No marital relationship between same sex people

Remember that you were created a man and a woman, for the multiplication of the species!

January 14 2015:
Urgent appeal of Jesus the Supreme and Eternal Priest to the Shepherds of His Flock

No marital relationship between same sex people

“Peace be to you, shepherds of My flock.

The days go by and the time of My Mercy is turning to its end; the Creation of My Father is in childbirth pains; signs upon signs are being given, as a preamble to what is about to unfold, but this humanity still does not believe.

Humanity needs to feel the pain and to see the tragedy to be able to understand.

Oh, what a sorrow I feel in My Merciful Heart in seeing so much passivity and apathy towards the things of God, by this ungrateful and sinful generation of these last times!

I dislike relationships between people of the same sex; remember that you were created a man and a woman, for the multiplication of the species!

No marital relationship between people of the same sex will be accepted by heaven!

Remember what My Word says: do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Make no mistake, neither immoral, nor idolatry, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor stingy, nor drunk, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6.9, 10)

I say to you effeminate, if you do not straighten your way, I assure you that you already have a place in the depths of hell.

I address an urgent appeal to My Vicar, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests of My Church, so that for no reason they approve laws that promote relations between people of the same sex.

O shepherds and ministers of My Church, who are walking for these paths of sodomy, do not stain any longer your priestly ministry that I have bestowed upon you with this despicable sin!

For in truth I say unto you, that when you present yourselves before Me, I am going to judge you very severely for having approved it through your priestly ministry, to commit this despicable practice.

Pastors of My Church, you are My representatives here on Earth; do not stain My Holy Name, do not stain the priestly ministry that I have bestowed upon you, because it is Sacred.

It is because of the fault of many of My Ministers and Priests who get lost in homosexuality that My Church is drifting.

Many souls have separated from My Church because of the scandals of pederasty that are being manifested from within.

Correct your behavior, pastors of My flock; do not continue to stain with your detestable practices the priestly ministry that I have bestowed upon you!

Like shepherds, that you are of My flock, you must be an example; your mission is to guide and graze the Flock that I have entrusted to your care.

I see the bad example that many of you are giving and for which I am going to judge soon when you present yourself before Me.

I assure you that by keeping on going through this path, My sentence will be “Away from me, operators of iniquity; I do not know you; Go into the eternal fire, this is your dwelling for all eternity.”

I am coming to clean up my Father’s House from this bad chaff. I burn of zeal for My Father’s House!

I come to separate the wheat from the chaff in My Church and all the unfaithful shepherds will be expelled and separated from Me.

Your Master and Shepherd, Jesus the Supreme and Eternal Priest.

Make my messages known to all humanity.”



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