Freemasonry and the protestantization of the Catholic Church

All vestiges of the sovereignty of the true supernatural Messiah must be swept away. Catholic nations are to be crushed by the Protestant nations


Since its inception, the Catholic Church has defended the purity of his doctrine with tenacity and determination.

The Church has always refused to come to terms with schismatics and heretics who have had great activity over the past two thousand years.

With the breach of Porta Pia (Rome) in 1870 , the Papal States which has for nine centuries been present in the geographical maps —spreading spiritual power thanks to the solidity of Its Temporal Power— is reduced to a few paltry hectares of land.

Since then The Church  had to come to terms with states and politicians in order to survive, just with those who want to destroy it. Thus The ‘worldliness’ of the Church begins.

With the strength and tenacity of pre-conciliar popes, true Catholic faith resisted for almost a hundred years, until 1962, when John XXIII established “the Second Vatican Council”, a meeting of all the Catholic bishops of the world, to discuss issues concerning the life of the Catholic Church, especially the relationship between the Church founded by Peter and Christian the heretical and schismatic sects; but also with all other not-Christian professions of faith, pandering this way the plans of Freemasonry about the reduction of the Catholic faith to a humanistic faith that brings together all religions and the denial of the centrality of Jesus’ and His Church as the only mean of salvation.

Everything becomes a significant step toward the construction of the “unique thinking” and the New World Order.

From 1960  going forward, the power of the Masonic Powers it proceeds unstoppable, many cornerstones of Catholic doctrine are gradually eradicated.

On January 25, 1964 Pope Paul VI issued his Motu Proprio Sacraments Liturgiam, instituting a new Eucharistic liturgy with the aim of making the Mass more similar to the Protestant rite.

Paul VI

On 27 October 1986, Pope John Paul II convened a World Day of prayer for peace in Assisi, in which representatives of all the major world religions took part.

So we come to the present day in which Pope Bergoglio defines the Koran and the Bible substantially equal, because there is not a Catholic God, but there is simply God.

Christ’s words stating that no one can get to God without His Mediation, do not have therefore more sense:

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Those who believe and will baptize you will save, who does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16,15-16)

Thousands of years of testimonies of the Saints and Martyrs are so swept away by the modern ecumenical thought that has as its objective the protestantization of the Church founded by Christ himself.

In 1889, in Vienna, a high-ranking person, who did not want his name to be revealed, confided to Cardinal Jean-Baptiste-François Pitra (1812-1889), a talented historian:

“All vestiges of the sovereignty of the true supernatural Messiah must be swept away. Catholic nations are to be crushed by the Protestant nations. When this result will be achieved, a tiny breath will be sufficient to cause the disappearance of Protestantism “

The  plans of Freemasonry through the Catholic bishops Freemasons, are to bring Catholicism to Protestantesim. Most of them have come true immediately after the Second Vatican Council and during the last 55 years.

Pope Leo the Great

Not infrequently, if you type in any search engine the word “Freemasonry” (or its English ‘freemasonry equivalent’), you will come across a number of anti-Masonic sites run by Protestants.

Sometimes, these sites contain  interesting and well documented pages; in others, they accuse on purpose the Catholic Church ofn connivance with Freemasonry (the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square would be a smoking gun! …), forgetting or deliberately concealing the macroscopic fact that the Church of Rome condemned the Masonic sect with more than two hundred official documents (Bollas, encyclicals, episcopal statements, etc …), and that the Masonic directives in our possession exude hatred against the Pope and against Catholicism.

But the most remarkable absence found in their charges against the Catholic Church is undoubtedly the absolute silence observed by these sites about the fundamental role played by Protestantism in the genesis of Freemasonry.

Hence the need to remember this truth too often passed over in silence.

Édouard Adolphe Drumont (1844-1917), a French writer and journalist, noted the kinship ties that bind together Freemasons and Jews. He writes in his book La France Juive ( “Jewish France”):

“The jew, made wary by his misadventures in Germany and elsewhere, no longer attacks Catholicism face uncovered; he advised Luther, he inspired him, he told him his best arguments […]. “Every Catholic who becames a Lutheran – said Alexandre Weil – makes a step towards Judaism” .

It would be more correct to say that every Protestant is half Jew.

The Protestantism served as a bridge to the Jews to penetrate not just in society, but in humanity.

The Bible, pushed into the background during the Middle Ages, later took his place near the Gospels and the Old Testament, and It was placed next to New Testament.

Behind the Bible he appeared  the Talmud. Reuchlin, the man of the Jews, he made propaganda to put back into circulation the proscribed book .

From the beginning of the Republic, French Protestantism made a covenant with the ghetto, of which Waddington supported its interests at the Congress of Berlin. He was in the Order.

It has been found at least twenty times the close connection that exists between the jew and the Protestant.

“A Protestant – the jew Heine said – is a Catholic who leaves the Trinitarian idolatry to walk towards the Jewish monotheism” —Édouard Drumont 

“Freemasonry is the daughter of the Reformation” — Msgr. Ernest Jouin

— Freemasonry is in part of Protestant origin;

— Frimasonry is closely tied with certain Protestant churches, and in particular with the Anglican church

— His ideology is close to that of Protestantism.

Freemasonry plans through the Freemasons Catholic bishops to bring Catholicism to Protestantism. Most of them have come true immediately after the Second Vatican Council and during the last 55 years

 Freemason / Masonic Concepts 

1. Protestantism: Properly speaking, Universal Religious Truths do not exist 

1. Fremasonry: Universal Truths do not exist 

2. Protestantism: It comes from the free examinationbeing Protestantism according to Pastor Richard Molard, “unrelated to any fixed dogma, any unchangeable moral and above all, any final rule”

2. Fremasonry: “We will never forget that Freemasonry is since its origin, enemy of every absolute, proclaiming that the the truth is never acquired. Everything is relative, every purpose is transitional, every  power is questionable. After all, Masonic methods are nothing but the permanent challenges; for us, there are no eternal truths; there are traditions constantly called into question.”

3. Protestantism: Consciousness is law unto itself

3. Fremasonry:  Man is his own point of reference

4. Protestantism: For the Pietist version (and Kantian) of Protestantism, “the consciousness owes nothing except to itself; it is his own rule, his own law,
its sanction it and its supreme court “

4. Fremasonry:  “Man is the starting point of everything and of every knowledge. He is his own source and his own point of reference. Only today he can say what is good for man.” 

5. Protestantism:  Consciousness is law unto itself

5. Fremasonry: Every external authority must be rejected. If an individual submits himself to an authority, whatever is its name (God, Humanity, Society, written Law or moral Law), he is unfaithful to his own “Self” and his own “Ego”.

—Author: Floriana Castro,  Source:

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