The Seer of Bayside: Recognize the Forces of Darkness (Part 2)

There is an octopus, a web of evil now fanning out throughout your world. Political powers, money powers - these have all gathered to bring about the destruction of Christianity

You are now on the road to destruction, spiritually and physically

August 14, 1979 – Our Lady: “My child and My children, listen well and give this counsel from Heaven to all mankind: That you are now on the road to destruction, spiritually and physically. I cannot look upon your nations and find one that is not in danger of being destroyed.

You understand well, My children, that the major concern of the Eternal Father is for the salvation of the souls of all mankind. We look upon you now, and it grieves Our hearts in Heaven to find now brother against brother, sister against sister; murders abounding upon earth; atheism, communism, socialism, and all of the ‘isms’ that directly lead to the control of Lucifer and satanism. And what can you do now about the advance of this evil, My children? There is only one recourse now to save mankind. Your nation, My child and My children, and all of the nations upon earth have now been reduced to a state of moral decay. It is a major sign for the fall of a nation.

My children, the Eternal Father allows you to pursue your course. There are many now, seers and voice-boxes upon earth, encouraged by graces from Heaven to go forth in the name of the Lord, the God Almighty, the Creator of all your universe and mankind. They are sent now among you to save mankind from hurtling fast into a world cataclysm of destruction. O My children, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven!

My child and My children, We had great faith that the United States – We were encouraged by the great Christian fortitude of the United States and many nations upon earth in their pursuits to bring the knowledge of true Faith as given by the Eternal Father, through My Son in the Holy Spirit, to earth. But now Lucifer – satan and his agents are gaining more ground in the battle for souls. I see only now a remnant left to be saved. Will you not in all charity reach out and try to save your brother with the little time that is left?

Penance, atonement, and sacrifice, My children, I beg of you! The family is disintegrating; there is no discipline. I hear the word ‘love’ expounded throughout your earth in all medias. But love has been lost!

We watch as many are selling their souls to get to the head, not caring about the day, the night, the hour when they must come across the veil and account for their actions upon earth: their sins of commission, their sins of omission.

Parents, you have a major responsibility now to save your children. The young are the major victims now in a world that has been taken over by satan and his agents.

My child and My children, do not be hindered in your mission by the scoffers. The knowledge of the supernatural has been cast aside and replaced with all manner of scientific theories and speculations. But it will lead them to nowhere but destruction. Man is ever seeking but never coming to the truth; for the truth lies in the knowledge of his God and following the plan given in the beginning for his salvation!

Man now is setting up upon earth a one-world government and a one-world religion. But it means enslavement of the masses and the destruction of faith. I have told you over and over, counseled you in the past, to not be influenced by your medias, newspapers, and that infernal box, the television.

Parents must guard their children, for their purity, their spirituality, is being taken from them at a tender young age. Childhood – in the manner now of the evil despots and the leaders of the governments of many nations, children no longer are children but are to be led like robots and slaves.

Parents, I have asked you to pray, to keep the monuments, the statues in your homes, to retain the sacramentals upon your children. And now I must go on further and tell you this: That there is loosed now upon the world an absolute kingdom of darkness – the kingdom of the prince of darkness, the devil, Lucifer.

As I go about your earth, it behooves Me to say that many now have set up altars to false idols, worshiping graven images, conducting themselves as in the days of Sodom with bestiality and homosexuality and sodomy. My children, you will be destroyed! You do not learn from your past. The Eternal Father will not tolerate sin!

It will be necessary to remove many young from among you. Parents shall cry tears of bitter anguish, but you have been warned to protect your children!

I have asked you to make it known to all mankind that a major force of evil, worshiping Lucifer, the prince of darkness, is loosed upon your earth. Great funds are supplied, monies to propagate this evil to bring about a revolution by fear. Murders abound in your land! Dishonesty in politicians, dishonesty in medias! Lucifer is the father of all liars.

