The Seer of Bayside: Recognize the Forces of Darkness (Part 1)

“It is all, My children, part of the diabolical plan to reduce man to a state of servitude to evil.  There are Masters in the world, who now seek to govern the lives of every man, woman, and child. They are gathering together to bring mankind under servitude."

Recognize the meaning of Illuminati

December 7, 1977 – Our Lady: There is now a conspiracy of evil in your country, the United States. Recognize the meaning of Illuminati. It has been now interwoven with the churches of satan and the massive international organization of Wicca.  They are now fighting My Son’s Church. It is satan who guides them, for these people who have entered into the organization of Wicca and Illuminati, they are dead bodies and dead souls!

You ask, My children, how this can be?  Much that will take place now in the near future you will see and be astounded at.  Remember, My children, that Lucifer has great power.  However, his time is growing short, and realizing this he has accelerated his evil.

Many in My Son’s Church have fallen away. Pray for your brothers and sisters, My children. Pray for your bishops, your priests, who are under great attack by reason of false obedience.

Many of the things that are taking place in your world today, My children, were planned carefully by Lucifer for his own advantage in this final battle. He, too, will use persons, places, and things to his advantage.

Recognize the forces of darkness, of evil that are about you.  You must all retain your sacramentals. Wear them, My children; they were given for good reason. You understand, My children, that it is a common truth that when you start opening the door the enemy will rush in.

In the name of humanism and modernism the Mystical Body of My Son, Jesus, is now in great crisis. Only you as a generation shall determine the outcome of this battle.  Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes – private prayer, public prayer.  The demons must run at the sound of prayer.

Much, My children, you must accept in faith. Scientists of your world and your psychologists and psychiatrists rationalize everything, until sin is accepted as a way of life – scientists who are ever searching but never coming to the truth! The supernatural cannot be rejected, because if you reject the supernatural, you do not have the armor to fight it. It is a crafty plan of satan to make himself unknown, so that he may go among you, and destroying like a ravenous wolf.

My children, through countless visitations to your earth, I have prepared you for My Son. I have been a Mediatrix between God and man at the direction of the Eternal Father in the Trinity. I open My mantle above you, My children; and know now that I will protect you in the light. All who believe shall be given the way. But, My children, I repeat the words of My Son: This, My child, is what will be: in darkness will they seek the way? This, My child, is what will be: in darkness, will they seek the way?

Spiritual darkness covers your world now. The test is here, My children. It is the time of trial for mankind, the separation of the sheep from the goats.

Do not be affrighted, My child and My children, at this knowledge. No man or woman or child has ever fallen into hell unless of his own free will. The way to Heaven is a straight and narrow road, My children. Once you leave, it is most difficult to return. Remember, My children, many of you who leave the road will expect to come back in time, but I know that many shall not be given the second chance.”

June 18, 1987 – Jesus: “Now, My child, you will take more photographs. These I would be most careful about deciphering to others. I leave that at your discretion when you view them. You will sit back now, My child. And I caution you again: Do not be affrighted by what My Mother told you this evening about the Illuminati and its rise of satanism. You will not be accosted by the ungraced again, My child, to go through what you did several years ago. Now you will sit back, My children, and you will take the time to read very carefully, the photographs.”

December 28, 1976 – Our Lady: “It is all, My children, part of the diabolical plan to reduce man to a state of servitude to evil.  There are Masters in the world, Grand Masters in the world, who now seek to govern the lives of every man, woman, and child. They are gathering together to bring mankind under servitude.

My children, you are aware of one arm of the octopus that you know as communism. I assure you, My children, that is but one small arm of the octopus that is reaching out in all directions upon earth to engulf man and enslave him. These arms reach out to promote a one-world government and a one-world religion, a religion that shall not have My Son [Jesus] as its head.”


What you read in your newspapers are not fully the truth

June 18, 1987 – Our Lady: “You understand, My children, that what you read in your newspapers are not fully the truth. They are, also, guarded well by a group named the Illuminati. They are active, My children, in the United States and all the nations of the world, especially in France.

Now, My child, I have one more thing to tell you. There has been much publicity afoot in your country and the world about the existence of satanic cults. I must tell you they do exist. They worship satan, and they are the opposite of all Christianity. They will do the opposite of what is asked in the Bible. Therefore, they kill with no remorse. They steal your children and brutalize them.

How can they do this, My child, you ask Me? How can they be so hard, so cruel, so merciless? Well, My child, the enemies of your country and the world have done their work good. They are using an infiltration with drugs. Your children are being educated for the use of these drugs.

My dear parents, please! Listen to your Mother. Listen to what I have to say to you, for I tell you the truth. The Eternal Father sees all, and makes us knowledgeable as to what is happening upon earth that will bring its eventual destruction. Your children are being educated in the schools to take all Christianity from their lives, and believe not in the supernatural things of God, but the diabolical processes of satan, in cults. My child and My children, at this time in the United States of America and Canada, there can be counted at least nine thousand satanic cults.

My child, I see you are shivering. You are frightened. Yes, you have reason to be, My child. But do not be affrighted, My child; they will not harm you. They will not harm you, My child. Remember that. You must remain calm in the face of adversity.

I ask you to be retired from the world, for they will come as angels of light and try to approach you, also. Bar your doors to all but your immediate family and your closest Shrine workers. That you will do. The one whom you have met now, My child, will be sufficient. She will help you where there is need.”


They are made up of the major money holders, and for money they have sold their souls and the souls of thousands

October 1, 1988 – Jesus: “Much of your money from the world’s capitals arrives in New York. These monies are being gathered to start another war. There is a group in your nation called the Illuminati. They are made up of the major money holders, and for money they have sold their souls and the souls of thousands.

My child and My children, pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Keep this going throughout the United States and all of the nations of the world, for there is little time left. Soon, in the plans of the Eternal Father, He shall set forth and allow to come upon mankind a great money disaster. In this way it will prove to you that the disaster back in the 1920’s, My children, was as nothing compared to what will happen now. I talk of a great depression coming upon mankind. This is well planned by those in control and should hit your country, the United States, and Canada within the next two years.

Can this be stopped, My child? Anything can be if we can reach the people in time. However, I am not optimistic, My child, at the murders and the two men in particular that are now over here in the United States and using expressions like `casing the places.’ That, My child, means to look and see and report.”


June 18, 1987 – Jesus: “I ask that you keep abreast of your times by your radios, and also your newspapers. But remember, My children: keep abreast of your times with an open heart and eyes, because much is kept from you. It is the way of the medias today. They are controlled, My children. Yes, they are. There is in your country an institution rising, called the Illuminati. They will control much of the media. So, My children, you will have to depend on the graces received from Heaven.

I ask that you all read and reread the messages given from Heaven from 1970 up. It is important, My children, because I do not wish to put stress on My Mother to constantly repeat to you the same message over and over, while you, like indulgent children, go about with your own cares and life upon earth, neither caring nor wishing to hear the Message from Heaven.

Many of you will wait until it is too late, and then what will you say, as in Noah’s time, the Ark was closed and the waters descended upon the earth? So it will be in the end days, My children: the Ark of graces, the Ark of knowledge, the Ark of your God, will close upon those who will be saved, but others will be destroyed by the Ball of Redemption.”

Source: Our Lady of the Roses

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