return to the path of salvation, because the days of the Divine Justice are knocking at the door. Do not continue to violate the Holy Precepts, because if you continue to do so, the Just Wrath of God will erase you in one breath from the face of the earth. Hurry, you thieves, prostitutes, homosexuals, adulterers, lustful, fornicators, impure; drug addicts, alcoholics, swindlers, liars, envious, idolaters, arrogant, murderers, greedy, sorcerers and other sinners who roam this world without God and without Law; because none of you, who keeps on sinning, will inherit the Kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6, 9, 10), (Ephesians 5, 5), (Revelation 22, 15). Sinners, run to wash yourselves at the Fountain of Forgiveness, before the days of the Divine Justice arrive, so that tomorrow you can live forever.

May the Peace of the Most High remain in you, Seed of my Father and my Protection, accompany you always.

Your Brother and Servant, Michael the Archangel.

Make the messages of salvation known to all humanity, Beloved of my Father.”

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