Veronica Leuken: The final cleansing many will be removed from the earth

There will be a great War. Many souls will be lost. All that happens will be given in the will of man. No one will fall unless he has chosen this road of his own free will


No woman as a priest

Bayside Prophecies Message of 1976-3-16
Our Lady – “I repeat for your enlightenment again: no woman shall stand in the Sacrifice as a priest. How dare you set yourselves for a change created by satan! The plan of the Eternal Father has been made quite clear to you. Your father now is not the Eternal Father of Heaven, but the father of all liars, satan! My Son’s Body, sacrificed for you, tortured for you, is now being re-crucified in His own Church! “Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Your country, the United States, the Americas, has been free from demolition and destruction on a mass scale, but nevermore shall you know this peace and security! You shall be given the sword! “O My children, I do not come among you to set fear into your hearts, but to save you. Those who are setting themselves to change the world and to change My Son’s Church, their direction is not coming from the light, but from the darkness and the prince of darkness, satan. “My child, I know your great sorrow, the tears shed hours of the days of your life. I know the great suffering your mission has brought upon you. Could I but spare you…. This suffering shall be a hidden grace, My child. You must experience all in order to promote your mission. The knowledge given to you will be your strength. “Many prophets have desired to see what you have seen and to know what you have had. And I say unto you, My child, that your burden will soon be lightened. “All that I have promised you in the past through My Son and the Eternal Father shall come to pass. Years upon your earth are not similar to the count in Heaven. The antichrist forces are now raging throughout earth. It is the time of the separation of the sheep from the goats. “Do not lose faith, My child, in the photographs you are receiving. They are from the Eternal Father. Satan has not entered upon them. “Do not be concerned of the opinion of mankind, My child, but you will continue to go forward without fear and with much courage and perseverance. The power of satan, My child, is great. He can set the stage and make the plans for extinction of a human body, but this will not happen without the permission of the Eternal Father.”


The punishment of New York – The horses of the Apocalypse

Message of 1973-2-10
Veronica – Oh, Our Lady’s showing me a large globe. I can see the United States and Canada. And I can see South America. And also now Our Lady’s pointing over to the left side of this globe, and there’s Asia, Egypt, Africa. And then…. Oh, there is a terrible war. Many, many people are dying. Many, many people will die, Our Lady said, many souls unprepared to come to the Kingdom. Now Our Lady is pointing over—over on the right side there’s a large globe. Now out in the sky I see … it’s a ball. It looks like the sun. But no, it’s twirling—it’s swinging very fast across the sky, and it has streamers of fire coming out from behind it. And it’s twirling so fast. Oh, and the heat—it’s very intense. Now one of the tails has hit—oh! Oh! I see … I, I see cities now. There’s great fire. And all the lights—there’s no electricity—all the lights have gone out. And people are running and trying to find candles. But the air has become stagnant, and there seems to be no oxygen. And they can’t light the candles. It’s very, very dark. Now this ball, it’s swinging. It seems to be—it’s going very fast through the sky. And as it passes over, there are great particles of dust. [Veronica coughs.] People standing out in it, they’re—they, they can’t breathe. It’s choking. It’s like dirt falling from the sky. Now, now there are large rocks, and … and—oh! Oh, some of them are falling upon the people. The buildings—some of the buildings have fallen, and the people are running away. But there’s no place to run because now there’s, there’s—the waves have started to rise very, very high. And oh, the waves are now ten, twelve feet high; and they’re pulling into the land! And I see now—I see part of—oh! Oh! Oh! New York! Oh! Oh! Now the comet is swinging over. It, it’s … not just New York; it covers the whole land. But I see now—Our Lady now is pointing over to the right, and there’s a map. And I see little dots of light. I see one, two, three—over on our side on the map, it looks like from New York down to Florida—I see one, two, three, four … it looks like eight or nine candles. And then over towards the center, there are about … maybe fifteen or twenty candles. And over, over on … looks … from Washington down to Mexico, I see very few candles—only, only maybe about four. Now Our Lady’s coming over. And now Our Lady said I am to listen, but not repeat. [Pause]


Our Lady – ” … that man will be subjected to a cleansing that has never been experienced since the beginning of his world. All who are of well spirit will have no fear, for all is in the plan of the Father. Man has hastened what had been planned for the future. There is great hope that the little armies set up throughout the world will hold back the darkness.”

St. Michael – “When the peak of iniquity has been reached, and the abominations fill….”