My child and My children, you must warn your children, the young, who seek solace in a void in their spiritual life that they must not join occult groupings. There is no such group as a good witch or a bad witch. My children, they all are under the rule of satan!

There are two major forces in your world today, only two: good and evil. In the battle between the spirits now upon earth, you will either go to the right or the left – good or evil. If you take a middle road, you will go nowhere, but to the left and fall away from the road that leads to the Kingdom of eternal glory with your Father in Heaven.

Practices and abominations abound now in every country of your earth, My children: secretly and openly, practices and rituals, sacrifice of the living. And scoff as you will, My children – is your child to be next upon the altar to satan? Is your child to be drained of blood?

My child, I know you are affrighted by My discourse with you. Do not be affrighted, My child. There is no reason to fear, for you are under the protection and the guardianship of Michael.

Yes, My children, understand well: Do not seek diversion or entertainment in the occult, seeking fortunetellers and sorcerers. You read all manner of literature to destroy your souls! Can you not open a few pages of your Bible and read that? No-o-o! Because you are not in the light. You are not seeking the truth because you have given yourselves to the world, seeking power over your brothers – false power!

When Luciel, Lucifer, was cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven he retained many powers, My children. I will not go into a long discourse at this time about his powers. However, you must understand that he can promote false miracles. And now, since he has captured the souls of many who sought with pride and arrogance gain, fortune, monies, power, Lucifer has allowed a major plague – the drug infiltration upon your nation and the world. And now there are those who, through the plan of Lucifer, know and now control with mind-manipulation.

My child, you will understand in due time, in full measure what is going on. I ask that you continue to send the messages from Heaven, never ceasing in your fortitude, perseverance. All of the necessary help will be given in this battle.

Console your hearts, My children, in the time of trial and stress, knowing that the eventual victory is with Heaven and those who have joined Us in this crusade against sin.

My child and My children, you must pray constantly, for there are many false prophets and angels of light now upon earth. They will deceive even the elect. You cannot now depend fully on your clergy.

Parents must exercise full discipline over their children and bring a firm foundation of faith to their children. You cannot now expect this in your schools or even in My Son’s houses, His Church upon earth. The agents of hell have a firm foot now in the door. My children, are you going to fight for My Son? Are you going to allow your country to fall?

Pray for your government rulers. Pray, My children, that the Eternal Father will be more merciful and allow you time before a great catastrophe falls upon your nation, the United States.

Remember, My children, always, that wars are a punishment for man’s sins!

Prayer, penance, and atonement, I beg of you from My Mother’s heart. I come to you as your Mother, a Mediatrix from God to man. I come to you to console you, all parents who weep, all parents under trial. Come to Me, and above all, before Me, I say: Come to My Son Who you neglect. You no longer visit Him at the tabernacles of the world. You do not strengthen your bodies or your souls, for you do not nourish your soul with His Body.

The cross, the symbol of life for all, is being trampled on; and even by many of His clergy, it is being trampled on. But only for a short time longer. The Eternal Father will not allow My Son to be recrucified by His own.

You will all pray for your clergy, your cardinals, your bishops, Pope John Paul II. The forces of 666 are now in command even in the Eternal City of Rome. However, the Eternal Father knows the outcome.

The pages are turning fast as written down by John. The Revelations are fast coming through the pages to the end of time as you know it. I do not say the end of the world, I say the end of time as you know it.

O My children, it is of your free will that you put yourselves onto the road to perdition. Many clergy now are also on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them. My Son will ask for full accounting, measure for measure of His clergy.”

The time for being optimistic has passed by. Your country, the United States of America, shall be chastised.


November 20, 1979 – Our Lady: “My child and My children – My child, Veronica, I have asked you to come to these grounds this evening, with your pain alleviated for this mission.

I have not accepted fully the knowledge that mankind has so little time left to do penance, make amends to the Eternal Father for the offenses committed against Him, My Son, and the Spirit of light.

