Be careful about the deception of false messengers

I alert you, because the messengers of My adversary are giving messages, making them appear as if they were Divine

May 29, 2017
Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock

Be careful about the deception of false messengers

“Peace to you, sheep of my Flock.

Sheep of my Flock, days of spiritual darkness are coming where humanity will lament for not having wanted to listen to Me.

When My Holy Spirit separates Himself from the Earth because of the great abomination, this ungrateful and sinful generation will feel in his soul the suffering produced by My departure.

They will call by shouting My presence, they will beat their chest when they feel the darkness in their soul, but it will be too late for them; only My sheep will find Peace, Hope and Comfort in those days; because they know that I am in the Tabernacle of My Mother.

The prayer of the Holy Rosary will be the compass that will guide them so that you can come to Me.

In those days of spiritual darkness you must, flock of Mine, pray all the times with the prayer of the Holy Rosary, so that you remain firm in faith and no evil spirit can harm you. I tell you this, because the forces of evil will seize the land and will look for My flock to disperse it and to make it be lost.

Learn by memory the spiritual communion and do it tomorrow, afternoon and at night, so that it helps you as spiritual support and frees you from the attacks of the evil one.

Do not forget to wear always the Spiritual Armor at all times, because the days are already of combat.

That no sheep of My flock be lost for not wearing the Armor; because I’ve been repeating the same thing for a long time, so that you do not say you were not warned!

Therefore, obey My instructions because the time of darkness is approaching; do not be rejecting My appeals; see that what is at stake is your life. It depends on your obedience that tomorrow you may live or die eternally.

My flock, I am making an urgent call to you  and I alert you, because the messengers of My adversary are giving messages, making them appear as if they were Divine.

Be careful in this deception, sheep of my Flock; do not read or listen to these messages; remember that they are imbued by the spirit of evil, charged with deception and subliminal messages that will make whoever hears them fall in love with the false Christ!

You flock of Mine, you know My prophets and you know that I speak through them. They have been instructing you with My Words for a long time. I tell you this, so that you are alert and vigilant and do not fall into this deception.

Flock of Mine, My true prophets are going to be attacked, criticized, insulted and put on the public scaffold, by the messengers of My adversary.

I am announcing this to you before it happens, so that you do not pay attention to those attacks, because their aim is to divide My flock and to create confusion and doubt.

You are warned My flock, pray for My prophets and give them your full support, so they can continue giving you to know My Word.

My Peace I leave you, My peace I give you.

Repent and convert because the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Let sheep of Mine my messages be known to all mankind.”


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Help the Lord spread His voice, time is running out

Please help spread these messages of faith, hope, salvation, defense against evil (by email, printing, Facebook, Twitter, and other media) to your loved ones, your friends, and all the people you may meet, who seek salvation or who are in danger of being eternally lost. The Lord gives great graces and blessings to those of goodwill who, according to their own possibilities, collaborate with His Plan of Salvation. Who helps the Lord save a soul predestine his own, independently from the outcome.