Veronica – Now he’s holding a golden chalice, and he’s looking into the chalice. And I see blood flowing from the chalice. It’s a very large, golden chalice. Now I see three angels. They’re standing over to the left side of the flagpole, and they have what looks like soup bowls in their hands. They’re holding three bowls out. Now one angel raises his hand above his head, like this, and with his left hand now he is turning the bowl over. Now the other angel points over to the right. Now he’s coming over to the right, and he has raised up his hand and says—and he’s pointing with four fingers, and he also has this large—that looks like an urn or a bowl, and he’s turning it upside down. Now the third angel—oh, behind him are four horses. Oh, the horses behind the third angel, they’re all colored: one is black, one is red, one is white, and one is green. They’re four colored horses. Now I see a large body of water, and I see two angels. Now they’re standing over the waters, and they place their hands over the waters. And the waters are now—are rising very, very high. Now there are four angels. It’s like they were on a four-cornered pond. And they’re standing now, each with spears, at the four corners of the pond. And now Michael is coming to the right side, and he’s saying:

St. Michael – “This, my child, is another puzzle for man to figure out. If not solved in due time, the Father plans to set the answer upon the world Himself.”


A satanic grouping of one-world planners

Message of 1973-3-18
Our Lady – “There is now in the world a satanic grouping of one-world planners. They will eliminate slowly in their plan the Church of Jesus. This will be accomplished in great haste, should the Seat of Peter be abandoned at this time. “We ask that all prayers continue in perpetuity. A constant vigilance of prayer will go throughout the world. Your world can no longer be saved by any means of man, for now man stands in judgment before his God. “Should I give you at this time dates as you ask, My child, there will be no constructiveness in this measure. Be prepared now, and you will be ready for what lies ahead. “Love of your God, honor to your God, and following the rules set forth by your God shall not be a temporary habit, but must be inborn and a renewal complete. “All who parade as angels of light but carry black hearts do not go unseen by the Father. They shall be pulled as weeds from the garden. “There is no force, be it in your Heaven or on your earth, that is above your Creator. Man in his arrogance shall meet the fate of the fallen angels.


Demon 5 to come up from hell

Message of 1973-3-24
Jesus – “The age of reasoning calculated on earth is not in the plan of Heaven. A parent shall be the leading force in the life of his children regardless of chronological age on earth. Therefore, every parent will be held responsible for his part in the destruction of his children’s souls. “The forces of evil are gathered against the young. Parents will be the anchor in their home. Guard the souls of your children, for they meet the agents of hell once they step outside your doors. Prayer, and prayer alone, with the graces gained in sacramentals and sacraments will be your fortification against the agents of hell now loosed in great numbers upon your earth. “As this battle progresses, number five will enter from the abyss. The corruption will increase until man will wish he would be removed from the earth. He will beg for mercy. Yes, death of the body would be preferable to existence upon this world that has been given to satan. “There will be small lights in the world, candles lit to hold back the darkness. “My Mother has been sent to you as a Mediatrix between the Father and man. She has placed Herself in sacrifice for lost souls. “I have watched as you have degraded Her, and you have sought with the agents of hell to destroy Her. You will know now that My Mother will crush the prince of darkness, and he will lie before Her, chained by Michael and cast into the pit. He rages now upon your world, knowing that his time grows short. “Recognize, My children, the signs of the times. Open the Book of life and read what John has left you. We instructed him well in the mysteries that will unfold through many seers in many places throughout your earth. If you seek, you will find the answer. Those in grace will understand the meanings of the wordings of John.”


Priests not to remove habits

Message of 1973-3-25
Our Lady – “A duly ordained priest in the House of God shall not remove his habit. He shall not take the badge of honor of his vocation from him. In doing thus, he subjects his soul to contamination from worldly influence. “Do you not feel honor for having been chosen from a multitude of souls to be representative of your God upon your world? Have you shame for your vocation? Woe to the man who turns his eyes and heart upon the world and adopts the maxims of the world, all creations of satan! “After the final cleansing, only a few will be saved. “I have wandered throughout the world as a Mediatrix between God and man. I have come to yo


Jacinta (of Fatima) wrote on the picture

Message of 1973-3-25
Jacinta – “Oh, why do you not listen to my words? [In a child-like, pleading voice.] Have you forgotten the dangers Our Lady gave in writing to you? They were specifically given to protect you in your times. “I wrote on the picture to bring this before you. I do, Veronica, hope that you will continue to send my picture throughout your world. “The time before the great punishment is short. So many will die, and they cannot enter into the Kingdom. It is sad to enter into purgatory, but there is gladness of heart in the knowledge that one day you will enter into the Kingdom. But to see the souls fall into hell, we cry tears in abundance upon your world!”



