United States of America!!! Your survival is at hand

Recognize that the sinister manipulation and control comes through the minions of satan, through their deceits and stealth behavior through their occult organizations.


October 3, 2016 @ 8:45am

A Message to the People of the United States of America

Lo and Behold!

I am Michael, the Archangel, the Servant of your Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who became man to save mankind from a life of sin and eternal damnation which is the goal of your Saviour’s enemy, the evil one, satan, also known as Lucifer, Moloch and many other names in disguise to hide the fact that evil in this Universe is the result of the source of one true evil, satan, although he masquerades as many others of evil intent, for it is his plan to destroy all of you.

But you will be redeemed through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, if you align yourselves with all that is good in the world and recognize the Son of God, Jesus Christ, as He who provides you with eternal salvation.

So it is incumbent upon all citizens of the world, and specifically in this message, to the people of the United States of America, to recognize how the demon is working in your world.

You must be aware that your country has been silently invaded since its inception by those who are planning to defeat and enslave you and to rob you of the bill of rights and constitution that was provided to you through the inspiration of not only the Son of God, but of the Father in Heaven.

As a nation, you have been chosen to be a shining example to the rest of the world, and in your formation as a country, you were given the ideals of good government that the Father in Heaven provided so that mankind could become free from the bondages of other governments that promulgated power and control over the people by the minions of satan, who have since acted in concert to manipulate and control all of you, the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven.

From the beginning of the formation of your country as the United States of America, the evil one has set about destroying what the Father in Heaven has created, because the evil one knew that the principles of the United States of America were inspired by the Father in Heaven to free man from the yoke of the ancient and occult societies that formed an elite corps inspired by the evil one to then manipulate and control God’s children.

This draconian attempt to control society, then as now, was never part of God’s plan for mankind, but the manipulation of the evil one and his minions to destroy mankind.

Now in your country you have reached a crisis where the very survival of your country is at hand. Unfortunately, since the inception of your country, you have evolved into two competing interests through political parties that attempt to deceive you into believing that these parties are adversarial in order to divide and conquer you.

However, the evil one and his minions have corrupted both political entities to exercise their complete control and domination over all of you.

Recognize that the sinister manipulation and control comes through the minions of satan, who established such control over people and countries centuries ago through their deceits and stealth behavior through their occult organizations.

It is time now for these evil minions and entities to be exposed for their treason to the principles established in your constitution and your bill of rights.

In order to defeat your countries’ enemies, you must learn to identify those among you who are hell-bent in deceiving you and forcing your country to capitulate to a new world order of global governance with one government, one world economy, and one world religion, which will be the religion of Lucifer, as promulgated through the deception of the minions of the evil one, who recognize “the angel of light” as Lucifer, which is one of the faces of satan, as the ruler of your world.

They will be defeated in their plan, because the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through the intervention of the Father in Heaven, will intervene in the affairs of mankind, both in your country as well as throughout the world, to identify the evil one and his minions and to put down their attempts to control all of humanity in a draconian new world order.

So the Father in Heaven now asks all of you, who are His sons and daughters, and all of you who recognize His Son, Jesus Christ as your Saviour, to don your armour in this fight for good versus evil.

You are now in the time of the end of times when all souls incarnated and living here on earth must answer the call of your Father in Heaven to bear your arms as powerful prayerful warriors to defeat Satan and his minions, and to assist your Lord and Saviour in casting them into the bowels of hell for all eternity.

Victory shall be yours, if you answer the Father’s call as a powerful prayerful warrior of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world!

Thanks be to God!

Source: End Times Daily

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