The 100 Year Plan of Freemasonry

Albert Pike in the late 1800s was given a series of visions by Lucifer which illustrated how he intended to establish his total reign in the world

To establish the reign of the “god” who they worship

by Chris Watkins – In his 1989 publication, The New World Order, historian A. Ralph Epperson documents very clearly the essence and aims of Masonry, drawing on the actual writings of members themselves with 654 source references.

Principally featured is the work of the 33rd degree Freemason who is hailed as a genius: Albert Pike, a Grand High Wizard whose volume Morals and Dogma is the definitive version of the beliefs of initiated Freemasons and Illuminati.

His writing confirms beyond all shadow of doubt that the inner sanctum of this secret society worships none other than Lucifer himself, still parading as the angel of light, and that the Masonic lodges are indeed, as Pope Pius IX insisted, “the synagogue of Satan”.

According to other sources, Albert Pike in the late 1800s was given a series of visions by Lucifer which illustrated how he intended to establish his total reign in the world. This became a blueprint for the devil’s human followers to implement: the rich, the powerful, those dedicated to eradicating God’s Name from the face of the earth.

Remember, this was the 19th century, a time when the first glimmerings of atheistic thought were emerging, psychology and science coming to the fore, when Karl Marx in 1848 was publishing his founding document of Communism, the political pamphlet Communist Manifesto, and when Darwin in 1859 produced Origin of the Species.

So it was in the midst of this augmenting climate of modern, paganistic thinking that Albert Pike experienced his demonic revelations.

The absolute reign of Lucifer, Pike was shown, was to be inaugurated through three devastating world wars. The First World War was to cause people’s faith in God to totter, to rearrange the borders of Europe and bring down the Tsar of Holy Mother Russia so that Communism could take root there, a model of humanity’s planetary future.

Germany’s post-war humiliation would consequently prepare the way for another global conflict. This Second World War was to further the interests of Communism, expanding its borders to Eastern Europe, and establish the new state of Israel (somehow Israel’s existence is strategic in the complexity of coming events).

By this time, too, both Masons and Communists would have begun their steady infiltration of the priesthood of the Catholic Church in order to dismantle this 2000 year old institution by degrees, from within.
About seventy years was to elapse before the Third World War would come about, unleashed upon the world by degrees – “piecemeal” as Pope Francis described it.

In the meantime, two generations would have been brainwashed with new worldly beliefs and Christian values gradually bred out of them. A cunningly orchestrated attack would be launched on four fronts.

Firstly, an attack on the family unit, depriving parental responsibility and making children subject to state control, introducing abortion availability and doing a demolition job on the tradition of marriage;

Secondly, on the education system, eliminating all Christian teachings from classrooms and replacing it with social indoctrination based on secular humanism along with atheistic evolution and its theme of survival of the fittest;

Thirdly, on private property, reducing accessibility through a gradual erosion of the right to own your own quarter acre;

Fourthly, upon nationalism, developing a new social ethos where the abolition of patriotism, countries and borders is encouraged;

While all this is brewing, all manner of scandals were calculated to surface in the Christian churches to help destroy any remaining faith, and through the growing strength of influential media, society would be inundated by New Age teachings and occult practices, human rights issues, political correctness and secular humanist beliefs of freedom from oppressive religious laws.

The hidden powers behind governments who manipulate the affairs of humanity would then bring about the destabilization of the Middle East, leading to the destabilization of Europe and the Western world.

Grand High Wizard Albert Pike boasted that Islam would be a central factor in the West’s downfall. “Islam will be the tool we use (my emphasis) to destroy the Christian West”, he said. The outbreak of high-tech nuclear war would then provide the platform and the throne for the reign of the Evil One.

In the process, according to Pike, Islam would be “decimated” along with the last threads of Christianity, and “those who are left of the human race” would be so weary of war and destruction they would bow down to he whom Holy Scripture calls the Great Beast.

A world in ruins with people in great need are easy to control, so the Masons will crown their despot King and impose a Luciferian totalitarianism on all humanity.

In the aforementioned 1989 book, The New World Order, the author devotes a whole chapter to Lord Maitreya, the coming world leader, already heralded at that stage in New Age circles and believed to have been born during a major alignment of planets in the star sign Aquarius in 1962.

Promoted nowadays on the Share International website, Maitreya is acclaimed by his disciples as an “Ascended Master” or “Christ”, the World Teacher who will soon to be revealed in a special, fast-approaching “Day of Declaration” which will resemble Pentecost with instantaneous healings globally and impressive miracles.

Maitreya’s values, of eco-spirituality, sharing resources and compassionate attention to the poor, echo the social focus of Pope Francis.