Bayside Prophecies

The Chastisement

Message of 1973-4-14
Veronica – I see far into the sky what appears to be a star, but no—it’s very glowing and orange in color. As it comes closer, it no longer looks like a star, but a small sun. It’s spinning very fast. Oh, it’s cutting a large path about the earth. The fire that comes out from behind is very intense. [Veronica coughs.] The vapors are heavy. I see many people; they’re clutching at their throats. They are unable to breathe. There’s dust falling from the air; it’s growing very dark. The dust and the vapor covers the light. The sky is very dark. It’s daylight, but it becomes like night. It’s very dark, so dark now that you can’t even see your hands in front of you. The cars, the cars going through the streets…. But now they stop. Their lights have gone off; the cars are stranded on the roads. The people are leaving the cars, and they’re running in every direction. Many are falling now to their knees. Oh … oh! Oh, the waves now are coming high. They’re very high, and they’re washing into the shore now. The buildings—I see buildings just—they’re just being washed away. Churches are standing. I see the whole inside of an office building, but the walls are down and there’s one wall just left on the side, and there’s a desk up against the window. And I see—down below I can see it’s at least twelve levels in the building. But the floors have fallen down, and I see some people underneath a desk. They’re trapped under the wood. Oh! … Oh! … Oh! … Oh! [Veronica moans at the terrible sight.] Now I see the sky, and the sun is very red and black, though. It’s turning black. There’s no light. Now over to the right is the moon, but the moon now is black, and it has a white rim about it. But the moon is black. Ah! … Ah! … Ah! Now Our Lady is coming forward, but She’s dressed now very strangely. She’s dressed all in black, like a nun, though, with a white piece about the top of Her head. She’s standing there with Her head bent very low. Now She’s holding out Her hand in front of Her, and in Her hand there is a heart. But there’s a sword, like a knife; it’s right through the heart. Our Lady is looking over, and She’s saying:

Our Lady – “I am truly the Mother of Sorrows.”


Demons work inside Church

Message of 1973-4-14
Veronica Now they’re floating up, up, up, up. Now they’re coming out here in the light. They all are looking about with a smug look of satisfaction on their faces—if you could call them faces, they’re so horrible. Oh-h-h … oh-h-h! So evil, mean! Now one is pointing over—oh, he’s pointing over, and I can see St. Peter’s, the cathedral. And he’s saying: “It will not be long before we shall accomplish our mission.” Oh! Now he’s holding in his hand a red hat, a hat. He said: “I’m waiting for my entrance.” He holds his hand up—oh, his hand’s horrible! The fingers are long and thin, and they look like claws. There’s nails coming out; they’re claws. But He’s looking down, and he wants me to see this. Oh, it’s horrible! He has this large, red cardinal’s hat in his hand. He said: “I will sit upon the throne of Peter, and I will destr-o-y the Church of God!” Oh, it’s horrible! Oh, no! Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She’s placing out Her hands. Now She’s looking down, and Michael has come forward. He’s standing there with a bow, and Our Lady now—Michael, Michael is pulling the bow! He’s going to run it through him! But Our Lady said: “No! It is not time. The purification of the world is at hand.” Now I see this horrible-looking creature. He’s floating, and he’s standing now beside the door of Saint Peter’s. Now he’s being joined by two human beings. Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see him actually … he’s going … he seems like he’s infusing into him! He’s entering into him! Oh, how horrible! Now I can’t see him, because he’s standing there now, but he’s a human. Now this human, who has been infused, has across his chest two keys, two golden keys. Now next to him stands another figure. He’s wearing a red hat, and he’s got ropes in his hands. And now he’s running the rope—but as he opens the rope, it’s a snake. The rope is a snake, and it’s curling about the keys. Oh, it’s curling about the keys. Oh, my! Oh! Now the keys are melting, and the keys are forming into a … like these … like the bishops wear. They have these like a … that, that cane, like, with the top. They’re, they’re—it’s not a scepter; the crook, that looks like a large, long cane with a top on it. And around the cane is curled the snake. Oh, it’s a golden snake. Our Lady said:

Our Lady – “Powers, provincials, money: destruction of the human soul for worldly gain.”


