The most difficult 25 months of testing for the world are coming

The World Government of the Antichrist is being defined, the political leadership of the world is being delivered to him. Now my Church hinders the projects of a Universal Religion


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June 1, 2009 – Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ received by the disciple

“Little one, write and make known this:

The most difficult 25 months of testing for the world are coming. The World Government of the Antichrist is being defined, the political leadership of the world is being delivered to him. Now my Church hinders the projects of a Universal Religion.

The Church begins to be demolished and this hurts Me a lot. The Dogmas and Basic Doctrine will be cruelly attacked. A handful of brave people at the side of Saint Michael the Archangel will defend the authenticity of the Sound Doctrine to the end with their lives. My Gospel has been twisted. My Church, founded on Peter, will present itself as a failure to the world, as something that no longer has a reason for being. Politics will join the False Church in the New World Order. The Clergy will be subject to universal, governmental provisions.

My disciple write that there is a conspicuous absence of holy priests. My seminaries and monasteries are closing their doors, offering themselves for sale to the best bidder. They have turned my temples and houses of prayer into museums, theaters and concert halls. My cathedrals are closed, converted into Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The New Order will deny my Divinity, it will be an arbitrary attack on the Dogma of the Living God, present in the Eucharistic. People will be in confusion in search of new doctrines. The avatars of this age, masters of deception and error, are demons disguised as angels of light, covered in the flimsy armor of the New Age. The World Gnostic Movement will grow with the power of Satan. It will exert influence through mind control. The use of the Microchip will be something normal.

Traditional Catholics, faithful to the Pope and to the Rome of Peter will be exiled. There will be special jails for them. Good priests will be ignored and even arbitrarily suspended from their temporary functions; they will be betrayed and killed for rebelling against the New Order and for warning their faithful of what is happening. They will speak only the truth and will not deceive anyone. They will not have an identity card, they will hide little by little and suddenly, mysteriously or naturally, the bishops and cardinals faithful to the Pope will be unjustly murdered or tortured, removed from their dioceses, exposed to public humiliation.

Public scandals will abound in all media. Many men and women with little or medium training will withdraw from the church and from the Priests upon hearing of pedophile priests, involved in passions, lovers of fame and money. All of them are not priests, but priests of the world, ordained by bishops of the same ilk, Masons and traitors who were born of the flesh and of the world, of perverse moral deviations, ancestral, inherited. They are the descendants of those who widened the phylacteries and adorned the border of their mantles, liking to be called “Masters” and receive adulation in the squares. They belong to the world and the world accepts them. They speak of the things of the flesh and of the earth, with an admirable facility; they are full of worldly wisdom, but short of spiritual vision.

O My Disciple! Announce in my Name the ruin of France of the rebels and retrograde Nazi Germany; racist American Union and wicked Scotland. Apostate England and proud China. All will receive scourges from Heaven, with whips of Fire. Japan will disappear forever. Fire in immoral Brazil.

The sins of homosexuality, lesbianism or prohibited sexual relations, abortion, will be the reason and the cause of innumerable catastrophes that are already over the world.

United States of America! Tremble! For your conduct before God attracts misfortune after misfortune. It is time for you to humble yourself and apologize for your crimes. Understand that your days are numbered and only one grace can save you: if you return to Me in repentance and beg Me for Mercy, I can save you from My Father’s wrath, for He has given Me all power, both in Heaven and on Earth.

O United States! Your president has sold you, lies and does not live according to my love and my truth. He is handled like a puppet, he has no will of his own and others decide for him; therefore, the nests of the Afghan, Iraqi, Somali and Iranian and Egyptian crows are about to emerge from their hiding place. From an Asian Nation, the Turban Man comes. He has intelligently prepared the Bomb that will fall on your people. He will lay waste to your cities and strip you of your kingship, leaving you naked and humiliated.

Oh, Nation that you said: I am the most powerful country in the world! Your ruin is near for having opened the wombs of the maidens and for having murdered the innocent creatures in their wombs; for having polluted the other nations with your impurities.

I, the Disciple, am touched in my heart because I have never seen our Lord with such a serious expression before. Lord Jesus… my soul groans in affliction, I have sorrow and grief for the fate of my country (Mexico), but despite everything I will always say: Blessed be Your Holy Hand, blessed be your Holy Anger. Jesus continues:

If it were not for My Mother, Mexico would be erased forever, but I already told you: It is a Sanctuary of Heaven and light for the Nations of Latin America.

Oh, America of Hope, today I cover you with My Redeemer Blood.

This is what your God says: My Inheritance will be preserved in response to the pleas and prayers of my servants the Prophets.

Source: Sagrados Corazones

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