I have warned you, My children, in numerous counsels, through many seers throughout your world, that unless you listened to My counsel and acted upon it, you would suffer a great Chastisement. How long can I hold back this terrible time of trial from mankind?

Already the forces of evil have gathered; and your country, the United States, which has now proceeded into spiritual darkness, shall suffer a great crisis. The time for being optimistic has passed by. Your country, the United States of America, shall be chastised. My heart is bereaved by the knowledge of the loss of great life that will come about in this minor chastisement. Wars are a punishment for man’s sins.

Because the United States and many nations upon earth have given themselves over to all manner of pleasures of the flesh, materialistic viewpoints and procedures and pursuits, casting aside the love and knowledge of his Creator, his God; seeking to set up upon earth a rule of government that has no place for his Creator, his God; and ruling upon earth with the forces of darkness and Lucifer who has opened the abyss to hell. And all the forces from hell have proceeded now to engulf your world.

All manner of sin is being rationalized and condoned. And who has sought to stem the tide of evil? Only those of humble heart and charity of heart have reached out with prayers, with works, and with true devotion to the Sacred Heart of My Son, to stem the tide of evil; in true charity to try and keep trying as a labor of love for all Heaven, to rescue your brothers and sisters in the little time that is left to you.

This chastisement that will soon come upon your country can engulf all of the nations upon the earth, and in this involvement many nations shall disappear from the face of the earth.”


The Luciferians are loose now in great numbers upon your earth

June 18, 1978 – Our Lady: “There is an octopus, a web of evil now fanning out throughout your world. Political powers, money powers – these have all gathered to bring about the destruction of Christianity. My children, the Luciferians are loose now in great numbers upon your earth. They will work through persons, places, and things. Remember this, My children: persons, places, and things.

I counseled you in the past, and I wish you all to remember that many will sell their souls to get to the head! It has not been said without direction that money is often the root of all evil. Many in Rome are selling their souls to get to the head. They lust for power, and this power is not for the betterment of mankind, but the individual. Arrogance! Arrogance and lust for money, My children.

You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world and your country. The United States of America, My children, without repentance, without restoration of godliness in the government and in the homes, the United States shall feel the first great devastation of its existence.

One whom God the Eternal Father has chosen to bless with abundance, that one, that nation has a great deal of responsibility to honor its God and promote godliness throughout the world. As of this time, My children, and I say this with hope that it can be only given as ‘this time,’ your country, the United States, has given itself over to satan and must be cleansed by trial.

All who have received the message with heart shall go through these trials with perseverance knowing that the eventual victory is with Heaven. No evil is ever triumphant. It becomes a testing ground for all.”


June 18, 1978 – Jesus: My Mother explained to you the plan for the takeover of the Seat of Peter by a select group. In 1975 a message of truth was given to mankind of the great length the evil ones will go to capture the Seat of Peter.

There is working throughout your world a group We have called the octopus, a web of evil consisting of principalities, powers, all seeking to destroy Christianity and to bring your country and all of the nations of the world under the rule of one-world religionists. It will be a political machine to enslave the world.

Because of the love of the material and money, even the Red Hats in My House are selling their souls. I say unto you, Judases in My House: you shall be smitten with a plague. Your evil is not known to the world, but you will come out and expose yourselves soon, for all that is rotten in My House shall be revealed and be destroyed!

You have cast aside your role, your vocation as representatives of your God in His House upon earth. You have opened the doors of My House to all unbelievers, heretics, and worshipers of Lucifer! You will not compromise My House. You will not take apart the walls! I am the foundation! But you will not also wait to pick the bones of the Holy Father, Pope Paul in Rome! The Eternal Father has a plan to right the wrong in My House.

I gave you a simple way, the rule to follow. You were set with doctrines and tradition, and in your arrogance you rise above the founding Fathers of My Church and seek to build another religion and a new church, and you are putting it together without any help from the angels of light, for you have employed denizens of darkness.”

Source: Our Lady of the Roses

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