See, this is where the greatest deception will be. Most people imagine the coming antichrist as another Hitler or Stalin, but his charismatic demeanour will be quite the opposite: rather than evil, he will seem to be the Saviour of mankind!

For the followers of Islam he will be perceived as the expected 12th Imam or Mahdi, for Buddhists the Fifth Buddha, for Hindus, Krishna; for the Jewish people he will be their long-awaited Messiah and for many Christians, Christ Returned.

Without the discernment required for true spiritual eyes, the swindle will be so devilishly cunning that even the “elect”, we have been warned, will be deceived.

A further chapter of A. Ralph Epperson’s book also exposes the “secret destiny” carved out for America by early Masonic interests, very evident with the Republic’s inception on the 4th of July 1776.

An in-depth analysis of the Great Seal’s occult symbolism is revealing, particularly the Latin inscription Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum which translates as “announcing the birth of – the NEW WORLD ORDER”.

And certainly, the USA has played a leading role in the post-war period from 1945, spreading around the world its doctrine of liberty, “democracy” and American might. It is also the home of the United Nations.

In 1904 a Catholic priest, Fr Robert Hugh Benson, wrote a novel called Lord of the World, in which he foresaw our present times with uncanny accuracy. A troubled world of terrorism, immorality, and apostasy gives rise to a powerful charismatic figure who the author calls the Lord of the World.

He is the antichrist, of course, but his name is Felsinburgh rather than Maitreya. However, the interesting touch in the story is that there is a Catholic priest who collaborates with Felsinburgh – and his name is Father Francis!

It is fascinating, in retrospect, to see how Heaven has intervened in this past century as Hell’s diabolical plan has been unfolding.

The year 1917, of course, is the pivotal moment when the Virgin Mary appeared at Fatima, an obscure little village in Portugal named after the daughter of Islam’s founding father, the “Last Prophet” Mohammed.

In the Spring of 1916 the Blessed Mother was preceded by the Angel of Portugal, later identified as St Michael, and it was he who prepared the young shepherd and shepherdesses of Fatima for their divine visitation.

This is an interesting detail, because in the Book of Daniel Chapter 12, describing the End Times, St Michael is mentioned as “being close to God’s people”.

Once again at Garabandal in 1961 he appears on numerous occasions along with the Virgin Mary, and this is at the onset of Vatican II when the sealed Secret of Fatima is silenced and the instructions of the Virgin Mary ignored.

It was at Fatima – thirty years before the advent of nuclear weaponry – that Mary advised us that “if people don’t turn back to God” there would be the annihilation of several nations.

Famous Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, fifty years after the ruinous Soviet revolution which swallowed up 60 million of his fellow countrymen, echoed those words of Mary as he repeated what he had heard as a child: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

Reflecting upon the state of the world today, the lawlessness and anarchy and violence, the lack of respect for everything sacred, we can say the same thing.

The only reason the new World Order and its worldwide worship of Lucifer will succeed is because humanity no longer wants Jesus Christ as their King.

They have foolishly rejected Him along with the Laws of God in favour of a supposed liberty and they will “reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8.7).

At Medjugorje, the Blessed Mother told the visionaries back in the early 1980s that God had permitted the devil to have complete power to rule for a hundred years, and we are living through that period.

Her words reinforce the vision of Pope Leo XIII in 1844 when he “overheard” a conversation between Satan and the Lord, a very similar scenario to the Book of Job where an agreement took place in the celestial throne room about Job’s faith to be tested.

After Pope Leo’s vision he was inspired to compose the well-known Catholic prayer to St Michael for protection. That prayer and the Holy Rosary are two of the major weapons needed in our arsenal for the intensifying final battle between good and evil.

It is obvious now, from all I have now been reading, that Masonry has been instrumental in directing this 100 year strategy of decline, assisted by all the evil forces emptied out of Hell during this period (according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich this occurred “two-thirds of the way through the 20th Century”).

Those opposed to God have guided and controlled the course of world events and from the mid-1800s have swayed the thinking of the masses, today especially through the propaganda machine of global media and technological advances in communication.

Over the decades more and more of the population, since the First World War, have abandoned the land and been lured into the burgeoning cities of the world by the promise of better prospects, and all of us have been swept along at a breathless pace through an age of so much progress and scientific advancement, oblivious of our awaiting destiny.

In 1931 a devout young Polish nun, now Saint Faustina, was visited by Jesus and told to speak to the world about His great Mercy and to “prepare the world for My Final Coming” when he would come “not as a Merciful Saviour but as a just Judge”.

