Watch out, my children, with the biometric vaccine called Luciferase

This vaccine will be one of the many that will carry the Microchip, which will be activated with the technology you call 5G. Do not fall into the deception of the servants of evil

August 30, 2020 – Urgent call of Mary who Sanctifies to the People of God. Message to Enoch.

Watch out, my children, with the biometric vaccine called Luciferase

“My Children, the Peace of my Lord be with you all, and my Maternal Protection always accompany you.

Little children, watch out for the vaccines because millions (of them) will come with the Microchip, the mark of the beast, which will be inserted in you when injected. Other vaccines will decimate the world’s population and many others will modify the Human Genome. Watch out, my children, with the biometric vaccine called Luciferase, because this vaccine will be one of the many that will carry the Microchip, which will be activated with the technology you call 5G. Do not fall into the deception of the servants of evil, for what they seek is to mark humanity with the mark of the beast and to decimate the world’s population; everything is a conspiracy on the part of the emissaries of evil, who are taking advantage of the existing pandemic, to mark humanity, to decimate and to enslave it.

Poor little children of mine, you will suffer very much in your passage through the desert! All this coming tribulation to you is part of your purification. Again I say unto you, my little ones, consecrate yourselves to Our Two Hearts morning and night, extending this consecration to your children and family, that all may be delivered and protected from the mark of the beast and from all the deceptions and conspiracies of the emissaries of evil. Keep this instruction very much in mind, my children, for it will be the protection that will deliver you from the power of the evil one.

Little children, remember that heaven will not abandon you, so fear not; I, your Mother, will take care of you my little ones; the protection of my Holy Rosary will shield you so that no force of evil can harm you. None of my Rosary’s devotees or their families will be lost, I promise you. Remember: what seems impossible for men, it is possible for God; I, your Mother, will not let any sheep get lost from my Son’s flock. That is why little children, cling to my Holy Rosary, because together with the consecration of Our Two Hearts and with the Spiritual Armor, they are the greatest protection Heaven is giving you for this end times.

Little ones, again I remind you of the closeness of day of the Warning (Enlightenment of Conscience), worry to be in God’s grace so that in this day you may reach eternity full of joy and jubilantly and be beyond reproach before the Supreme Tribunal. Prepare yourselves for the arrival of this glorious day, where the clean of heart will see the Splendor of God’s glory. My children, the Heavenly Trumpets are ringing in every corner of the earth, calling for conversion, and inviting humanity to be prepared for the arrival of the Warning. Do not be afraid, God’s Mercy is about to be poured out upon all mankind, seeking the salvation of the greatest number of souls. You are, humanity of these end times, the most sinful one ever existed on the face of the earth, but you are also the most privileged, because a rest of you after the purification will be called God’s Chosen People, who will inhabit with Him, the New Heavens and the New Earth.

So take advantage, my little ones, of the little time in which the Houses of my Father will be open for you to go in looking for one of my Predilects (the Priests) to make a good confession of life, which will free you in your passage through the eternity of the fire of hell. I urge you my children, that you may be ready and be prepared for the coming of that great day, which is already knocking at the door of your soul. Spread the prayer of my Holy Rosary and of my seven Hail Mary and remain prayerful and watchful with your lamps oiled with prayer, because your Master is coming.

Remain, my little children, in the Peace of my Lord.

Your Mother loves you, Mary who Sanctifies

Make my Title and these messages of salvation known, little ones, to the whole world.”

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