The Church is about to enter a period of great darkness

As I have been warning you, the behavior of your world leaders as well as many of your Church leaders is responsible for tumbling the world into this period of darkness


The Church is about to enter a period of great darkness

December 1, 2015 (Advent) Queen of Heaven

My dear son,

I come to you today as Mary, Queen of Heaven, to convey a very important message to the people of your world. You are about to enter the darkest of ages within your world as well as in the Church of My Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world. First of all, I want you to know that my Son's Church will survive these perilous times and that you, my children, who remain the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, will also survive these End Times through the blessings of the Father in Heaven; His Son and Redeemer; the Holy Spirit, who is powerfully visiting with you in these times; and your Heavenly Mother, who speaks to you now to open your hearts and minds to the Messages from Heaven.

It is with great sadness and anguish that I have to say that my messages and warnings to humanity, particularly to those who lead my Son's Church here on Earth, have fallen on deaf ears. You, my son, are well aware of my pleadings to you at the mountain of LaSalette in France, as well as my pleadings to the children of LaSalette so many years ago. Because my warnings were not heeded, a great darkness has descended over my Son's Church, as a result of the impurity of so many priests who defiled their vows and committed unspeakable sins against God's children.

Please remember that even these priests can be forgiven by the Father in Heaven, because he knows how unmercifully the evil one has overwhelmed these priests, causing them to commit abominable acts to the children of God. But the greatest transgression against the will of the Father in Heaven was the failure of the Church leaders, themselves, who had the authority to make wrongs right and to cease the behaviours and activities that so damaged the Church of My Son.

 I warned humanity through the children of LaSalette that this great darkness would rip apart my Son's Church pitting cardinal against cardinal, bishop against bishop, and priest against priest, but my warnings, once again, fell on deaf ears.

Now, in these End Times, contrition and amends for the sins of the past must be accomplished by those of you who remain loyal to My Son and your Redeemer, the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for in these End Times, the Church is about to enter a period of great darkness that will also mirror the great darkness that is now descending upon the face of the Earth.

As I have been warning you, the behavior of your world leaders as well as many of your Church leaders is responsible for tumbling the world into this period of darkness. So be it! For now the transformation of the world can be accomplished by the actions of the Father in Heaven to intervene in the affairs of mankind though the actions of His Son the Redeemer; the power of the Holy Spirit; and the Intercession of your Heavenly Mother.

There is light at the end of this tunnel of darkness into which the world is rapidly descending. I ask all of you to look to the Light of the Saviour and Redeemer, for during these dark times, the Light of the Father in Heaven, which is the source of all life and existence, will be manifested to you through the Son and Redeemer.

For those of you who choose to remain in the Light through your prayers and sacrifices, the Light will never diminish to the point that you believe that all hope is lost. Alas, to the contrary, in the End Times, in this period of darkness, you have the twin pillars of the Holy Eucharist and your Heavenly Mother to guide you through the inevitable storms that are approaching your shores.

Do not despair and do not become anguished during these dark times. Many of you prepared first by your knowledge of the end times events, and secondly, by your preparation for these events. However, it is through your prayers and meditations to The Father in Heaven and to His Son the Redeemer that you, your family members, and friends will be saved from the terrible times ahead.

You, who count yourselves as powerful prayer warriors, have nothing to fear, but you are called to perform at a level of excellence that is necessary for your powerful prayers to make the difference that tips the scales of justice in favor of all that is good and against all that is evil.

The task is great, for your worldly leaders are engaging in activities that are designed to suppress your faith in your Lord and Saviour and to diminish you into a life of poverty and slavery at your own expense. Do not live in fear because of their plans, for the Father in Heaven is specifically intervening in the affairs of mankind to destroy the minions of Satan and their evil leader, who has wreaked havoc on the Father's plans for mankind. But, no more!

In these End Times, the transition will take place that will restore the Earth and inspire all of its inhabitants to follow the path that the Father has always intended for each and every one of you. In order to achieve the Father's plans for you, it is up to all of you to purge the evil from the face of the Earth; and this victory shall be achieved by the prayers of the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven. Thanks be to God!

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Ned Dougherty's Near-Death Experience and His Visions of the Future

Ned Dougherty

In his mid-thirties, Ned Dougherty (an Irish name, pronounced "Dock-erty") had everything: money, women, property, prestige, and power. He was a real estate broker for twenty-six years owning popular nightclubs in Palm Beach, Florida, and the Hampton's, Long Island's exclusive playground for the rich and famous. He lived in the fast lane every hour of the day, pursuing every pleasure money could buy. Despite his religious upbringing as a Roman Catholic, he had no interest in a spiritual life because he didn't believe in an afterlife.

He was too busy searching for a good time to be bothered with such things. This all changed on July 2, 1984 when he had a near-death experience (NDE) resulting from a heart attack after a heated - almost murderous - fist fight with a business associate.

Dougherty's NDE caused him to undergo a radical life transformation in which he gave up his nightclub business and party lifestyle and embraced his hitherto neglected Catholic religion. His NDE gave him a conscious awareness of his mission in life which was to embark upon charitable and missionary work. During his NDE, a wonderful "Lady of Light" (whom he identified as the Virgin Mary) revealed to him future global catastrophes many of which have already occurred which you will read in this article.

Today, Dougherty is a featured speaker, a former director and media spokesperson for the International Association for Near-Death Studies ( He also founded a spiritual center as revealed in his NDE called the Mission of Angels Foundation ( through which he speaks on life-after-death issues, NDEs, Marian apparitions, and other spiritual matters.

He also hosts End Times Daily ( - a Catholic news site focusing on eschatology - where he publishes interior locutions he has been receiving on a monthly basis since 2005.

Ned Dougherty

Book: Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life
Published in March of 2001. This book documents his amazing NDE and visions of Earth's future.




Ned Dougherty's End of Days Website: