Where Are You Going?

Every rebellion to the divine will is disorder, every disorder is sin. And in sin the world walks without asking Me: "Where are you going? What can we do for you?"


Where Are You Going?

Jesus says: (Gesù Our Teacher, Vol. 1) – “My children, peace, grace and joy be in your hearts now and always. I am with you, I am your Jesus of Mercy and of infinite love.

I want to ask you a question now and I await from you another identical one to mine. When the first of the Apostles, that Peter, on whom the Church was to arise, was in Rome, knowing that his enemies and mine were going to put him to death, thought of leaving the city secretly and of finding refuge elsewhere. I appeared to him on the Appian Way and he asked Me where I was going:

“Quo vadis, Domine?”

I answered him:

“I’m going to get myself crucified once again since you refuse to subject yourself to death for my sake.” Peter understood the lesson and turned back on his footsteps.

My children, I would like for each one of you, my ministers, young people, mothers. Christians of whatever categories, to ask Me again this question:

“Jesus, where are you going?”

And I would answer you:

“I’m going again into the world to start my passion over again.

Again I am stripped, scourged, I have my head crowned with thorns.

Again a red cloth is placed on my shoulders to pass Me off as a mock king.

Again I climb up to Calvary loaded with the Cross and I am crucified after making Me drink gall and vinegar.

Again my Mother is stared at and it’s said: She is a woman like the others. She is the mother of the evildoer.”

You ask yourselves when are these things ever seen? When does anybody ever overload the Son of God with so many crosses, how many are the rebels, the ingrates and the impatient?
Every day, my children, on the roads of the world, as I go distributing benefits and graces to everyone, the only recompense is scorn, blasphemy and insult.

There are those who make a parody, a sham of religion. They speak of believing in Jesus Christ as like to a great philosopher and to a great orator, who knew how to draw crowds. Is not your Jesus the true Son of God made Man, all goodness, all mercy?

There are those who think of enjoying life and forget what I said not only to the handful of men who were listening to Me then, but to all men and in particular to my followers:

“Whoever wants to come after Me let him take up his cross and follow Me.”

Every rebellion to the divine will is disorder, every disorder is sin. And in sin the world walks without asking Me, who am in the world, who have given life and blood to the last drop: “Where are you going? What can we do for you?

But, children, I now ask each one of you:

“Where are you going, my son, my daughter?”

You are at work, in a house, in a parish, in a school: wherever you are, there you must be ready to do your duty till your immolation! Why don’t you want to carry your cross? Why do you refuse to serve Me with joy? Why do you rebel against that mission I have entrusted you? Do difficulties annoy you, do they make you suffer or are they unbearable?

My children, life is sown with difficulties and it’s they that enhance the value of your mission. If everything proceeded with a particular tranquility, if everyone were favourable, if you found in this life your earthly paradise, how could you aspire to Heaven?

“Where are you going, son or daughter?”,

again I ask you and I point out to you the road that you must take, the arduous way that you must follow. It is a trial. It is brief.

Don’t you see, mothers, that it seems to you like yesterday that you began to exercise your mission and already the children have grown up, so grown up that they want to teach you? They say to you that you are old-fashioned and they ask for a free hand.

And you, young people who already dream of starting a family, isn’t it true that infancy and adolescence has slipped you by before your eyes. Time is the great irreversible, which flows without a break, engraving its days on the face and the life of each one.

If you see a river flowing, you ask yourselves: “Where does it rise, where does it flow, where does it flow into?”. Your lives comes from God, it flows like a little river on the arid terrain of the world and it flows into the immense sea that is God. If your lives flow even between precipices and stones towards the sea to which you aim at with anxiety, the infinite sea of love, God will welcome you on his lap and it will be eternal beatitude.

Ask yourselves every day then:

“Where am I going? Does my life flow in God? Is it worthy of God? Do I deserve the benevolent glance of God?

Or will Jesus again have to always die on the cross and do his Calvary for you again and perhaps uselessly?

My children, I am here to educate you, not to rebuke you. I wait only, by your adhesion to my will, that that kingdom of God to which you must aspire, be realised in you and also through you,

I bless you all, children, one by one.”

 Carmela Negri Carabelli: Jesus Our Teacher

The thoughts, the reflections and the meditations in this booklet, were inspired by Our Lord Jesus to Carmela Negri Carabelli. They are, however, addressed to all those souls, who, desirous to love the Lord, seek to put into practice his teachings and to live the Christian life more perfectly. May Jesus bless these pages and those who read them with the desire to improve themselves, granting the help of his grace.

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