Days of anguish and great agitation are approaching

Humanity... is already in the times of tribulation and there is no going back; the tribulation will be stronger and stronger and will purify you until you shine like crucibles


December 2, 2020 – Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Faithful Flock. Message to Enoch.

Days of anguish and great agitation are approaching

“My Peace be with you, Flock of mine.

My little Prophet, tell humanity that he is already in the times of tribulation and there is no going back; the tribulation will be stronger and stronger and will purify you until you shine like crucibles. The time of my Warning is on count down, its day is getting closer and closer; in your passage through eternity, you will be judged as if your time had come and you will be taken to the place that corresponds to you according to your deeds. A minority that can be counted, will be taken to the Kingdom of God, the vast majority of souls will be taken to Purgatory or to hell.

Flock of mine, my Warning and my Miracle, will be the last opportunity that I give humanity to convert. My Infinite Mercy will grant the Grace to many souls to return again to this world, so that they may walk again on the path of salvation and do not go back again to question my existence and the existence of Heaven, Purgatory and hell. Millions of lukewarm souls will be granted the Grace of coming back so that at the time of the Miracle they will convert, if they do not, they will be separated from my flock forever. Millions of souls due to the gravity of their sins will no longer return to this world; my Warning will be for them, the passport to eternal death.

Sheep of my Flock, the time of the Great Tribulation will begin with the last reign of my Adversary and it will last three and a half years of your time. During this time my Flock will be totally purified and ready to fight the last battle for its freedom; my adversary and his hosts of evil will be defeated and expelled from the face of the earth. Therefore be alert and vigilant, because the triumphal return of your King and Savior is near; May your lamps remain lit with prayer, so that you can go out to meet your Lord and Savior, who is already knocking at the door of your soul.

Flock of mine, days of anguish and great agitation are approaching, but have not fear; I, your Eternal Shepherd, will not allow any of my sheep to be lost. I am calling you, sheep of my flock; listen to my voice and stay close to the fold, because very soon I am coming to gather you so that there may only be one Shepherd and one flock. The night and its darkness are approaching, do not be afraid, no matter how strong the trials are going to be, remain always firm in the Faith; prayerful and vigilant at all times, and I assure you that everything will pass like a dream and nothing and no one will be able to steal my Peace from you.

Flock of mine be shrewd as serpents, and meek and humble as doves. (Matthew 10, 16) Do not relax with prayer, because you well know that your enemy, the devil, walks like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. (1 Peter 5, 8) If you pray and are well protected with your Spiritual Armor, you will have the protection of Heaven; but if you turn away from prayer and from God, you run the risk of getting lost because these days you are living in are already of darkness. Therefore, accept, flock of mine, the instructions that I am giving you so that you can walk in the midst of this darkness and to arrive safely at the doors of my New Creation.

Peace I leave you, my Peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times.”

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