This visitation along with the apparitions of Fatima has been Heaven’s warning that, without prayer and submission to God, our future is extremely insecure. On 13th October 1917 the fiery, dancing sun which plunged toward earth drove 70,000 people to their knees in holy fear, and this, the most monumental miracle since Biblical times, was a reminder of our need for repentance.

Feast of Blessed Francisco of Fatima


THE NEW WORLD ORDER: A. Ralph Epperson, Publius Press 1990 Reprinted December 2015. Available to read online or to download MORALS AND DOGMA of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: Albert Pike, originally published 1871, Paperback version 2013, Theophania Publishing. Since 1964 this has ceased to be the instruction manual for Masons.
SCHOOL OF DARKNESS: Bella Dodd, first published June 1963. It tells Bella Dodd’s story as a Communist agent in America during the 1930s and 40s where one of her jobs was to encourage young radicals to enter the Roman Catholic seminaries. After her defection from the Communist Party in 1949, she converted to the Catholic faith and was baptized by Fulton Sheen in 1952 and testified that “I, myself, put 1,100 men into the priesthood with the idea that these men be ordained and then climb the ladder of influence to become bishops and monsignors to weaken the Church’s effectiveness against Communism.” She explained that Communism was “perpetrated by financiers to control the common man and advance world tyranny” and warned that the Church would soon undergo changes “so drastic you will no longer recognize the Catholic Church”.
ALTA VENDITA (The Permanent Instruction of Alta Vendita), first published 1859, republished by Denis Fahey in 1950 as “The Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked as the Secret Power Behind Communism”. This Freemasonic document outlines the blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church, produced by the highest lodge of the Italian Carbonari. It states that “In a 100 year’s time bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the Keys of St Peter when in fact they will be following our flag. The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience.” This is now reprinted under the authorship of John Vennari, Tan Books & publishers, 1999.
AA 1025 MEMOIRS OF AN ANTI APOSTLE: Marie Carre, also available from Tan Books & Publishers. This is the personal diary discovered by a nurse in the 1960s which exposes the life of a communist who entered the priesthood with the intention to subvert and destroy the Church; his code number was AA 1025.
IN GOD’S NAME: David Yallop, published by Jonathan Cape Ltd 1984. There is a chapter in this investigative book, The Thirty Three Days, covering the brief papacy of John Paul I, pp 231-307 (Corgi paperback version), revealing the Masonic presence in the Vatican during the 1970s. Several high-ranking cardinals were actually exposed in the Italian newspapers at the time. One in particular, Cardinal Jean Villot, was Secretary of State, the Holy See’s equivalent of a Prime Minister, a position created to deal with diplomatic issues that has assumed more power and influence since Vatican II. It was during this period that Pope Paul VI made his famous remark that the smoke of Satan had entered the Church. When Cardinal Villot died there were papers found in his suite from the upper echelons of the Masonic Order congratulating him on all he had achieved during his term of office, and these papers were witnessed by Fr Paul Kramer who detailed them in his excellently-researched, insightful book, The Devil’s Final Battle. Cardinal Villot has been succeeded by fellow Masons who, along with the Roman Curia, now exercise greater dominion than the pontiff. When first elected, Benedict XVI said of this administrative body of prelates, “Pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves”. Both he and John Paul II, for instance, have had their hands tied by the Secretary of State in the matter of specifically consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Apparently there are twenty Cardinals currently in key positions within the Vatican who are Masons. These quite possibly are the ones who can be seen in a well-aired piece of video footage where they refuse to shake hands with Benedict in his last days as Pope as he moves down the line of Cardinals. A number of bishops and cardinals in European states today openly admit their allegiance to Masonry. SEE ALSO THE LEPANTO INSTITUTE website for documentation of the Masonic infiltration – a video by this organization can also be seen here.
In the prophetic messages of Maria Divine Mercy, the “Book of Truth” Volumes 1-4, from November 2010 to March 2015, both Jesus and Mary never refer to Islam’s implication in the gathering storm of the antichrist’s worldwide dominion. Jihadists are described by them as “the Devil’s terrorists” suggesting these barbaric individuals are instruments of demonic powers and in the use of those orchestrating Lucifer’s New World Order. Islamic believers publicly refute the authenticity of the Jihadists’ religious affiliation, declaring they cannot possibly be Moslems, or if they are then they are not practicing ones. (Jihad means to do violence to oneself in the interest of growing in holiness – in other words, self discipline – not committing violence against innocent people which is apparently forbidden by the Koran, such a crime answerable on Judgment day).
See 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12
LORD OF THE WORLD: Robert Hugh Benson, first published 1904, reprinted 2012 Veritatis Splendor Publications.

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