Satan is destroying your children before your very own eyes

It is simply because your nation and your citizens have grown wealthy and comfortable. In your new lifestyles, you have turned your backs on the Father in Heaven in pursuit of your new worldly pleasures

June 1, 2014 – Message from St. Michael the Archangel
Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, at 11:00am

Satan is destroying your children before your very own eyes

“The Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, has chosen many of you to receive messages. Do you believe you are the only one hearing or receiving these messages?

There are many of you, who have been called upon by the Lord and Saviour, to spread the word that the Son and Redeemer of the World is coming to you very soon to redeem this planet and its inhabitants from the evil one, who has been working among you for thousands of years to destroy what the Father in Heaven has created for mankind.

This is the beginning of the new era that has been promised mankind, since the fall of mankind many millennia ago. Now you are living in these end times, when the significant changes will be brought about for humanity to respond to the Loving Father in Heaven and to His instructions to all of you to call upon all of your brothers and sisters in these end times to bring about an Era of Peace for all of mankind.

What is it that you can expect from the Powers in Heaven?

You can expect that the evil one and his minions will be defeated in these times. You do not want to be a part of the power structure that currently rules the world, when the Son and Redeemer calls upon all of you to stand before Him, and prove to Him that you are part of the Savior’s plan for the world, and not part of the evil one’s plan to destroy the world.

This is a time then that the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and the true heroes of the world, Our Lord and Savior’s powerful prayerful warriors, will prevail over the evil.

There will be an end to the archetypes of power that exist in the world today.

There will be an end to the deception that the leaders of the world have perpetrated upon humanity to extend their influence and control over the peoples of the world.

The isms that have been created by these power brokers to govern and control the people have been done without the power of the Holy Spirit being in charge. These minions of evil have fallen victim to the traps set by the evil one to lure your self-appointed leaders to use the power and influence of the dark one to take over the world, and to ever so slowly but surely to enslave the peoples of the world in a trap set by the evil one.

Woe to the peoples of the world who have allowed evil leaders to take over your governments, your institutions, and your schools of learning, where the youngest among you, your very own children, are being brainwashed by the minions of the evil one to serve his evil purposes. These young children are not even permitted to learn or know of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, nor of His Father in Heaven.

Woe to the People of the United States of America! Shame on this nation and its people! You have allowed your government to remove the Father in Heaven from all aspects of your life, while the evil one’s minions in your governments, your institutions, and your schools are allowed to brainwash your children in the ways of the evil one.

Do you, the People of the United States of America, not recognize what has happened to your country?

Do you not realize that your children have been co-opted from you by a nation-state that has become a shining example of the success of the evil one in this world?

Do you not recognize that the evil one rules your government, especially when it comes to the brainwashing and eventual complete enslavement of your children by your new demonic nation-state?

Why haven’t the People of the United States risen up against the evil that has taken over your once great nation?

It is simply because your nation and your citizens have grown wealthy and comfortable. In your new lifestyles, you have turned your backs on the Father in Heaven in pursuit of your new worldly pleasures.

Now it is evident that during these times you no longer make your elected officials and powerbrokers accountable to the people. Now satan rules your land and is destroying your children before your very own eyes.

Nothing is more evident in this regard than your nation’s support of the mind-altering and addictive drugs that are now being perpetrated on your nation’s youth by the demonic evil leaders and powerbrokers, who are engaged not only in providing the means through drugs to damage and enslave your children, but ultimately to bring about the early and untimely deaths of your children, as they ratchet up their plans to cull down the population of not only the United States of America but your whole world.

Nothing could be more obvious. You do not recognize that a plan exists to enslave your children with the drugs that your government allows to flow through your neighborhoods and streets and into your schools and homes resulting in the addiction of your children to lethal, deadly substances that were never intended for human consumption.

Now your government has put in place a draconian system that allows your children to become addicted to illegal substances, but then to supposedly save your children from the illegal substances and to convert them into a system of legal drug maintenance – a system that assures power, control, and tremendous profits for those in control of the system, at the expense of your children, who are being murdered by your leaders!

Oh, People of the United States of America, how could you allow your government and its leaders to take your children away from you in this manner?

It is because you as a nation have become lazy and fat, and too comfortable, while you allow satan’s minions to consume your children in a nightmare of drugs. The evil one takes great pride in the deception that has created such a great scourge upon the children of not only America, but of the whole world.”

—St. Michael the Archangel




Ned Dougherty’s Near-Death Experience and His Visions of the Future

Ned Dougherty

In his mid-thirties, Ned Dougherty (an Irish name, pronounced “Dock-erty”) had everything: money, women, property, prestige, and power. He was a real estate broker for twenty-six years owning popular nightclubs in Palm Beach, Florida, and the Hampton’s, Long Island’s exclusive playground for the rich and famous. He lived in the fast lane every hour of the day, pursuing every pleasure money could buy. Despite his religious upbringing as a Roman Catholic, he had no interest in a spiritual life because he didn’t believe in an afterlife.

He was too busy searching for a good time to be bothered with such things. This all changed on July 2, 1984 when he had a near-death experience (NDE) resulting from a heart attack after a heated – almost murderous – fist fight with a business associate.

Dougherty’s NDE caused him to undergo a radical life transformation in which he gave up his nightclub business and party lifestyle and embraced his hitherto neglected Catholic religion. His NDE gave him a conscious awareness of his mission in life which was to embark upon charitable and missionary work. During his NDE, a wonderful “Lady of Light” (whom he identified as the Virgin Mary) revealed to him future global catastrophes many of which have already occurred which you will read in this article.

Today, Dougherty is a featured speaker, a former director and media spokesperson for the International Association for Near-Death Studies ( He also founded a spiritual center as revealed in his NDE called the Mission of Angels Foundation ( through which he speaks on life-after-death issues, NDEs, Marian apparitions, and other spiritual matters.

He also hosts End Times Daily ( – a Catholic news site focusing on eschatology – where he publishes interior locutions he has been receiving on a monthly basis since 2005.

Maria Valtorta: The Poem of The Man-God

Book: Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life
Published in March of 2001. This book documents his amazing NDE and visions of Earth’s future.




Ned Dougherty’s End of Days Website:

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