The Warning

Message of 1973-4-21
Veronica – [Veronica sees writing in the sky, and spells out the letters:] J-A-C-I-N-T-A. Now they’re fading out, and there are numbers: 1-9-7-2—1-9-7-3. Now there’s a large question mark, like this, next to the “3”. Now that’s fading out, like smoke being blown away. It was “JACINTA 1972—1973,” and then a large question mark. … It’s as though everything has exploded in the sky—the flash! And it’s very hot! It’s very warm! Oh! Oh! It feels like a burning. Oh! Now the sky is very white. Colors—blues, purples—it’s like a huge explosion. Now this voice, the voice…. And the voice, Our Lady says, is a voice within you: “Your warning before Chastisement!” Flash, fire, and the voice within you. The final Warning before Chastisement!

Our Lady – “On the meadow is a very holy place. My beloved child … (oh!) will see anew much beauty about him. There will come upon the world a glorious mystery. The Father is merciful to His children. He chastises those He loves. “Many will see and yet not believe, crediting science for a phenomenon from the Father. Intellectual pride will be the downfall of many. “The lilacs are in bloom. Gather the lilacs from the bush, and bring them to the shrine. For the present, My child, this will remain a secret. “Do not be surprised, for nothing is impossible with the Father. Have you not seen a small evidence of this in your photographic manifestations? “My Son will be present to bless all sacramentals, with the lighting of the candles to herald His Resurrection, and the glorious coming of redemption of man, and the opening of the Kingdom of Heaven to man. “My Son has truly been the spotless Sacrifice, the most perfect Sacrifice for the redemption of man.”

Veronica – Our Lady is standing now by the left side of the flagpole. She’s dressed in a very dark—oh, this black or dark blue—gown. Now She has a veil, and it covers Her face, though it’s transparent, because I can see Our Lady’s face through the veiling. It covers Her face down to Her chest. She’s holding Her hands in front of Her in prayer. Now She’s bending over. She says: Our Lady – “Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement.”


New York buildings will fall into the waters

Message of 1973-4-22
Our Lady – “The coming Chastisement will be lessened in your area if you will follow the direction I have given you from Heaven: a constant vigilance of prayer. “Your city is now planned for destruction. The shelf will be weakened, and the buildings will fall into the waters. Therefore, those who come to Me and My Son in belief will be spared the greatest agonies of what lies ahead in the plan of the Father for the cleansing of your world. “It is not My custom or plan to instruct you and direct you during the hours of atonement. However, the sands of the hourglass are falling fast. You have need to know now, that you will prepare yourselves. Those of well spirit will have no fear. All that is happening and will happen, will happen in the plan of the Father. It is allowed for your cleansing; however, man can set himself in position for a faster, more speedier extinction of his race.


Abyss open in full force – Ball like a huge sun

Message of 1973-5-10
Our Lady – “I caution you, My children, that you keep a constant vigil of prayer going throughout your country and the world now. The Ball of cleansing has been sent on its way to you. The extent of this punishment upon man will be governed by the manner in which he will make atonement now to his God. Your future is now! “There roams now throughout your world the legions of hell.The abyss is open in full force, and satan now gathers his army to do full battle against the House of God. Rather than see the full extermination of man, there will be sent upon you—”

Veronica – Oh, Michael is appearing now. Michael is appearing on the right side of the flagpole. He’s standing now with a banner in his right hand. The banner is in a V-type shape. It’s much different than the banners that he has carried before. It has a V-shape, and it’s more perpendicular than horizontal. And there is writing on the banner. The writing is: “FAITHFUL AND TRUE.” And now he’s pointing—Michael is pointing to the left side of the sky. And written in large letters—but the letters now are fiery, like tongues of flame—are the words: “GOD IS.” The letters, G-O-D, are small, but the “IS” now is very flaming. Now over to the right side of the flagpole—oh, Michael is pointing out to the sky, and I see a very large ball! It’s, it looks like the sun, but it seems to be swinging in an arc. It’s traveling very fast. But it’s very, very large; it’s very large. And the tail, it’s all colors of the rainbow. But there’s great heat. The tail, there is—falling from the tail now is a great deal of what looks like vapor and smoke. Oh, it’s a choking, smoky vapors. Oh! And I notice now the vapors cover the moon and the sun. So this is not a sun, but something—a ball that looks like a huge sun. Now I notice that … oh, Our Lady now … oh, Our Lady is coming over and standing next to Michael. She’s pointing over out into space, and I see a globe of the world. It is the earth. I can see from the outlines it is the earth. And it looks very white and glowing. But Our Lady’s pointing now, and I see this ball. It looks very small now, though, and it’s got a long streak behind it. And it’s coming toward this direction, toward the earth. And above it now is written the word, “WARNING”: W-A-R-N-I-N-G. And now Our Lady is coming down much closer. Oh, She’s at the center of the flagpole. And She’s saying in a very low voice—I can barely hear Her—She’s saying:

Our Lady – “I cannot bring My voice forth, for the sorrow in My heart stills My voice. The Father plans great punishment upon your earth. It is not out of malice, but out of love for you that He will allow this cleansing. The Father will chastise those He loves.”


Nuns to have skirts to the floor – Flying saucers from hell

Message of 1973-5-30
St. Theresa – “My sisters, you must place your skirts down to the floor, for you offend Our Lady, and the Father looks with critical eye upon your actions. You must retire from the world and show by good example. Then many more sisters will enter into the convents if you give them good example. “All mothers of the houses in the convents must watch who enters their homes, for satan has placed many within the convents to destroy them. Those who enter should not be counted by their intelligence, but by their hearts; for the Father has not chosen those of great intelligence and worldly acclaim to do His will. He knows, and He looks into your hearts. “There will be a great War. Many souls will be lost. All that happens will be given in the will of man. No one will fall unless he has chosen this road of his own free will.”

Veronica – Oh! Oh, I see a—oh, it’s a very large pit, I guess, a hole. And sitting down there at the edge of the hole are some horrible-looking things. They look like animals, but they have almost the figures of people. And they’re sitting around now, what looks like a glass. And the glass is reflecting up through the hole, and it’s almost like a looking glass because its … the rays—there are rays being shot out from this glass, and the rays are going up, up this hole. And I’m watching the rays. And they’re shooting out onto the grounds. And as they’re going up, riding these rays are these horrible, ugly things, these—I know they’re demons; I know. Now Our Lady said:

Our Lady – “Watch, My child, what else is exiting from the hole.”

Veronica – Oh, my goodness! There are things that look like bright lights, but they’re like dome-like on the top. And they don’t have any windows; they’re just great lights. And Our Lady now is standing at the edge of this hole, and She’s pointing. And She’s saying:

Our Lady – “Man will not accept the truth. These are transports of hell.”

Veronica – Oh, Our Lady’s referring to these things that are being seen on earth. Our Lady said:

Our Lady – “Make it known, My child, that the false miracles of the end time are now at hand. Satan seeks to confuse you. Make it known, My child, that there is no life beyond your earth as you know it. Man will go out into space. Better that he uses these efforts to find his way back to God. “Intellectual pride, My children, has been the downfall of many. You will not enter the Kingdom unless you strip yourselves of this pride and return to Us as little children. “Sin and abominations have been accepted in your country and in the world as a way of life. Whatever shall We do with the souls who are coming fast over the veil unprepared? Whatever shall the Father do with them? “When the Chastisement is given to man, it will not annihilate the world as in the time of the floods, My children. No, the Father plans a gradual cleansing of earth. With the return of My Son, there will remain only the sheep. “I must caution you: before the return of My Son, many will not stand in the test. They will go the easy road. But there is no easy road to the Kingdom; it is a way of trial and suffering. But, of course, the greatest knowledge is that if you will ask for Our guidance, you will not be lost. Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. There are so many who thirst for your charitable prayers.” [Pause] 

“My child, you will act in great haste. I know the heavy cross that you carry at this time. But you must understand, My child, that all purification will be given in manner that the human mind cannot comprehend. When you learn the value of suffering you will find it a joy, for the graces will be given in abundance.”


A vision of hell

Message of 1973-6-8
Veronica – Now I smell—oh, a terrible odor of, like sulphur and rot. Oh! [Veronica has difficulty breathing.] Oh! “Our Lady, I don’t want to look!” Oh, Our Lady wants me to look. There’s a deep hole. Oh, it’s, it looks like a—oh, a cavern. Oh, and it’s, it’s very—it actually smells like rotten flesh. And now Our Lady is taking me down, down, down. Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see people, and they’re all, as we’re passing, they’re reaching their hands out. Oh, oh, Our Lady … I must look. Oh!

Our Lady – “My children, you see the poor souls that cannot be rescued. Many have come here because they failed to listen to the words of the Father. They have fallen victim to the pleasures of the flesh. More souls enter daily into this terrible place of suffering because of the sins of the flesh.”

Veronica – Oh! Oh! Now we’re going down further! Oh! These bodies are floating—they’re people. I see they’re people, but they’re, they’re lit up like coals—they’re an orange color. Oh! Oh! But right behind them are these horrible things. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! They’re all different, but they’re horrible. Oh! Now Our Lady is taking my hand and we’re going up. We’re floating up, up. It’s getting much lighter now. I can see … I can see the sky. Oh. Oh, Our Lady now is walking over—She’s not walking, She’s floating over, and it’s growing very dark. It’s very, very, very dark. And now Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady – “My child, this color is of sorrow. The only light in the darkness is the Sacred Heart of My Son.”


Starve your bodies of the demons – A large ball of fire

Message of 1973-6-16
Our Lady – “You must restore within the House of God a strict discipline of life and procedure. Return to sacrifice and self-denial. You must starve your bodies of the demons which you have allowed to enter upon you. You cannot partake of the full pleasures of earth, all created for soul-destruction, and enter also into the Kingdom. There is no middle road. The left follows into the darkness, and the straight road is in the light. “O My children, how weary I grow as I wander throughout your world shedding many tears, tears of great sorrow for what will befall your ungrateful generation! The Father plans a great Chastisement for earth’s children.

Jesus – “See, My child, the heavy sword that man has placed within My heart. This sword has been placed there by the men of God who have chosen to set up their own rule within My House. This sword shall be taken out by Michael and be brought upon the world to cleanse you and to force your return to the ways of your God!”

Veronica – Now Michael is coming over to the right side of the flagpole. Oh, he has taken the sword now. Oh, he’s drawn it out! Now the sword is all bathed in blood. It’s a very large sword. Now it’s growing very dark, very dark; the sky is growing very dark. Oh, now Michael is extending the sword. It reaches across the whole sky, but there’s blood dripping from the sword. Oh, it’s dripping down, and he—oh … oh … oh … oh. Now it’s growing very dark. I see a great light, a flash! It’s so hot, this flash! Oh, there’s a large ball of fire. Oh, it’s very hot, and it’s whirling through the sky, and it’s shooting off sparks behind it. The sparks—they’re large pieces of rock, and they’re falling, falling down. Now the waters, the waters are rising very high. I can see the waters. Oh! Oh! Oh, the waters have come in. They’re so high! And I see some cities. I see a large city, and the waters are now—oh, they’re pounding against the ground. And now I see the buildings—they’re falling! Now the ground is cracking, and the buildings are falling into the holes. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Our Lady – “My child, in the final cleansing many will be removed from the earth. Many good will suffer with the bad, but the good will be triumphant beyond the veil. Learn, My children, the value of suffering for the sanctification of your souls and the souls of those you love.”Do not waste your time now, the time left in earth-time, in idle talk and idle pursuits governed by pleasures of the flesh. Awaken and shout from the rooftops, for the time grows short! My children, you must all go forward as disciples of My Son. Each holds a great responsibility to his brother.


Major offenses against God – The four horses

Message of 1973-6-16

St. Michael – “I shall list the major offenses against the God of Heaven and earth:

1. Blasphemy!

2. Infamy!

3. Immodesty!

4. Worship of false idols!

5. Disrespect of authority!

6. Infidelity in the family!

7….Chastitysacredness in the marriage state abandoned for the pleasures of the flesh.

Damnation follows this course! 

8. Abominations in the House of God: 

1. Disrespect of dress. 

2. Rewriting of the words of the prophets. 

3. Arrogance among the men of God. 

4. Intellectual pride among the men of God. 

5. Loss of true vocation. 6….”

Veronica – Now—oh, it’s getting very light, and there are … I see horses. There are men galloping across the sky. Oh, they’re horrible! Oh, the first horse is red, and on it is sitting—it’s a man. He’s dressed all in a red robe, but it has slits in the eyes. And he’s got a sword in his hand, and it’s dripping blood. Oh, and written above it is: “WAR AND DESTRUCTION.” Then there’s a man now—the horse is black; it’s very dark looking. The black horse has a mask over its eyes. And sitting on the horse is a horrible—it’s, I guess, a man. He has on a black robe also, with slits in its eyes—round, sort of, but rounded out; and he’s got a band about his head, a black band, almost a band of mourning. Now he is holding up now—oh, from behind him, in the back near the horse, he’s holding up what looks like a balance also. Now he’s stopped the horse, and he’s taking what looks like a coin, and he’s dropping it into the balance, and he’s saying: “How much will you give for the bread?” Now he’s now returning the balance to the side of his horse, and the horse now is galloping off beyond the trees. Oh! Now there comes a figure through the sky. It’s a horrible-looking figure. Oh, he’s also on a horse. The horse is green, but with two large black eyes set in his green face. And he says: “Pestilence! Pestilence will be set upon earth!” Oh! Oh! Oh, they’re terrible! Oh, it’s the bodies! I see bodies, and there’s bugs crawling all over them! Oh! [Veronica moans at the disgusting sight.] Oh, the bodies! Dig holes—bury them! Oh! Oh! And I see people. They’re trying to dig holes, but there are so many bodies, so many that they can’t get them into the holes. Oh! Oh!


