Shepherds of the family, you are responsible before God for the loss of your families!

A home where there is no prayer and consecration to Our Two Hearts, will be a home that will be lost when the days of the great tribulation are unleashed


September 01 2021 – Call of Mary, Sanctifier to the family Shepherds. Message to Enoch.

Shepherds of the family, you are responsible before God for the loss of your families!

“My Beloved little Children, may the Peace of my Lord be with you all.

Little children, gather around your Mother and let us pray together my Holy Rosary, asking the Heavenly Father for the salvation of the sinners of the whole world. Little children, the sins and the wickedness of this humanity of these last times, makes Heaven weep. Thousands of souls are lost daily by the alienation from God and by the modernism of this world, which is destroying faith and fear of God.

Worldly cares and worries and the desire to have and possess, are absorbing humanity; the lack of prayer, the non-fulfillment of the Divine Precepts, pride, materialism, lack of charity and the desperate search for the god of money, is leading the men of these last times to lose moral, social and spiritual values. The Spirit of God is being displaced by worldly gods.

Many homes and families today are adrift because of the lack of commitment of many parents to God and their children. My children are being lost to modernism and the god of technology, which is stealing the spaces of prayer and dialogue in homes; the vast majority of home pastors today are more concerned about satisfying the material needs of their children and their homes, than giving love; they are neglecting the moral and spiritual orientation and education of their families, to go in search of the god of money. There are few homes and families where there is prayer and dialogue, where time is taken to listen to the children and to know their needs and concerns.

The Commandments of the Law of God, today are forgotten matter in the heart of many families, daily they are broken because in the homes the parents of family forgot to evangelize with them. Do not forget that the decadence of societies has its origin in the family, because the family is the first society created by God, from which all other societies are born. You do not know how sad I am, my little ones, to see the destruction of many families, for the lack of God in so many homes and for the lack of love and commitment of so many parents to their children.

My adversary with his spirits of division, lack of love and rejection, is destroying many homes; homes where the Spirit of God has been displaced by the gods of this world, are homes that my adversary will destroy. I tell you my little ones, a home where there is no prayer and consecration to Our Two Hearts, will be a home that will be lost when the days of the great tribulation are unleashed. Pastors of the home, you are responsible before God, for the loss of your homes! What are you waiting for to straighten the course of your families? Take up again the teaching and fulfillment of the Divine Precepts; make room for dialogue and prayer in your homes; consecrate them to Our Two Hearts and do not let go of the recitation of My Holy Rosary, so that the Spirit of God may once again dwell in them! Remember: The days of Divine Justice are beginning and if God is not in your homes, it will be the spirit of evil that will take possession of you and your families and there will be no turning back.

May the Peace of my Lord accompany you always and may my Maternal Protection free you from all evil.

Your Mother, Mary Sanctifier

Make known, little children, the messages of salvation and my seven Hail Marys, to the whole world.”

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