God the Father: The Suffering of the Warning will purify you

I wish that you love one another and you support one other, since the Warning would be painful for many of My children, and for someone, even untenable.

November 5, 2015: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

God the Father: The Suffering of the Warning will purify you

“My Little One, listen to what I have to say:

All men are fervently waiting for my upcoming Event.

The Act of Mercy is not that far away from you.

However, the notice that will anticipate It to you, will create chaos in your lives even before the impact, the collision takes place.

I want My children to be ready to welcome Me in their hearts and to prepare conscientiously to the extent of the Event.

I am a God of Mercy and I want to take back all My creatures to the Holy Fold.

You are not able to understand how Love, the true and Holy Love, has been really conceived.

Only creatures close to Me (in the Kingdom of Heaven) are able to love in all the real element of the Divine and Holy Love.

Incomparable to the feeling you understand at earthly level, My children.

This is this the reason why even the most hardened sinner with the most hardened heart, would sadden Me to lose.

Your souls come from the Source of Love par excellence and whatever is the extent of sin that dirt them, it can be erased in an instant, before My eyes.

However, there is a degree of purification necessary for the sanctification and the final expiation for the sin in which you have fallen.

It is a necessary one, although painful and lengthy.

I can shorten this cleansing if you are ready to offer all that you can for the expiation; the penance and the suffering that accompanies it, are a potent medicine and a cleansing for souls.

Accepted it willingly; take whenever you can, the initiative to do a penance in order to offer it.

It is granted to you, also, to use this method for sinners as well, that you wish to help so that they may convert or that their sufferings may be alleviated or accepted for their spiritual purification.

The choice is yours, at last.

I wish that you love one another and you support one other, since the Warning would be painful for many of My children, and for some, even untenable.

Pray for them; offer your fasting for them.

If you cannot or you are unable to fast with only bread and water, offer different type of renunciation.

You will get Graces as well, if you detach yourselves from vice (any of the deadly sins) and sin, especially the one that is more rooted in you (the Father refers here to the sacrifices we can offer concerning the attachment to any of the seven deadly sins).”

Source: Allison Misti




Lily of the Holy ShroudThe seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto), is a woman from Italy who lives a humble and hidden life. Those people whose heart belong to God, will recognize in these messages the voice of the Good Shepherd, God the Almighty, The Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Who call all to salvation. Be the one who listens by abandoning a sinful life, by embracing prayer and by following the eternal 10 Commandments. Time is running out.

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