Babylon the Great – Five major adversaries

Message of 1973-7-15
Our Lady – “This is—Babylon the great will fall. Babylon, the master of deceit, will fall. Many good must suffer as martyrs with the bad. Babylon the great will fall! She has raised herself high above her God, and she invokes the vengeance of a just punishment. Ships will look upon her as she burns. Woefully they will shield their eyes from the sight. Babylon the great, the harlot upon nations, the harlot among nations, will fall. Babylon the great, who has led many astray, will fall. “There are many who walk upon earth, many who are false prophets. You will recognize them by their fruits. Many propound false doctrine—fallacy created by the father of all liars, Lucifer, the prince of darkness. Lucifer and his agents have spread their errors throughout the world. “Michael must be returned to the House of God, for a House that is in darkness will fall. The foundation is firm, but man and his creation will fall! “Man has called himself great; man has sought to go beyond his Creator. In this manner is he bringing about, bringing upon him his own destruction. “Parents share a major responsibility for the fall of their children’s souls. We look into homes, homes that have become hovels of abominations. Judge not by the richness and materialism of these homes, but the destruction of the souls of the children within these homes.Parents, what example have you given to your children, with your permissiveness and your following the modes of the world? “My child, Veronica, the Mission for Heaven carries a heavy cross. When We chose you for this mission, We did this knowing that We had your love and confidence. You will not be free from trial and suffering. We did not promise you gain in this world, for the graces stored in Heaven will be used for the recovery of souls close to you and others who accept the word of God. “Satan roams throughout your world. He uses every means gained through knowledge of the Father. You will not be approached by him in his true likeness, for he will use the means of persons, places, and things to lead you astray. A soul that falls into the web of satan must not lose hope, for he can be recovered. Believe and you will be given the way.

“There is now upon your earth the legions of hell; five major adversaries of the abyss roam your world. There will be accidents that are not accidents, sudden deaths that are not in the plan of the Father.“Children grow more disobedient and arrogant to parents. Man has lost the true meaning of love and charity of neighbor. “I counsel you all to take your Book of life, Bible, and become knowledgeable of these latter days. The plan for the days ahead is covered quite thoroughly in this Book of life. “Man would find his way to the Kingdom if he would cast aside the soul destroyers that he now has in his home, which destroy not only his soul but the souls of innocent children. For the love of money, these soul destroyers flood your earth. “The time will come, without your prayers and actions, when you will no longer recognize sin as sin. You will become accustomed to sin as a way of life. The numbers to be saved in the final count will be in the few.


United you will stand against satan

Message of 1973-7-25
Our Lady – “My child, one more word of direction to the world: We find great discord among the workers of earth. United you will form a strong front, but you are all divided. You must unify as Mary workers, and set a strong front against the forces of evil. If you do not unify, you will be infiltrated by the agents of hell. “United you will stand against satan. If you divide, he will conquer many. This is a simple lesson that must be learned by Our workers in the mission of saving souls.


Man the breadwinner

Message of 1973-7-25
St. Joachim – “Humanism in your world has been created by satan. You will bring back the adages of old of ‘Spare the rod, and you will spoil the child.’ Discipline must be returned to the homes. “Where is the place of the man and father? Where has he gone from the homes? Why has woman sought to take his place? Satan has created this delusion. The place of woman is in the home and the rearment of the child. The man will be the breadwinner and safeguard his home. “Women, mothers of the world, why do you expose your bodies? Why do you create lust in the eyes of others, and in their hearts? What example are you as mothers? Animals! Many homes now are infested with human animals! “Return to the graces of your Sacraments and holy Church, or condemn yourselves to eternity with Lucifer! Consecrate your home with the Holy Spirit. Use the waters of life to chase the demons from within your home. “The presence of my Son must always be in your hearts. You, as parents, will take your children to the tabernacles of the world. You will fortify their souls with my Son. “Yes, my child, you wonder why I say ‘my Son,’ for He is God. But in earthly life I was His father. “I do not often speak out, but the world has sent itself into spiritual darkness. All Heaven now mobilizes for the final battle. It is through the providence of the Father that we of Heaven are permitted to speak with you. It is through the merciful heart of the Father that you are being warned. The destruction will come fast upon you, and we pity those souls unprepared. “Your homes will be homes of prayer and good example. You may have to be an object of scorn and derision among your neighbors; but O my children, if they knew what awaits them, they would come and join you on their knees.”


 Veronica Lueken: The seer of Bayside NY

Bayside PropheciesVeronica Lueken, the seer of Bayside, was the recipient of heavenly messages from Jesus, Our Lady and many saints for over 25 years. She was a victim soul for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church in these end times; but it was through the suffering that she bore for the love of Jesus and Our Lady that eventually merited her the title: “Veronica of the Cross” (Our Lady, June 18, 1980).

Veronica was a loyal daughter of the Church. She lived in the Church and died in the Church. She passed on to her eternal reward in Heaven on Thursday, August 3, 1995. She was 72. Veronica had a Roman Catholic Funeral mass and was buried in Mount St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery in Flushing, N.Y. The legacy she left behind will forever be written in the annals of the Church. Up until June of 1968, Veronica lived the life of an ordinary New York City housewife with her five children. On June 6, 1968, the day that Robert F. Kennedy was shot down in California (U.S.A.) by an assassin, Veronica experienced a heavy perfume of roses when she responded to a radio appeal for prayers for the Senator. Some time after this manifestation St. Theresa the Little Flower (who has always been identified with roses, since her most famous promise, often quoted, was: “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses from heaven”) appeared to her in her home. This vision was also shared by Veronica’s son, Raymond. St. Theresa dictated poem messages to Veronica.

The Bayside Mission was launched. Many mystical experiences began to occur, as St. Theresa gradually introduced Veronica into the way of spiritual childhood. This served to prepare Veronica for her eventual role of suffering as a victim soul and also as a latter day seer. It was to set the stage for the eventual appearance of the Virgin Mary. Our Lady appeared to Veronica in her home on April 7, 1970 and stated that She wanted Rosary Vigils held outdoors, on the eves of all the major feast days of the Roman Catholic Church, on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in the district of Bayside Hills, a division of Queens and one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Our Lady announced that She wanted a Shrine established there and that She was to be invoked under the title of “Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.” She promised if these Vigils would be faithfully kept, despite all weather conditions and other disturbances, She would appear to Veronica at each of the Vigils and give heavenly messages of worldwide importance. She asked that the Rosary be said continuously, aloud by all the pilgrims, during the Vigil. And so, since June 18, 1970, thousands of people from all over the world have come to attend these Vigils, which are held in the open air despite all weather conditions.

During this time several hundred messages were transmitted through Veronica who acted as a “voice box” repeating the words from Heaven. All was recorded live on audio tape. As a victim soul, Veronica suffered enormously. Her body was an ongoing furnace of pain whereby she was continually tried and purified so that she could continue her mission for Heaven in the purest state of grace.

She suffered from a litany of ailments, including: heart, kidney, bladder, spinal, arthritic problems, chronic fatigue, tinnitus . . . on and on we could go. In one stretch alone from 1979 to 1982, she was hospitalized 13 times for extensive stays. A book could be written just on Veronica’s ailments. (see Gethsemani to Calvary–sufferings of Veronica of the Cross) But it is sufficient to say that Veronica’s life was the story of suffering–not only physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual. She truly was the image of the Holy Face, even reliving the Passion of Christ every Lent and bearing his wounds (the stigmata). But she bore it all for Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Our Lady told Veronica on March 18, 1973, “You were chosen for your strength in suffering.” Veronica loved her fellow brothers and sisters. And she did what she could to lead them to Jesus and Our Lady. She underwent her final agony in 1995 and passed to her Heavenly reward. And now we can turn to Veronica of the Cross and ask her to pray for us. Veronica has not taken up her rest. She has joined St Michael’s World Apostolate from Heaven in propagating the Mission from Heaven.

Fr. Michel Rodrigue explaines The Events of the End Times

  • Fr. Michel RodrigueFr. Michele Rodrigue explains with great details and prepares us for the coming: Plagues, Economic Collapse, Famine, Insurrections, Martial Law, Church Schism, Enlightenment of Conscience, World War III, Refuges, Antichrist.

Messages of Holy Love

Prayer given by God the Father to recite each morning at the beginning of your day

January 31, 2022 – God the Father says: “Children, I come to you today, to dictate to you this prayer which I desire you recite each morning at the beginning of your day.”

“Heavenly Father, today, I surrender to You my heart. Help me to be Your instrument in the world. Cover me with the Precious Blood of Your Divine Son. Guard me against all evil. Protect me from any evil plan Satan may have for me today. Clothe me in Your Divine Will. Amen.”

“This prayer is peace-giving if you mean what you say in your heart.”

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Read the daily messages

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